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Venus/Sacral Chakra Vibrations and Season

Updated: May 1, 2023

We call the steward to the domain of pleasure, joy, and love, Venus. She is the Goddess of love, encompassing more than just romantic partnering. Her manifestation is love, beauty, creativity, harmony, fluidity, and pleasure. Within your psyche, she represents balance and harmony within ourselves and the outer world. She instills peace and calm where you find chaos or conflict. The glyph of Venus is a symbol that shows us that balancing spirit and matter helps us find harmony and contentment. Venuses vibrations soothe, charm, mesmerize and delight, as she rules over our capacity and preferences when deciding what joy and pleasureful to us.

She rules over art and artist, for she encourages the ability to harmonize colors, shapes, sounds, and talent for perceiving and responding to harmony. Her relationship vibration is how we enchant, attract, and are attracted, which is how we are brought into the balance of union with each other. The ultimate harmonization is the vibrations of love which help to sustain balance within close relationships. She dictates what we need for a partnership and to feel fulfilled.

Everyone's vibration is different when expressing sexuality and sensuality; our tastes and preferences differ. Disowning your Venus has serious repercussions within your psyche as she governs the vibrations that feed our need for closeness with another person and how we feel loved and appreciated. If she is ignored the vibrations, she has to tend to get their way whether or not we are conscious of them or now. Her dysfunctional vibrations are expressed as vanity, gluttony, laziness, self-indulgence, low self-esteem, depression, repression of sensuality or sexual needs, possessiveness, jealousy, and manipulation.

Sacral Chakra

The center for awareness of others, the sacral chakra vibrational energy speaks to

how we connect with others and express our emotions; it is the key to our sexuality, feelings, sensations, pleasure, movement, and nurturing. Pleasure enables us to move deeper into our temples and bodies; therefore, we should not think of it just as seeking thrills, being self-indulgent, or being frivolous. Experiencing pleasure and joy is the foundation of your power and creative force. The most significant work and service that is most valuable will bring you the most joy, which is the root of love.

The way you affect people, such as your personal magnetism, the way people perceive and treat you is strengthed by your experience of joy and pleasure, and this is when you know you are acting in alignment with your higher purpose. The 'Sacral plexus" is rested between your naval and genitals and is connected to the nerve ganglion; this hooks into the sciatic nerve, which is the center of motion in your body. Water is the ruler of the sacral chakra, and a healthy sacral chakra will correspond to the qualities of flow, fluidity, and formlessness. This is opposite the first chakra which corresponds to stillness. The first chakras function is to achieve stability; the second is to let go and flow. Being rigid and firm, refusing to integrate any opposing point of view or new information, we will remain in a state of separation. Flowing, we can allow ourselves to vibrate energetically and connect with others. Therefore, this chakra rules interaction, how we respond, react, receive, and connect, and will show our capacity for fluidity, spontaneity, surrender, communion, and exciting change.

Emotionally we will always want to move away from pain and towards pleasure. Our emotions begin in the unconscious and, through movement, break into consciousness. Writing, talking, communicating, or creating art all stimulate our emotions upwards from the unconscious to the conscious. Giving our emotions attention and room to flow allows us more spontaneity and makes us more authentic. Otherwise, we will get stuck in resentment, regret, and coulda woulda shoulda.

Therefore expressing ourselves will allow us to move forwards. Blocking our emotions restrict their movement; this is when we refuse to talk about our feelings or even acknowledge them within ourselves. This freezes our emotions, and they can become petrified in a specific space and time, and we can then become stuck emotionally in the past. This is when our feelings gain control over us from the unconscious. When these emotions get triggered, they can manifest as addictive behaviors, knee-jerk reactions, panic attacks, fainting, loss of consciousness, and disease.

Your unconscious takes over, and you can become unreachable through any form of logic or reason; we will throw tantrums and won't allow any movement in this perspective. This is how your sacral chakra vibrates when closed and tries to maintain a sense of security. A lot of energy goes into repressing our emotions, and we can become depressed because of this, as so much energy goes down to fight those emotions we do not want, which then exhausts our conscious mind. We can then experience lethargy, motivational stunts, and chronic fatigue; repressions movement is restricted; therefore, movement can free our emotions that have caused those chronic mentions and dysfunctional behaviors.

Using talk therapy, inner child work, and artistic expression, we can release those built-up emotional vibrations, creating a harmonious flow and connecting better with ourselves and others. Physical exercise is another way to break the tension, and doing exercises such as yoga, dance, jogging, martial arts, etc., can be very helpful in lifting our dark moods because we are utilizing movement.

Empathy is our ability to sense the emotions of others, and the sacral chakra is crucial in having this capacity; these subtle vibrations we often feel without any awareness or intention. We can pick up on the positive and bad vibes of others, and someone with an overactive sacral chakra can feel designed with emotional vibrations from others. For some of us, it can be hard to distinguish the emotions of others and our feelings.

Establishing boundaries is integral to a healthy sacral chakra, including the ability to express our needs and wants to those we love and energetic boundaries. Codependency and self-sacrificial mentality are vibrations of an overactive sacral chakra when others' emotions are prioritized over our own. This can be confusing and disorienting and lead you into emotional environments you are uncomfortable experiencing and doing things you are uncomfortable doing.

Sacral Chakra Imbalances

Overindulging or repressing pleasure comes at a cost, resulting in pain, a sign that something is wrong. The chronic tension that results from overindulgence or regression is a physical disease. Suppression of pleasure deprives the body, which pulls a significant amount of energy into your subconscious; at this level are trying to ignore our raging needs. Cancer is one of the diseases associated with the manifestation of rage and grief; when ignored for a long time, the body attacks itself to gain the attention being deprived of.

Stagnant energy in the sacral chakra will make you feel dead inside or numb; guilt and shame can also arise from not satisfying your needs, especially regarding sexuality. There may be issues around giving and receiving love. When your sacral chakra is overactive, it can manifest as overeating, addiction, sexual

pathology, excessive use of drugs, numbing agents such as tv, and maybe even social media and alcohol. Your sexual appetite, when your sacral chakra is overactive, feels as if you can never be satisfied.

Codepecesy, power issues, and abusive relationships are signs of an underactive sacral chakra when you need to be controlled by others or control others. You will struggle with inhibition, impotence, depression, and self-esteem. If you do not honor your emotions and boundaries, you set yourself up for others to do the same. You will also attract experiences or situations where you are disrespected, underappreciated, abused, and or unrecognized by others. These are all signs and reflect your sense of self and sacral chakra.

If you have an underactive sacral chakra, you may feel undeserving of love or guilty about pursuing pleasure. There may be feelings of dampness when it comes to sex, and you'll tend to avoid sex, or there might be feelings of physical numbness or blocks in your sexual organs. There may be issues Asserting your feelings, needs, and desires to others and being bullied and walked on like mat by others, experiences of things you are uncomfortable doing, or ending in situations you do not choose.

There may be issues around things you like or don't like, as your life's primary concern is of choices other people make for you. Other issues surrounding an imbalanced sacral chakra can show up as control for others, jealousy, possessiveness, or resentment of the joy others feel.

Venus Sacral Chakra Integration

Personal Boundaries

What kind of experiences we seek or the motive expression required to feel love Venus will dictate, and it's essential to facilitate the free-flowing energy of Venus to the cycle chakra by feeling understanding, establishing and enforcing personal boundaries. As a second chakra is the energetics center through which we receive physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pleasure.

Preferences are our personal boundaries, and I like this process I'm not too fond of; this may seem simple, but sometimes we shut down our personal boundaries to go with what others around us want. And these could be mothers, fathers, lovers, employers, employees, friends, politicians, or anyone else. When we betray our boundaries and do something we do not want to do, our second chakra suffers, and he flipped me off the switch on a sacral chakra, so often, we become unaware of it.

We become numb for many periods just doing what others desire and need; many people are blocked or underactive sequel chakra has difficulties knowing what they like and do not like. They struggle with fundamental decisions because they let others take rain like lies. I have become alienated from their pleasure even to the point of working sometimes; they'll have other people choose food for them.

It is sensual to communicate to others how we want to be treated in the world, and often is our natural inclination to move towards pleasure and away from Payne as pain indicates that something is threatening our being well; experiences of pleasure generally indicate that the situation is safe and positive. But allowing this function to become numb deprived us of our right to be happy as it also makes us boom boom vulnerable to miss treatment abuse and being taken advantage of.

Channeling your sacral chakra takes time and practice, and conscious awareness about every decision throughout your day; therefore, at every crossroad, no matter how big or small, make sure you check in with yourself and ask yourself what it is that you want in every moment, it could be as simple as a red shirt or blue shirt. Decisions such as Walking to work or taking the bus? Do I want a salad or steak? This job or that job? To get married or break up? An excellent question to ask yourself on learning to establish boundaries is, what did someone who loves themselves do?

Sensuality goes beyond sex, as does the sacral chakra; another way to allow Venus to flow through your sacral chakra is to spend time doing physical activities tending to your body with baths, massage, bodywork, reiki, pampering, and beautification. This will tell your unconscious that you care about yourself and how you feel. Take time out of your day, no matter what else is going on, to do something kind for yourself and your physical body.

Sensual experiences include enjoying taste, touch, smell, sight, or sound, booking a massage or manicure, taking a luxurious bath with some aromas, or buying a fancy lunch and soaking up the experiences. Become conscious; the point is to show yourself love and care and to receive that love, do not feel guilty about indulging yourself; know that you were amplifying your personal power by giving yourself this time. On the most profound level, nothing is more important than your own joy and self-respect.

Best Practices

  • Conscious cultivating the seeds of Venus and its qualities within you, allowing them to blossom fully.

  • Cultivate compassion, grace, and love in all forms: friendships, sensuality, and pleasures.

  • Meditate more frequently.

  • Utilize gemstones, especially ones that harmonize with your present emotional and mental state.

  • Anoint yourself with essential oils and or diffuse them, especially on Fridays.

  • Cultivate respect for yourself, self-love, and inner joy.

  • Validate yourself and your inborn right to indulge, experiment and create.

  • Set boundaries and expectations so you become safer and more deserving of respect.

  • Dance

  • Celebrate your affectionate heart

  • Have a sympathetic ear and praise more.

  • Release any guilt you may feel, and regain your flow.

  • Indulge your soul and practice being spontaneous.

  • Sing out loud, make art, go to the museum, and seek serenity.

Sacral Chakra Gems

  • Orange Calcite: helps heal wounds concerning sexuality and spiritualize it.

  • Carnelian: Helps to take risks through bold actions and restore your zest for life. Awakens sacral chakra vibrations to find your courage, confidence, and power.

  • Pink Tourmaline: Guides us towards tolerance and gentleness; it is considered the stone of kindness and healer of old emotional wounds, especially childhood ones. Enhances the vibrations of comfort and nurturance within one's self.

Venus Chakra Color

Orange is the shade emitted from the Venus chakra, representing psychic qualities within the chakra vibrations file. Orange light uplifts the spirit and sustains and recharges our sense of vitality and contentment.

Sacral Chakra oils:
  • Ylang Ylang: Vibrational remedy that helps release past trauma and restores a sense of playfulness that helps reconnect you to your inner child.

  • Coriander: Releases us from the codependency hold and vibrates a sense of freedom. Let us honor living true to ourselves instead of pleasing others.

  • Rose: Teaches divine grace and vibrates sacred feminine energy. It gives us a sense of ease and abandonment, which wraps us in warmth, joy, and compassion, which enables us to live life to the fullest.

Venus Chakra Blend:

  • 15-20 drops Kumquat

  • 5-8 drops Marjoram

  • 1 Teaspoon jojoba

    1. Cap the bottle tightly and shake vigorously to blend your oil thoroughly; allow it to synergize for 12 hours or longer before using.

    2. Anoint your forehead, back of your neck, and palm.

Venus Chakra Planetary Season

April 5th-May 26th

Planetary hour

Daily 6:51am to 10:17 am

Venus day


Balanced Venus Chakra

Generous, affectionate, creative, positive, vivacious, loving, sympathetic, offers comfort and beauty.

Shadow Venus Chakra

Guilt, vanity, self-pity, needy, and abandonment issues.

Comment below which sign and house your Venus is in, and I will respond.



— Born on Wednesday: Wednesday is Your Ruling Planet (Day of the Week Astrology Book 7) by Howla Jardali

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