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Scorpio 2023 Horoscope

After much waiting, 2023 will be the year you achieve everything you want; it doesn't mean you will stop trying, but things will be much easier for you after these two years of transformations. This year is a good year for you to be yourself and show your authentic essence, and you will see how success and prosperity come your way. In retrograde motion through Taurus, Uranus will continue to restructure your close circles of friends and relationships.

The eclipse of 2022 on November 8th shook the foundation of your closest relationships, and those effects will still be in force until May. But it is not safe out there, so do not remove your seatbelts until October, when another eclipse will occur in your sign of Aries, giving you a solid blow to your subconscious.

Mars transiting through Gemini ends its retrograde movement in January through your area finance, and here, your financial irregularities culminate. Mercury started its retrograde this year in Capricorn and will be there until January 18 in your area of communication; therefore, pay attention to how you communicate the emails you send, and do not buy any electronic equipment these days.

Pluto will be in Capricorn, making changes to your personality until March 23rd, when it moves into Aquarius there will for several months, and then returns to complete unfinished business. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, transits through the sign of Aries in your area of health and work; this is an incredibly positive transit for your energy and to complete any project that has been delayed with retrograde movements.

Saturn will end two to years an Aquarius in your home and family where he has forced you to solve all family issues and put structure into your home. March 7th, the lord of karma and restriction transits your house of romance and fun in the sign of Pisces.

Mars will transit your sign from October 12th to November 24th; enjoy these months; you will feel that you have a different energy and much more enthusiasm than usual. This will be a great time to start new businesses or projects. The asteroid Ceres in your sign in this period will grant you extra resources and make you feel safe in everything you create. On May 5th, a lunar eclipse occurs in your sign stimulating your emotions, and you will have the courage to make the changes you do not make in 2022 eclipses. Remember that during eclipse periods, sensitivity increases, so try not to be yourself.


Jupiter will be in the Aries of your sixth house, which is often the epicenter of activity where you explore the demands of the workload, assess goals, assign staff to do the work, and examine the strength of employee performance. This might be a time to improve your health by changing eating habits, adding targeted exercise, supervising weight, scheduling doctor visits and routine tests, adding play time to your busy week, and freeing your mind of depressing worries.

When Jupiter enters Taurus in your solar seventh house of close personal and professional relationships on May 16th, it stays for a few months by going retrograde on September 4th and turning direct on December 30th. Develop a plan to use this opportunity when Jupiter occupies our seventh house in 2023. Some members of Scorpio may be planning a wedding or forming lucrative partnerships. Scorpios born between October and November 9th will see the most activity when Jupiter is in Taurus.


Saturn has been in your fourth house since December 2020, which is your foundation family, parents, domestic undertaking, relatives residing with you, household projects, real estate matters, and issues that have run their course in your domestic environments. Saturn in Aquarius suggests that discipline has contributed to the changes you desire. On March 7th, Saturn will enter Pisces when the magnet taskmaster moves into your fifth house of children, creativity entertainment, an entrepreneurial venture,s romance, socializing, and vacations.

Scorpios aren't fond of change, yet you made changes in the past year and made sense for your fourth house. Saturn winds down an Aquarius this year, and those of you born November 14th and 22nd will see the most action to revise your domestic goals and wrap up loose ends once Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7th, Scorpios born between October 23rd and November 1st, will examine relationships and make decisions about children, participating in sports and leisure time during the remaining months of 2023 if you were looking for a greater satisfaction you might decide to open up a business or change your career.


Uranus will start the year retrograde and go direct on January 22nd in Taurus, which will shake up the energy in your solar seventh house of personal and business partners, consultants, advisors, Public enemies, and those connected to the law and medical professions. You can count on erratic encounters with partners, the emergence of quirky personalities, disruptive routines, perplexing changes with them, and sudden mood swings. You have been in this pattern since 2018; therefore, the plan you have hoped to finalize has been delayed and affected your personal or professional matters.

The actual date might have been postponed if you plan to get engaged or married in 2023. Uranus triggers unexpected circumstances, changes an attitude, and disruption the flow of your schedule, and sometimes brings unanticipated windfalls such as engagement rings, a bonus, or a job promotion. Those born between November 6th and 17th experienced the most activity from their Uranus in the house of relationships this year. Be prepared to shock those around you with your sudden responses.


Neptune has been in your solar fifth house of children, fun, games, romance, social life, vacation, speculations, and sports strengthening your psychic ability of intuitive insight into other motives back in 2011. Neptune would like you to connect with your inner dreams and include more of your insight focus and collaborative dealings. You may even get a new line of work that incorporates spiritual interest and benefits charitable causes. You might have the aha moment day when you discover your true purpose. Saturn will also be in Pisces in your fifth house in March to validate your feelings and reframe how you express responsibility; those born November 14th to the 21st will see the most activity with Neptune this year.


Pluto, the planet of deep psychology, has been in Capricorn in your solar third house since January 20th, 2008, which connects to communication contracts, education, electronic equipment, learning options, your mental capacity, neighborhood dealings, siblings, cousins, and transportation.

The planet of transformation will allow hidden elements to surface during the year, and those affiliated with this house will divulge secrets and ask you to preserve confidentiality. If there is a buildup of stress, this could strain your mental health, and you will need an outlet to unwind. Get rid of what is blocking your subconscious mind through meditation and yoga. Resolving and managing everyday stresses and meeting setbacks with insight and a broad ray of solutions will be a great time to transform your fears.

Pluto pulled over entry to Aquarius starting March 23rd and will it turns retrograde on May 1st in the first degree of Aquarius; and returns to Capricorn on June 11th to complete the remaining months of its cycle, which officially ends in November 2020. Scorpions most affected by Pluto in Capricorn are those born between November 19th and the 22nd.

Scorpios born on October 22nd and 23rd will feel the impact of the brief teaser when Pluto occupies Aquarius from March 23rd to June 11th. This will be an excellent time to add new skills to prepare to achieve your long-range goals and career aspirations. Pluto will help you to eliminate hidden baggage and aid in releasing what's been stuck in your head that no longer has a purpose notice the warmer styles in relationships.


The first solar eclipse of 2023 is on April 20 in Aries and your sixth house of daily routine, health, nutrition, work environment, colleagues, organization attitude, and animal companion. When the eclipse hits, you could be surprised by what you discover regarding the efficiency of work practices and stop interaction in the commitment to meeting work timelines. It will be beneficial if you listen to helpful feedback, strengthen communications and discuss critical goals if challenges emerge and are addressed immediately. This was side steps misunderstanding or avoiding inconvenient delays.

On May 5th, the year's first lunar eclipse takes place in Scorpio and your first house of action, self-interest, assertiveness, independence, and passion. You'll be eager and energized to embrace your new path and take a vantage of leads you receive to trust in networks. October 14, the second solar eclipse of 2023, in libra and your twelfth house of introspection, activity behind-the-scenes, healing your mind and body mystical moments, psychic impression, secrets, and recovery.

Enjoy some much-deserved quality downtime to reflect on the next steps and plan for your future. Take care of those lingering effects of illnesses you've experienced, and take care of your circle who may be ill. It would be an excellent time to work on your résumé if you are contemplating a job change.

The final eclipse will be a lunar eclipse on October 28th in Taurus, your seventh house of personal and business partners, collaboration, corporations, roommate legal and personal medical professions, therapists, and open enemies in public. The eclipse will bring opportunities that will review the status of relationship issues you asked them in the last fall and know how well-targeted decisions aided and healing sore spots that resulted in more loving or compatible relationships in the year has led to painful breaches in your understanding you may be making plans to opt out of the personal or business relationship.

Your Lucky Charms

Lucky Flowers: Oleander- Primrose-Anemone

Lucky Colors: Dark red-black

Lucky Birthstone: Ruby-Black coral- Topaz

Lucky Metal: Iron

Lucky Numbers: 4-8-13-21

Lucky Day: Thursday

Your Essential Oil

Patchouli is an excellent oil for Scorpios, firstly because of its depth, and patchouli is one of the most profound base note oils in aromatherapy, and second, its aphrodisiac properties. This reminds us of the link between Scorpio and sexuality and the fact the sign is associated with genitals.

2023 Lucky Color

White, the color of nativity, protection, and honesty, gives the feeling of independence and extraordinary possibilities. Use white to eradicate negativity and bring courage, forgiveness, and conformity. It heals the body, destroys toxicity, and purifies. If you need clarity and understanding, use white, and if you need healing of skin problems. Light, truth, and total surrender are symbols of white.

The shade of white that is calming, purifies and promotes faith is pearl, which allows you to flow with life and fosters confidence. Pearl will enable you to connect with life and your divine nature. The color of honesty, truth, and nobility, pearl brings peace, clarity, and harmony to your life.

White is the strongest color vibration synonymous with purity, patience, and the purest form of light. It has the entire spectrum of color, all in one, with all its aspects and qualities, representing solid and joyous love. The color symbolizes purity, cleanliness, innocence, and a new life.

2023 Lucky Quartz

White Quartz or rock crystal are excellent energy receivers that intensify positive vibrations. Use it to help mental concentration to reinforce or enhance other quartz. Its primary function is to provide balance and peace and to honor a birth or peace after death. Mostly used therapeutically and helps resist bad ties, and negative thoughts, such as guilt and emotional problems.

Use this crystal to improve knowledge and increase your listening faculty and patience.


Intensity and love are typical for your sign, but you will achieve balance in your relationship if that is what you want. We all have different paths and remember not to judge others and not to judge yourself, which will allow you to advance in your area of sentimentality. If you're in a relationship, make sure that you keep your mouth shut when criticizing the next person, you must become empathetic and allow your partner to express their feelings because this is the only way for them to reach a mutual understanding.

Face your problems with humor and try not to manipulate the feelings of others but remember to learn how to give and receive. Good prospects will appear if you are not in a relationship, but before that happens, you must open your circle of friends and ensure you do not wear your mask. If you continue wearing your mask, you will continue the same vicious cycle and pattern; if you accept yourself and others will accept you, this may be challenging. Still, it is possible, and it will be how you will attract a particular person with whom you want to share your life.

Mars will be in Gemini at the beginning of the year and will be retrograde and will challenge you to strengthen your emotional bond, and difficulties may become known; this will be a chance for you to put everything that does not work for you in a pouch and throw it away. When you do, new and different people come into your life. Mercury will retrograde from mid-April to mid-May, allowing you to review your relationships again, and for any problem or person that was left pending, you can get rid of it.

During the eclipse on October 20th, you will be surrounded by healthy relationships; if that one is not working well, be stringent, and you know what you must do. Neptune will be in your area of love throughout 2023, maybe bringing karmic relationships into your life in which you have past life contracts or motivating you to establish a spiritual connection with those around you.

Keep in mind that sometimes love is sacrifice. Saturn will join Neptune in March; if there is something that you have not learned, the Lord of karma will give you the aptitude to do it. Leave your traumas in the place they belong and enjoy the moment with more joy. If someone does not positively influence your life, let them go.


Your charisma in your talent in business will help you win many work projects, and people with different approaches may ask you to collaborate and learn from them. In the area of your professional skills that were hidden and that will be the key to complementing your collaborations, bring area any idea to succeed you will need to develop.

After August, you will begin to generate a lot of money from your investments of the previous months. Do not overspend because you will be presented with other investment opportunities. Jupiter will be in the area economy until May, bringing you excellent business and job opportunities until mid-May. The solar eclipse illuminates your work area on April 12th; if you are brilliant here, you can earn many recognition and material benefits.

Mid-July, Mars, the energetics warrior, will take care of your work affairs by increasing your ambition and giving you a powerful impulse to succeed. Take advantage of that energy because Venus retrogrades in the area from the end of July to the beginning of September, and it can make you a little slow and lazy; in addition, that can be a period of unexpected setbacks that will slow down your goals.

In November, you will thank Mars for the rest of the year in 2023; it will give you that energy that characterizes him and help you grow financially. If you're smart with your decisions, you will generate a lot of resources and won't stop making money. This will be one of the most abundant and prosperous times of the year for you; therefore, try to keep everything under control. The planet Mercury retrogrades in your monetary section the last week of December will bring unexpected expenses or derail your financial goals. You should be vigilant in case you have to take an emergency measure.


Work will be very stressful for you, and you might become unbearable; however, establish a framework that works for you and let people around you know. You will have new friends in your life in 2023 if you show your personality genuinely, but you have to drive away fear and mistrust. You must have the courage to frequent new social circles and environments different from those you were accustomed to.

Saturn will be in your home area from early March, so you must face old family problems. And you will probably feel like getting away from everything that involves conflicts at the family level. It will be healthy to listen to what your family members tell you to achieve reconciliation, as you have no idea how to do it yourself.

Pluto moves into this area in 2023, giving more intensity to these problems, so if you want a quiet home life, you must solve them. Try not to exacerbate situations and maintain patience and tolerance, as your emotions will be influential at this time.


Stress is always a killer; therefore, this is what you will need to keep in mind in 2023, do not lose your energy because of stress. It will be an excellent time to meditate or go to therapy to clear up any subconscious problems or traumas from the past.

Exercising or activities such as dance or painting at home will help your body and mind release toxins; try to increase the consumption of foods rich in protein and vitamins. Do not eat in a hurry and enjoy your food; replacing more vigorous physical work with simpler ones will allow you to relax deeply. You might suffer from headaches due to muscle tension; the best remedy for this is the practice of yoga or some Asian discipline that you like.


Recognize your accomplishments, give yourself a gift, and trust that this year will be the year the universe responds to your desire and project. You must try to prevent domestic obligations from hindering your social and work life, and remember that your spirit guides and angels protect you; for that reason, you must feel special.

Read more on special topics because they will bring you closer to the truth and bring you a lot of inner peace. Do something good for yourself and dedicate your time to causes; millions of people need your help, as giving feels good. You must learn to relate and communicate with trust because this will increase your self-esteem, which will also be essential for your well-being. Try to suppress negative thoughts that take away from your peace, and if you worry too much, you will get sick; therefore, you will not be able to enjoy everything excellent in your life. 90% of the time, we worry, and the things we worry about do not happen.

Have a great 2023!



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