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Weekly Essentials: Oils instead of expresso?

Essential oils have many benefits, but do you know it can stimulate you to be more productive? Some of the oils we will go over you are more than likely familiar with but not aware that they have brain boosting powers. Would you put down your coffee or expresso for some essential oil stimulation? Well, let us know in the comments below after reviewing what some of these oils have to offer.

First, essential oils can be used in several ways and the most common is aromatheraputically by using a diffuser and inhaling its scent, however, some times we are on the go and cannot carry a diffuser but we can for sure bring along the oils. Therefore, blending oils in a carrier oil so you can rub them in your hands or dab them below your nose would be a good idea. Otherwise at home you can run a bath with epsom salt to get their benefits as well, maybe you have some time before work or need to get some things done after putting the kids to sleep. Other than that using essential oils on your feet as your feet is connected to your brain and has larger pores to absorb oils is a fast and easy way.

Now let's get into some oils that can boost your mood and brain productivity:

Lemon essential oil is one of my favorites and as we are a cleaning company we highly

recommend using this oil while cleaning as it will aid you in focusing on the task at hand but also helps degrease and kills bacteria. Lemon essential oil also help improve cognitive function and is a natural stress reliever.

Peppermint essential oil is my go to when I need a pick me up and is a cross between spearmint and water mint plant. Peppermint is not as effective when used in tea form but is great when inhaled and can be used to increase performance especially for task that are highly demanding.

Lavender essential oil is used a a de-stressor but that's the great benefit when it comes to concentrating because you are less stressed you are able to focus more on the things you are doing.

Now we have just focused on three oils that can help boost productivity but oils such as rosemary, ylang ylang, sage and sandalwood are also great for focusing as well.

Be sure to let us know which oils you are using to focus and if you haven't tried any essential oils as yet let us know which ones you would use. Leave us a comment and subscribe to our app for more readings.

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