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Cancer 2023 Overview

Your year starts with Uranus in Taurus, which continues to shake things up in your eleventh house and will retrograde until January 22. The eclipses occur this year, and in the cardinal energies of Aries and Libra that occupy your solar tenth and fourth houses, in mid-May, Uranus will be joined by Jupiter in Taurus to the end of the year. These will be good houses to look for signs of activities related to your hopes, wishes, associations, and goals, a wonderful position for expanding your visibility and increasing your financial holdings to fund special projects.

Pluto will be in Capricorn in your solar 11th house of personal business connections; this will remind you that you need to illuminate blocks that keep you stuck in your desirable patterns. Mercury, will also retrograde in Capricorn at the beginning of the year and add to a lot of confusion in your pending decisions that will pass after this planet goes direct on January 18.

Pluto will appear in Aquarius in your eighth solar house for a few months on March 24; expect new insights regarding legal matters connected to wills and estates. Mercury will be retrograded in 2023, and Earth signs emphasize grounding to take stable action.

Saturn will be occupying your eighth solar house of joint income, partnership assets, and debt in the late degrees of Aquarius. Then it will move into Pisces starting on March 7, in your ninth solar house of higher education, spirituality, and travel.

Saturn is in Aquarius, the planet of limitations, which reminds you to clear away lingering conditions that restrict the use of your funds or means to save money. Neptune will be in Pisces in your ninth house, stimulating your higher mind and inspiring creativity and psychic intuition.


Jupiter, the planet of expansion and prosperity, starts the year in Aries in your tenth solar house of career, ambition, management authority, and status quo. Suppose you are looking for a new job. In that case, this is a significant aspect to have Jupiter in Aries will affect every degree through May 16, when it moves into Taurus, your eleventh solar house of dreams, wishes, friends, groups, professional associates, your employer's solvency and your stake in the humanitarian side of your world.

Be prepared, as your employer may lay out new plans and search for highly skilled performers to fit the evolving company's structure. Jupiter will retrograde in Taurus from September 4th till December 30th. This opportunity planet will occupy your eleventh solar house for seven months, find ways to boost your salary, replenish your savings and increase your net worth. If you were born between June 21 and July 9th, you would see the most action from this year's Jupiter and Taurus transit.


Saturn will be in Aquarius in your eighth solar house of joint income, partnership, assets, and money owed by you and your partner, which may include mortgages, credit cards, student loans, personal debt, investment, estate, retirement funds, birth, death, rebirth, regeneration, sex, karma, taxes, and psychological depth.

Saturn has been there since December 2020, teaching you about managing your financial affairs. Taskmaster Saturn is ready to move onto a new territory of your ninth solar house when Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7. Saturn will have the most significant impact on those Cancers born between July 14 and 22 while it's still in Aquarius; this will allow you to settle money conflicts, old debt, Estates, and any holding that affected you and your partner who are in the process of divorce to a desolate business.

This will be a great time to pay down debts; therefore, selling off some of your assets might be a good idea. However, make sure you spell out all the details in the agreement. When Saturn enters Pisces, which is a sign similar to your own, it will be dealing with matters connected to your ninth house, which is foreign cultures and languages, higher education, including advanced degrees in law, medical and legal profession, the world of writing, publishing and long-distance travel.

In the last few months of 2023, Saturn and Pisces will affect those Cancerians born between June 21 and 30th, and this will be a great time to look into emerging fields in the health, welfare, and daily habits of the workforce and look for degrees that enhances your career value or elevate your accomplishments. Saturn in Pisces invites you to visualize your dreams coming true and listen carefully to your inner voice.


Uranus has been making its way through Taurus since May 2018 in your eleventh solar house of goals, plans, dreams, wishes, associations, friendships, groups, and organizations subject to many disruptions and demands on your time. This year has started with Uranus in retrograde. It will go direct on January 22, most likely sending a few challenges your way or creating delays in finalizing a financial request for the startup commerce.

There will be two eclipses in Taurus, which will occur in your eleventh solar house in late fall 2023. This house has been very active, related to group and professional activity and an interruption of plans (Uranus) you may have initiated regarding projects, conventions, conferences, and fundraising. As a Cancer, you appreciate security, but although a similar sign as yours, Uranus will not let you. Those born July 7 and 17 will experience the most interaction from this use Uranus cycle. You may be appointed to lead professional groups, run for local office, or identify humanitarian goals that better serve your community.


Since April 2011, Neptune has been transiting through Pisces and your ninth solar house; this year, alignments create excellent conditions for usual creative projects, education, and travel. Your needs might be to take a trip to a body of water located close by, which soothes and enhances your psychic abilities, which will raise your intuition.

Saturn will also be transiting the same house in Pisces; therefore, you'll need to make room for increased responsibilities, including children, family, and work colleagues, which may be a long distance from where you live. You may study a new language or internalize cultural norms if you have military or medical credentials on a temporary assignment. These experiences will help you accelerate the flow of your creative writing, which you may enjoy, and lead to publications of books, articles, and scripts compatible with your sign activities this year.


Pluto, the transformative planet, is in Capricorn right now and in your seventh solar house of business, personal partners, roommates, advisors, collaborators, consultants, legal and medical professionals, and the public, including frenemies. Pluto has been there since 2008 and hopefully has examined and identified those who try to control your mind or essential facets of your life.

Identifying who or what is interfering with your freedom as you move forward and setting new guidelines for dealing with relationships, you need to examine yourself. If you have skipped over or gone over some of these partnership matters, Pluto will identify them and fill the gap. If you ignored the call, you would experience a wake-up in the next two years.

Pluto will oppose your sun with challenges while in Capricorn, and if your birthday falls between July 19 and 22nd or you have late-degree Cancer planets in your birth chart, you will feel the effects. Pluto enters Aquarius starting on March 23. On May 1st, it will retrograde in the first degrees of Aquarius in return to Capricorn on June 11 and complete the remaining months of transit which doesn't end until November 2024.


The first solar eclipse will take place on April 20 in Aries in your tenth house of career, ambition, authority, recognition for achievement, organizational matters, and status quo. This will remind you to stick to your commitments or develop new ones, accountability and responsibility will come into play, and this will make what you do the driving force behind promotions and rewards in an elevated status in the world. This will drive you to refine critical goals and productivity and adapt to new norms that fit into the evolving work culture for tremendous success.

On May 5th, the lunar eclipse of the year takes place in Scorpio, and this will happen in your fifth house of children, amusement, romance, social life, sports, and speculations. You'll find that the people associated with this house will rise in importance in your life and command your time and energy, enjoy the downtime but find solutions for your problems. This will assist in strengthening bonds and as Scorpio is compatible with your sign, be on the lookout for manifesting wins and surprises. Make sure to have fun and relax.

On October 14, the second solar eclipse of 2023 will take place in Libra and your fourth solar house of home, foundation, family, and current conditions related to structure and temperaments surrounding your home base. If you have natal planets in this house, expect revelations to those themes as you gain insight into those you live with and those with whom you share bonds.

Ensure you strengthen your communications, share adventures and quality time, and cultivate the love principle. Complete your work on your pending home projects and increase happiness through enjoyable, harmonious conversations free of stress and conflict.

The final lunar eclipse of 2023 will occur on October 20th in Taurus in your eleventh solar house of friends, groups, associates, goals, plans, and dreams. As Uranus is in Taurus, you might be sick and drained of unanticipated disruptions; however, new connections coming into your life will lead to significant achievements that will benefit humanity.

You will be able to weed out a lot of unfulfilling memberships that are a waste of your time and leave you exhausted during this cycle. You will search for the causes and find a group that wants to improve living conditions and motivate others to live meaningful lives. You will succeed and celebrate the success that reflects unity through cooperation for future generations.

Your Lucky Charms

Lucky Flowers: Lily-Water lily-Iris

Lucky Colors: White-Silver gray- Water Green

Lucky Birthstone: Pearl-Opal

Lucky Metal: Silver

Lucky Numbers: 2-4-5-20-40

Lucky Day: Monday

Your Essential Oil

Blue chamomile is a "mothering" oil that aids in calming and soothing and is gentle enough to use for most infants and appropriate to use in early childhood. Cancer is associated with the stomach, and chamomile is used to ease stomach cramps, colitis, gastritis, and diarrhea, especially if they have roots in anxiety and stress. All chamomiles have the same effect, but blue is used for cancer as it is associated with water and the ocean, which is the crab's natural element.

2023 Lucky Color

Green is a relaxing, regenerative color that balances the mind, body, and soul. Green represents fertility and the color of our ecosystem; it is also the color of transformation and relates to illusion and longevity. Associated with stillness, empathy, harmony, peace, and well-being. Green is linked to health and revitalizes the nervous, liver, blood pressure, and circulatory systems.

Green is a cold color that gives calm and peace to the human organism, and green is numero Uno. It is a balance of material and spiritual nuances of life, and it modulates between warm and cold colors. Green is associated with mother earth and its early elements: abundance, firmness, self-affection, and harmony.

Green is the healing counselor and life force; green restores life and stimulates it. Its hypnotic essence attracts authentic power and an energetic healing ray. Use green to release impatience through balance; it relaxes the nervous system and revitalizes mental conditions. Green can heal migraines, high blood pressure, and ulcerations.

Green stimulates growth and should not be used on cancer patients. Jade, emerald, malachite, tourmaline, peridot, and adventure exemplify green qualities. Green in your aura is a sign of a natural healer as the heart chakra is green and is often related to colors of the heart's energy, as it links between the physical and the Spiritual.

Order, coherence, and healthy customs are instituted with green. It creates a calm and peaceful environment. Green is related to money and wealth to most people, and it is an actual prosperity magnet, but this is not from an active approach, but creating the space for wealth to arrive.

Emerald brings harmony to contradictions, dissolves threats and situations, and heals broken hearts. This stone amplifies self-esteem, attracts abundance, and restores your energy.

Jade is serene; jade creates harmony and self-sufficiency, helps relieve negativity, and stimulates ideas, making the complicated simple and feasible.

2023 Lucky Quartz

Tigers eye is an antidote for bad energy, purifies, and motivates courage and self-confidence. Facilitates communication and helps with studying. Protective of children's health and against the evil eye.

Tiger eye activates clairvoyance and is very advantageous for meditation. Use it to protect you from bad vibrations and give you strength in hostile situations, or use it in conflicts where you must make decisions. It is great to help when starting a business, as it attracts luck, money, and prosperity.


Cancer, the theme for your love life this year, changes, which will help you with a cheery view and fewer commitments. Your sign is cardinal; therefore, you desire to be in control in the search for a partner, and blind dates won't do the trick. If you are in a relationship, your love life will change, and the conflicts will be resolved. You'll need to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and be with your partner. This is a good idea as you want to relax to make the correct decisions.

If you are single, there will be many opportunities for you in the coming year for Love, and you will have a lot of desire to meet new people and try emotions that you had ignored until now. As you exit July, you'll feel a strong attraction for an older person with whom you could start a stable relationship. The unexpected return of someone from the past paralyzes you.

Pluto has been in your area of relationship for many years. Luckily for you, it comes out at the end of March but do not get excited because it will be returned in June to spend the rest of the year causing massive transformations in your relationships.

Mercury will retrograde in early 2023 in your area relationships until mid-January and retrograde again in that same area in mid-December. This retrograde will bring about problems that must be resolved immediately and sincerely. From the end of March until mid-June, Pluto transit your area of intimacy; this will push you to solve issues around power struggles.

Saturn has already been in this section for the last few years and will remain there until early March. If you lack something in your relationship, Saturn wants you to look for it, and if there are conflicts, find a solution.

On May 5th, there will be a lunar eclipse in your romance area; this will help you become closer to your loved ones and build stronger relationships with them. Ceres will transit your area of love from mid-September to November and Mars from mid-October to November. This will give you more enthusiasm to expand your love relationship, giving more attention and love to the ones you love. This can be a good time to start a relationship or put passion into the one you have.


Your primary tool for business is your memory; this year, you will use it to solve financial problems and make more money. Any monetary block that comes your way use your observation skills to overcome them.

Some challenges await you, but in the end, you'll be rewarded in every way. Take advantage of the economic gains you will obtain and go on vacation with your partner or family. Just be sure to save before spending. Jupiter will be in your area profession until mid-May; this transit creates excellent circumstances for economic accomplishment. Your focus should be on generating new ideas, shaping them, and taking advantage of any important bond during this period.

On April 20th, a solar eclipse lights up your bank account, and at this point, you will feel more focused. Mars puts its share of energy from May until the middle of July, giving you more energy and enthusiasm to make money. Just be sure the energy goes into work and not into spending. Venus will be retrograde in your financial area from late July to early September; this will bring challenges to your finances; if you've made some bad decisions, this will be the time that you will see them.

Spending money on pleasure at the moment will be regrettable, and it is recommended that before this retrograde and Venus arrives, you have money saved because there will be surprising expenses. You'll be super focused on your work at the end of the year. Mars and Ceres will transit your financial area at the end of November with mercury retrograde. Mars will give you some energy, and Ceres will encourage you, but Mercury's retrograde brings problems and misunderstandings.


Your family will be the center of your attention during 2023; this will be especially true for your children, no matter their age. You might have learned to use distance when you have problems that are not yours; this does not mean that you don't care; it just means that you prioritize your needs which is yourself. You'll be reevaluating your circle of friends and eliminating those commitments that are not healthy for you; this will open space to meet more people.

You continue to be very responsible when it comes to your family, but at some point in the year, you might feel disconnected, especially from February to the end of March. This is not the time to feel guilty but the time to reach the root of your trauma from the past and deal with them without fear. Retrograde planets in your home area are times for renovations, remodeling, or moving to a place where you have previously lived.

Ceres returns from mid-June to mid-September retrograde; you have already learned how to manage your family life with more discipline and wisdom; mars and Ceres in transit your home area to the end of August to October this will gift you with a desire to spend more time with family or home. The solar eclipse on October 14 will expand your family circle, so plan to move or renovate your home.


There are no major health problems for cancers this year; however, anxiety might dominate you and drain all your energy, strengthen your immune system by taking vitamins, having contact with nature, or going to the sea to breathe the perfume of mother nature. Try a balanced diet or meditation that might help your health this year.


If you played your cards right over the past two years, this is a year you'll reap everything you've sowed, and you must be ready to enjoy it without limits. Keep in mind everything that begins must end, and the changes will continue to happen in your life. Working tirelessly to overcome difficulties and challenges, 2023 is not the time to be afraid and paralyzed but to continue on your path to success.

You must draw strength where there is none and strive for everything you want to achieve. Your health is essential, and you cannot afford to damage it; therefore, you must rest and exercise or practice a sport. Anything toxic in your life, you must illuminate it; otherwise, you'll get back down by what you do not deserve, but be sure to demand what you want.

In 2023 there will be a lot of competition in the workplace; when you see things get very conflicting, it's best to take a step back and think twice if it is worth compromising your tranquility and energy for money. Create boundaries with people who intend to dominate or manage your life.

If you're not in a relationship, cupid might shoot you a digital arrow; however, couples will have a stage of crisis, but talking it out will solve the problem. Recognizing energy vampires is crucial because they demand constant attention and will significantly damage your aura, so be careful.

Have a great 2023, Cancer!



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