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Aries 2023 Overview

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Aries, you have a great year ahead, especially with Jupiter on your horizon and pluto leaving your solar tenth house of career; you will be initiating new relationships and saying goodbyes to projects and or career that calls for closure. The first solar eclipse of the year will take place on April 20th in Aries and in your first house, where it will impact your goals.

Mars has been occupying your solar third house of communication, contracts, and transportation in Gemini, which will retrograde on October 30th, 2022. This retrograde has slowed your negotiating progress, buying real estate, and purchasing essential goods. Mars, the planet of the distribution system, will go direct on January 12th, freeing up your energy related to purchasing homes, businesses, educational institutions, and medical facilities.

Mercury has been retrograded in Capricorn since December 29th in your 10th house and will go direct on January 18th, which will allow for communicating better, a continuation of our plans that have been on hold, and listening earnestly to others. Uranus in Taurus will go direct also on January 22nd in your second house of income and resources, which has been retrograded since August 2022.


Were you aware of Jupiter occupying your sign last year? Did you get a promotion, raise, award, or grant? Jupiter occupied Aries and your first house last year for a few months but was in Pisces for most of 2022. Jupiter in Pisces last year should have helped you to plan for this year by lining up keep players, identifying your options if you need to change your career or find better work environments, and finding ways to make your dream a reality.

Guess what? Jupiter will be in Aries again in your first house this year, making a complete cycle and completing May 17th. This will help you set the tone to launch new enterprises, get a raise or promotion and improve your health. Keep an eye on your weight as Jupiter is the lord of expansion; therefore, skip the second serving and maybe enforce an exercise routine.

Jupiter then goes through Taurus but stops for a retrograde on September 4th and turns direct on Taurus on December 30th. Jupiter in Taurus will be occupying your second solar house for seven months in 2023, showing signs of increasing your net worth and salary, adding to your savings account, and making your retirement contributions more frequently. If you are born between March 21 and April 7th, you will see more activity when Jupiter traverses Taurus.


Your journey with Saturn occupying Aquarius and your eleventh house has been rough since December 2020. You’ve had to take more responsibility than you’d imagine, working times and taking multiple positions to get the job done. Your hard work has paid off, and you’ve been rewarded with promotions, raises, and rewards.

Saturn will still occupy Aquarius but will mostly affect Aries born between April 12-20th. You will need to wrap up projects that involve your employer's funds and accounting recommendations for funding the company's operations. On March 7th, Saturn enters Pisces and your 12th house, bringing changes to your health, inner core, healing, meditation, and seclusion.

Saturn will affect those born between March 20 and 29th; therefore, be sure to take time off before starting a new job and make plans to travel and enjoy the well-deserved fun. If you are facing health concerns, make sure to go to your doctor and arrange to make your health a priority. Neptune will also be transiting Pisces in this house, giving you a few psychic visions.


The year starts with Uranus in retrograde motion though it has been in your second house and Taurus since 2018. Uranus will go direct on January 22, sending changes and delays in your financial outlook, resources, and values during the seven-year passage of Uranus in Taurus in your second house sector. If you apply for a new job, expect delays before you start.

If you are looking for a new job, wait until Uranus is direct to interview and use this downtime during retrograde to research new prospects. Uranus transits can produce unexpected circumstances, therefore, watch out; some Arians may experience a layoff or receive an unanticipated promotion or bonus. You might have luck playing the lottery and might win big or many little wins.

Those born between April 4th and 15th might experience the most activity with Uranus in the second house of income and money affairs. Arians with planets in the second house might experience unpredictable situations with employment, job seeking, loan application, purchase goods, and self-employment programs.


Neptune's Journey in Pisces in your 12th house began in 2011. Do you remember? This will continue as Neptune is a slow-moving planet. Your journey so far might have been quite inspirational as you discover your inner mind, develop new ways of perceiving your initiatives, and get help from emotional and/or physical conditions.

This transit is ideal for actors, dramatists, musicians, and writers who are eager to produce note-worthy material. Saturn will enter Pisces on March 7th, the goals you are committed to may become firmer, and you will see to it to devote time to making your dreams come true. Beauty professionals might receive recognition for their talents in creating a new fragrance or hairstyle.

Neptune might bring news of other illnesses, set back with employment, and property loss. You might have a busy schedule going to and fro to the hospital for visits, supplementing an expense for someone else, contributing to a worthy charity, or helping others with tuition for children or relatives. Those born April 12 and 19th will see most Neptune undertaking this year.


Pluto in the Capricorn cycle began January 2008 in your 10th house of authority, career, ambition, status in life, people in high places, and reputation. Transformation is associated with Pluto's energy; therefore, you might have seen executives come and go and receive the honor for your outstanding performance for your company and or associates.

Pluto will take a break and enters Aquarius on March 23rd, and on May 1st, it will retrograde in Aquarius and then back in Capricorn on June 11th to complete the remaining months in this cycle, which will end in November 2024. Arians, most affected by pluto, were born on April 16th and 20th. Those born March 20th and 22nd will feel the effects of pluto moving into Aquarius from march 23rd through June 11th. This is a good time to examine your options for new groups, your goals, and the friendships you value.


The first Solar eclipse takes place o April 20th in your sign and solar first house of appearance, assertiveness, character, image, individuality, personality, and passion. This will be a good time to work on your health and develop projects. Ask qualified professionals for help if you struggle in these areas.

The Lunar eclipse occurs two weeks later in Scorpio in your solar eighth house of partnership ventures, joint funds, debts, investments, estates, will, sex, birth, death, and regeneration. This eclipse invites you to review your finances and collaborate with partners to pay down debt and initiate a solid saving plan. You or your partner might seek a second job to help with the debt and or may receive raise or a windfall, and this will possibly help with money management.

October 14th will be the second Solar eclipse of 2023, which take place in your opposite sign of libra and in your solar seventh house of business and personal matters, spouse collaborators, roommates, doctors, lawyers, therapists, advisors, consultants, enemies, and the public. This eclipse might surprise you about the nature of your personal or professional relationships. This is an excellent time to strengthen relationships and seek peaceful solutions to curb growing tensions.

October 28th will mark the final lunar eclipse in Taurus and your second house of money and resources, so you spend on what is important to you. You will feel relieved if you have paid a good amount of your debt. Uranus will be conjunct; it might be wise to look out for sudden repairs that need to be done to your home, vehicle, electronic equipment, or unanticipated events at your job. Be cheerful and navigate new directions and celebrate your success along the way.

Your Lucky Charms

Lucky Flowers: Poppy-Gentian-Tulip-Daisy

Lucky Colors: All Shades of Red

Lucky Birthstone: Ruby-Diamond- Cornelian

Lucky Metal: Iron

Lucky Numbers: 1-17-21-8

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Your Essential Oil

Plants associated with Aries are classified as hot and dry, and many come in the form of tonics for stimulants which are valuable if you need an energy boost.

These are:

  • Black pepper

  • Clove

  • Coriander

  • Cumin

  • Ginger

  • Pine

2023 Lucky Color

Yellow is like gold and projects prosperity; it is the color of intelligence and can help you think clearly. Yellow is the color of the sun and symbolizes satisfaction, will, creativity, and new feelings and joy. On a psychological level, it is an effective color and regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels cleansing the intestine, relieving arthritis, and healing your skin. It is a great color to use to change negative things about our personalities.

Yellow rays purify the digestive system; you can go out once a day for a few minutes and feel the sun's rays, and your body will feel more energetic.

You can use a yellow glass with water in it and let it sit for a half-hour; drink this water while focusing on it cleansing your body, mind, and heart.

Yellow is radiant, luminous, expansive, uninhibited, and helps with relaxation.

A yellow rose is synonymous with friendship and offering a new beginning. Yellow intensifies mental talents and thought processes and is an air element color that eliminates illogical and unreasonable ideas.

This color illuminates the mysteries of the unconscious and subconscious mind; it stimulates the faculties of the mind, allowing it to work like a sponge yellow also helps with manifestations.

Yellow in your aura means you are full of inner joy; a yellow aura means you are always kind but not tied to anything or anyone. A yellow halo symbolizes a spiritual master. Yellow is the color of peace and the solar plexus Chakra. Quartz that is colored yellow is citrine, amber, and topaz.

Lemon is a shade of yellow, a warm color, which nourishes the brain so you can project yourself clearly and firmly and amplify your memory. Yellow contains shades of green in its spectrum and stimulates the brain helping with studying, analysis and spelling. Lemon pushes toxins out to be purified and collaborated with abdominal spasms, appetite loss, bone pain, rashes, poor digestion, epidermal rashes, and other skin diseases.

2023 Lucky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Quartz gives a lot of light and is used by spiritualists, mediums, and alchemists to break anything negative. It's associated with the psychic plane and one of the primitive stones, and an oracle.

Smoky quartz protects you against the most adverse energies, such as envy, anger, and destructive thoughts. It is one of the most effective energy healers, evaporating, increasing, protecting, and molding energy and miraculous to unlock. It is excellent for meditation and stimulating memory and balances the chakras. This stone calms fears and helps with emotional peace. Smoky Quarts placates tragedy, and when it encounters negativity, it transforms them.


You are already familiar with Jupiter, which will be in your sign and house this year, activating your search for love. You will be in a great mood and willing to create exclusive moments; your positive attitude will put you in the graces with all social classes. The Asteroid Ceres will transit your area of relationship during the earlier part of 2023.

This transit may help you become more aware and affectionate toward those in your life; you might want to be more nurturing in your relationship if you are a couple. Ceres will go retrograde in this at the end of March, which will give you a period of reflection to see things you might want to change or let go.

Venus will also retrograde in your love sector, and this will happen from the first half of May until July. This transit might cause rupture and or conflicts that need resolving. Focus on communication and having a healthy relationship; this will help things to flow and not create negative Karma.

Retrogrades help to rekindle relationships that have been neglected. Ceres will return at the end of June and last till the middle of September in this sector, which will now give you time to mend and correct what was left off. Mars will be in your area of love from late August till Mid October, which will have you feeling motivated and committed.

October 14th Marks another eclipse which will open the possibilities for a new relationship or might see a job offer. On May 5th, another eclipse will take place on the moon, which will help you face your subconscious problem, especially intimacy-related ones.

From September to November, you can strengthen your emotional bonds when mars, your ruling planet, and ceres revisit this area. 2023 for Arian marks a period of connections with friends and areas in your life you have put aside to take care of work and other essential matters. Try to reconstruct what was left off; otherwise, you might feel the "real dimensions of isolation".


Pluto has been in your financial sector for ten years and will leave at the end of March for a while but reenter in mid-June and stay for the rest of 2023. Pluto wants you to grow and leave the old things behind. Mercury will be retrograded in early 2023 until mid-January in your center of professionalism and will retrograde in mid-December. Mercury's three retrograde period does affect your finances and professional area. Pluto wants you to take control, while mercury can assist in helping bring in the reins or destroy you.

This is an excellent opportunity for a career change, to look for ways to earn more or shift your work schedule. Be on the lookout for fraud and conflict in your work area, and remember that retrogrades do not bring permanence; therefore, focus on making adjustments. Ceres though retrograde, will also include your finances and, when linked with mercury, will give you ca focus on energy. Mars will also join in to help in your finances from the mid of July till the end of August and give you the energy you need to change jobs. This vibe will be great for new projects or job opportunities.

May I not forget Jupiter will be in your financial sector in mid-May, and ill join Uranus and Taurus. Uranus has been pushing you to make significant changes, and Jupiter has come along to reward you for your effort. Just be intelligent and conscious, and mercury goes retrograde from April through mid-may affecting your financial areas. The October 28th lunar exploration might bring some adversity, but Jupiter will save the day. If you are unemployed, opportunities will come by July. In the meantime, take classes to open new opportunities.


Mars in the family sector this year from Mid march till mid will make you feel like focusing on your family. Your needs might be to spend more time in your home, move to a new place, decorate or renovate. If you have children, they will depend o you during this venus retrograde from mid-May till July, a little rebelliousness might happen, but they will only need your support and protection.


The end of 2022 Mars retrograde might have played some tricks on your mind and activated a lot of frustrations which might have created stress, This will go on till the end of March, and then you will find time to replenish and restore your mind to a positive focus.

Mercury and Mars will go retrograde in mid-November in the area of your mind (third house?). Your intuition will be strong as Neptune has already been in this area, but you will; have great ideas, projects, and optimism. Saturn makes a transit in this area in march and will stay for the rest of the year. This is a stage for deep mind cleansing when Saturn is placed there. The focus is on should your past but understanding it and letting go of the baggage. This year gives more attention to your bones. Therefore, make an appointment to see a chiropractor. This is paramount for your overall posture and spine.


Do not be afraid of asking questions or questioning things; we are not all experts in all areas. Therefore, asking questions, no matter how big or small, can help you succeed. When you don't know, ask. Watch your back as there are always hidden enemies, and they might seek to undermine your plans and well-being. Make sure to get enough rest.

Protect your investment by being aware of stock market speculation throughout the year. Saturn will pass through your house of health; therefore, be aware of getting yourself in better shape.

Have a great 2023 ARIES! Be sure to leave a comment below👇🏾



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