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April Vibrations (Your Monthly Horoscope)

Updated: May 1, 2023

The planets' central positions this month are:

Pluto 29° Capricorn – 0° Aquarius,

Neptune 24–25° Pisces,

Uranus 15–16° Taurus,

Saturn 29° Aquarius – 2° Pisces,

and Jupiter 11–18° Aries.

Individual horoscope below👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Again this month begins with all the planets station direct, and mercury will be retrograde Taurus by the third week of this month. The sun and Mercury will begin this month in Aries, and Venus is happy in her sign of Taurus; Mars is in his fall sign of cancer. Mercury will enter Taurus in the first week; Venus will enter Gemini in the second week; the Sun will enter Taurus in the third week; and the total solar eclipse in Aries on the 20th.

The Full Moon will take place in Libra on April 6th, and the Sun in Aries will oppose the moon in Libra; the sun will also conjunct Jupiter and Chiron, and the moon will oppose them. Mercury will be conjunct with The North Node, sextile Mars and Saturn, and square Pluto. Venus is also conjunct with Uranus, sextile Neptune, and trine Pluto, while Mars is trine Saturn in Sextile the North Node.

This lunation emphasizes the need for self-expression, independence, and achieving goals, boosting your self-confidence with optimism and hope for the future. But this conflicts with the desire to be liked by others and find balance and harmony in your relationships. Self-belief could turn into selfishness with Jupiter, disturbing the moon, and Chiron bringing wounds to the surface for healing. Positive solutions are Jupiters' priority, but Mercury in Taurus brings down-to-earth practicality, with a sense of purpose from Mars and discipline from Saturn.

Mars is vulnerable and protective, and in Cancer, although square to Neptune has gone, he is still grumpy. Channeling the sensitivity into nurturing will help with Saturn in Pisces, and you may be able to control your emotions to achieve your goals and could feel isolated or lonely in this process. You can mitigate this by tuning into Venus, who luxuriates in her sign and enjoys life's good things. The sextile from Neptune brings daydreaming and romance, Pluto adds intensity and depth, but Uranus made disturb the peace and surprises and desires more freedom.

The New Moon in Aries and a total solar eclipse will happen on the 20th of April, which announces the start of the season, and the first eclipse of the Aries/Libra axis. This lunation is conjunct with the North Node and Jupiter, sextile Saturn, and square Pluto; the Node is still in Taurus. Mercury is conjunct Uranus and sextile Mars, While Venus squares Saturn and Mars squares Chiron, which is still conjunct Jupiter. Neptune is sextile Pluto.

This will be the second new moon in Aries, which occurs right at the end of the sign, and the sun enters Taurus just four hours after the eclipse. The emphasis will be on self-expression and being true to yourself, and the North Node will intensify the energies of the lunation. Jupiter will also boost feelings of positivity and self-belief, but the square from Pluto could encourage power trips due to egotism and overconfidence; Saturn is there to act as the voice of conscience.

Grabbby Mars is focused on the wounds of the past and the need for healing, while Mercury is trying to be practical with ideas coming from Uranus, grounding flashes of provocation into something tangible and valuable. Venus wants to chat and play in Gemini, but Saturn wants to be severe and could limit your ability to connect. Your relationships will be tested through difficult dialogues; take the opportunity to communicate about something you value.

At the same time, Mercury station retrograde in Taurus conjuncts the Moon and Uranus and sextile Mars. The Sun is now in Taurus and conjunct Jupiter, and the North Node, sextile Saturn in square Pluto. Mars squares Chiron while Jupiter conjuncts Chiron and squares Pluto, which is sextile Neptune. This is when the energy of mercury turns inward to rethink how you relate to the Taurus part of your chart; this may involve analyzing functional issues around your security, finances, and values.

Mercury conjuncts the Moon in Taurus; your thinking and communication may be slow, practical, grounded in reality, stubborn, and rigid. You may struggle to articulate your thoughts, but it could be suitable for making beautiful, practical objects that reflect your artistic sensibility. Uranus will introduce unpredictability and erratic feelings and thoughts, and you may find it hard to relax. Capture Uranuss inspiration that zaps directly into your body and channels it into creative work or spiritual practice. The halfway point of this retrograde cycle will be reached at the start of next month, and Mercury stations will direct again in the middle of May.

Individual Horoscope Vibrations



Your blessings that started at the beginning of the year with Venus continue to flow as Venus is freed from Uranus, and you can generate more income confidently. Mercury will leave your sign on April 4th and move into Taurus; this might increase your worries, but don't fuss over things you cannot control. Mercury will be in your house of money, and this is a good time for new prospects, deals, contacts, and sales. On the 6th of April will be a Full Moon and Passover, AKA Easter. This full moon, you can shine, and like the Hebrews in Exodus, you can start your journey to the promised land.

This is an excellent time to bring your projects or issues to completion. On April 11th, Venus will change her vibrations and transit into Gemini; this will allow for some artist in the way you communicate, which will be more creative. This is also a good time to improve your relationship with relatives and neighbors, which is excellent for contracts and public relations.

The sun will bless Jupiter on April 12-14th, and you will be boosted in energy, health, and vitality; if you need help, you might receive it, and it is a good time for expansion. The second New Moon will happen in your sign on April 20th and will also be an eclipse. Great time to push yourself forward, but be mindful not to overstrain or spread yourself too thin.

Be mindful of your health and make sure your fuse doesn't burn out. After the New Moon, the sun and moon will conjunct in your house of money and an excellent time to shine and connect to new sources of income. There will be a big deal about your finances next month as Uranus and the North Node will also be in your money house. Great time to take some reasonable risks and try new things, especially in medicine, innovations, science, technology, and real estate. Mercury will also go retrograde in this house of finance; therefore, it is an excellent time to connect to talents or revenue streams you've abandoned.


The Libra full moon on the 6th could vibrate some sore spots between you and your partner, especially regarding money and overspending, in which one of you might have gone overboard. The love vibrations will cold until warmth and rapport resume. A friend might send some disappointments with an unexpected bailout of plans.


the 21st could be a lucky day, and you can win a cash award at a random drawing. Your neighbors might have a community party on the 23rd, creating goodwill and a generous space for those new to the area. Around the 20th, the solar eclipse and career offers might be brought up by meeting new contacts.

Potential Issues

On the 14th, there might be disagreements with professional associates, as egos clash, which will impede decisions that need to be made and delay the deadline for high-interest projects. Mercury will be retrograded in your money house on the 21st in Taurus; watch your financial transactions. The 27th will not be suitable for children under your care as there might be squabbles and hissy fits.

Rewarding days


Challenging days



Monthly Vibrational Tools



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— Llewellyn's 2023 Sun Sign Book: Horoscopes for Everyone by Llewellyn

— Horoscope 2023 by Alina A. Rubi, Angeline A. Rubi

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