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Discover the Best Vibrational Healing Products for Your Zodiac Sign in 2024

Updated: Jan 18

2024 is an exciting year, and we will see a lot of transformations; there will be periods of reflection, abstraction, evaluation, and separation from the things that no longer serve us collectively. On January 20th, Pluto will transit from Capricorn to Aquarius, but Pluto will return to Capricorn and then to Aquarius on November 19th, its final transit for 20 years. This cycle will be unknown to us, and we will enter a completely different reality. The Aquarian age is about to be cemented in stone. Technologically, we will be blessed, but we will continue on our spiritual journey, and our personal evolution will prevail.

Astrology plays a role in human behavior, and we must have prudence and adaptation, which are qualities to receive the opportunities and challenges of 2024. Navigate 2024 with good health, and I have made recommendations for essential oils, colors, and quartz to help you on your 2024 journey of transformation.


Dates: March 21 - April 20

Element: fire

Planet: Mars

Qualities: cardinal

Tarot card: Emperor/Empress

Color: red Stone: Diamond

Signature Essential Oil: Rosemary

Flowers: thistle

Mascot: golden fleece, weapon, hammer

Best Compatibility: Sagittarius, Leo

2024 Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most loved essential oils, with a sweet, clean, fresh, and floral scent that is freeing to the senses. Lavender can be used for various issues such as rashes, acne, boils, and dermatitis, but it can also be an immune stimulant to strengthen the body's immune system. Lavender is anti-depressive and sedative, which makes it excellent for balancing the mood and extreme emotions, which will be good for Ariens this year when they face conflict.

Color for 2024

Green is the color for Aries in 2024, and its keywords are harmony, growth, fertility, and resistance. green is the color of renewal, life, energy, and nature; green is gorgeous and refreshing and is linked to growth, safety, environment fertility, and harmony.

Lucky Quartz for 2024

Aries, your birthstone is ruby, and your 2024 lucky quartz is ruby. Aries's nature is reflected in the red color of ruby, which also resonates with your passion and vitality. Ruby allows you to focus on the task ahead and supports the leader in you. Ruby can be exciting but can also overstimulate you as you do not suffer fools gladly, and ruby can bring anger to the surface for dissipation but may overheat situations. Ruby can help you to receive success and wealth, as well as courage, encouragement, and loyalty. Rubies come from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and they are considered to attract friends and happiness. The Chinese and Japanese have said ruby brings health and longevity, regulates passions, drives away evil thoughts, and guarantees peace and health.

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