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Virgo 2023 Overview

Virgo 2023 will be intense and filled with adaptations, allowing you to realize your secret projects and desires. 2023 you will focus; all your attention will be on your professional and emotional needs. Ceres will be retrograde in your sign until May 6, which might make you feel slightly crazy.

Do not let any obstacles be a reason for you not to fulfill your responsibilities. Mars will transit your sign from mid-July to the end of August, and you will be filled with a lot of energy; Mars only transits your sign every two years, so be sure to take advantage of this infusion of enthusiasm. And you will not lack encouragement; therefore, it'll be an excellent time to focus on starting new projects.

Mercury will be retrograde in your sign from August 23 to September 15, and you will feel lethargic. Therefore speak twice before speaking or sending messages. Saturn will be in Aquarius until it transits to Pisces on March 7 in your work environment, and Uranus will be friendly with you while in transit in Taurus all year round.

Neptune will be opposed to your sun sign which will bring problems on your subconscious to the surface, while Pluto completes a pleasant cycle by removing all the nasty people from your life. At the beginning of the year, Mars will be in Gemini and the first planet to go direct in 2023 and will be in your area of profession on January 12th. Look at the projects you suspended because of your uncertainty.

On January 18, Mercury will be in Capricorn, transiting directly into your area of romance, encouraging you to plan a break in a paradisical place and interact socially. Pluto will also be in the same area transiting till March 23 and thereafter will move to Aquarius. Uranus in Taurus will go straight on January 22, which will clear the business environment. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and law, will be an Aries, and this will be promising for your bank account.


Jupiter will be in your eighth solar house of funds, debts, assets, investments, estates will, sex, birth, death, and mortgages; you come up with a solid financial plan. Jupiter will affect every degree in Virgo through May 16, moving to Taurus and your ninth solar house, making decisions related to long-distance moving, a job transfer, and how you can best fulfill higher education goals. It will be an excellent time to market your résumé to potential employers.

You have a chance to shine in launching your new enterprise or starting a business; when Jupiter begins, it's a rapid trip in Taurus; it pauses for a few months by going retrograde on September 4 and turning direct on December 30. Thereafter the planet of opportunities, luck, and expansion occupies your ninth solar house for several months in 2023, which will help you to look for ways to connect with in-laws, publishers, offices, and educators in a distant location. Virgos born between August 24 and September 9 will see the most action this year with Jupiter in Taurus; find options for building your nest egg.


Saturn, the planet of restriction, will continue its challenging journey through Aquarius and in the sixth solar house of your daily environment, work and coworkers, fitness, health, nutrition, and animal companions. When faced with budget and staffing cutbacks, the discipline you absorbed last year led you to research new possibilities that may include a new position or the start of your own business, or you may complete your certificate program to expand your skills in growing markets.

Communication will play a significant role in your employment future. If you were born between September 15 and 22nd, you'll see the most action as Saturn wraps ups its cycle in Aquarius. Saturn will move into Pisces on March 7 in your seventh solar house of personal and business partners, collaborators, advisers, consultants, medical and legal professionals, and the public in public. It will be your choice whether to stay or go, or you may choose to adapt to changing relationship conditions. You may be pressed to execute policies, practices, and operating procedures in a partnership.

And you might have a personality clash with a partner if they are a stickler for discipline and don't like change. Saturn will affect those born between August 24 and September 1, the remaining nine months of the year; You must welcome change and enjoy the benefits of a harmonious relationship with your partner or business partner. Take a decent vacation break before you start work or revamp your business.

Make sure you share your goals with your partner and agree on the scope of your vision. Neptune in Pisces in your seventh solar house will give you the intuitive insight to assess the strength of your relationship and the intuition to implement your dreams.


The year starts with your Uranus in retrograde motion and going direct on January 22 and Taurus; this will shake up the energy in your philosophical-oriented solar ninth house of the higher mind, education, foreign countries, and cultures, in-laws philosophy, religion, publishing, and long-distance travel. The opportunities in this house may have seemed to be hampered or delayed because the chaotic planet Uranus has been here since May 2018.

The Taurus eclipse will happen in your ninth solar house on October 28th; this will have an effect that could last till spring of 2024, opening your eyes to new possibilities. You may manifest a long-distance job or increase your need for business travel. If you were born between September 7 and 18, Uranus significantly influences your analytical mind and complicated routines.

Neptune will be in Pisces, bringing the role it has been playing since April 2011, reflecting on what you've experienced with this hazy yet inspiring energy that opposes your realistic view of life and insists on distracting you from the orderly, organized life you would prefer. Neptune will tempt you to daydream rather than take a pragmatic view of the issues that complicate partnerships.

Saturn will be in Pisces and shows up in the same solar seventh house with Neptune in March to aid in validating your feelings and reworking how you handle responsibilities. You must trust your instincts when you work with Saturn and Pisces to find dynamic strategies or bring an essential focus to relationship concerns. And Neptune is validating your feelings and keeping in touch with your vision, using humor and compassion in your exchange with others, which will motivate others to find a cooperative spirit. Virgos born between September 15 and 22nd see the most activity from this opposition of Neptune Pisces to your sun this year.


Pluto first appeared in your fifth solar house of children, fun, games, family, Romance, social life, vacation, speculation, and sports in 2008. Pluto is on one of its long, slow-moving passages, which will direct you to address old issues you've held onto in this complicated house. Clear up any discrepancies in your subconscious and evaluate relationships connected to this house.

Identify control freaks and say good riddance and make a choice to pursue your freedom. Any baggage that still affects you examine them and invite Pluto-driven Karma cleaners to dispose of the remaining anxiety. Make sure to bond with your children, walk down the aisle, and make time for leisure activities instead of hiding behind a timetable.

Release painful issues related to intimacy, bottled-up feelings, or lingering anger. If you have identified power struggles, assess them and talk seriously with critical people. If confrontation arises, this indicates you are still holding on to your blind spot; let them go. Release these painful issues and master your hurdles. This is Pluto's final journey through Capricorn and will finally wrap up in 2024; if your birthday is between September 20 and 23rd, you will be affected by the trine Pluto makes to your sun. However, Pluto will make a brief entry into Aquarius starting March 23; it turns retrograde on May 11 in the first degree of Aquarius and returns a Capricorn on June 1st to complete the remaining months of the cycle, which officially ends in November 2024. You might shift your career aspirations during this Pluto and Aquarius teaser.


The first solar eclipse will occur on April 20 in Aries in your eighth solar house of joint funds, debt, assets, investments, estates, will, sex, birth, death, and mortgages. Your challenge is working on your financial goals, developing savings and retirement plans, reducing debts, and purchasing or disposing of real estate. Make sure that you are getting a consultation if you need any help.

On May 5th, the first lunar eclipse of the year will take place in Scorpio in your third solar house of communication, education, local travel, neighbor, siblings, your mind, and transportation. The intensity of this eclipse could unleash considerable mental chatter and decision-related to contracts, safety, and the welfare of your family and neighborhoods.

The second solar eclipse of the year will take place on October 14, 2023, in the Libra and your solar second house of assets, money, personal income, planned purchases, self-development, and what you value. You will gain insight into purchasing power, how others view your work, evolving career interests, and the view of financial specialists.

The final lunar eclipse on October 28th in Taurus and your solar nine houses of the higher mind, higher education, foreigners in foreign countries and cultures, in-laws publishing, in long-distance travel, you may be tired of the unexpected jolts that interfere with your plans because of Uranus and Taurus in this house but be proud of what you accomplish to communicate, provide training, and solve problems for those located at a distance. Share experiences with others to help them cope with recent changes in their lives and put them in the direction of value enterprise. However, maintain optimism as you celebrate current achievements and explore new directions.

Your Lucky Charms

Lucky Flowers: Lavender- Narcissus-Azalea

Lucky Colors: Pearl Gray-Yellow-Blue

Lucky Birthstone: Emerald-Tourmaline-Jade-Sapphire

Lucky Metal: Silver

Lucky Numbers: 5-6-20-15-27

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Your Essential Oil

Lavender is your go-to oil Virgo, and it is the herb Mercury, specifically Mercury in his caduceus carrying role, which reflects your nature Virgo; speaks of cleanliness, neatly folded and sweetly scented linen, of furniture lovingly polished, of children bathed sweetly put to bed. Lavender is superb for healing; it has many uses and properties, such as calming, soothing, antiseptic, antidepressant, and wound healing.

2023 Lucky Color

Silver is the color of peace and preservation; a constant nervous tension brings peace and expands consciousness; silver reinforces the healing process by purifying and eliminating toxicity from the blood and tissues. This includes the kidneys and balancing your hormonal functions. Use Silver to protect yourself and for grounding. Grey is the color related to silver and associated with sadness; it represents negative thoughts, stress, and depression; use it if you are overly excitable or scattered to ground yourself.

Use gray or silver when facing challenging situations to gain strength. The color of the moon is silver which is constantly changing. Related to the sensitive aspect of the mind, silver balances harmonize and help to cleanse you internally. Silver is linked to the night and sorcery. Silver is cold, close to white, blue, and grey, and snow has silver flakes, classified as winter. Silver reflects heat, and we use aluminum to warm our foods. This color is synonymous with elegance and luxury. Mirrors and silver figures are used to propagate fertility in eastern rituals.

2023 Lucky Quartz

Flourite helps with mental instability, gives harmony, gives clarity, and sees truths hidden behind masks. Fluorite stimulates intellectual

and emotional well-being. You can use it to treat colds, herpes, and ulcers.

This stone also facilitates protection on a spiritual level. Fluorite purifies the aura and stops manipulation. It fosters intuitive faculties, gives you access to knowledge of higher spiritual existence, and stimulates spiritual awakening.


This year will also be intense for love regardless of your status; all relationships will reach another level. Trust will increase if you are in a relationship, but you do not want to feel tied down. If you do not have a partner at the beginning of the year is not the right time to look for one, there will be better times later; therefore, be patient.

By July, you'll have many invitations, but now it's time to focus on your career goals and then focus on love later in the year. Neptune, in your sphere of relationships, will be bringing some Karma to your life, but in the end, it is for you to learn or balance, keep in mind no one is safe from it. In early March, Saturn will look at your relationships, and any relationships that no longer have purpose must be broken.

Saturn is a planet of responsibilities; therefore, if there's something you need to do not delay. Relationships that are not consistent need to be fixed or get out of your life; this will be your choice. It is almost ten years since Pluto has been in your love area; it has been challenging, but it is the end of this transit. You may have formed an intimate relationship, or you may have stumbled upon many manipulative people.

Mercury will begin the year retrograde in your spirit of love until mid-January and again in mid-December; this means that if there has been a problem in your relationship and you have ignored it now, you will have to face it, and this is even if you don't want to.

On April 20th, the solar eclipse will push you to become emotionally involved in your relationships. You will make an essential decision regarding any intimate relationships during this period. It is possible that this year 2023, you'll meet different and unusual people. They will call you to start a serious relationship, and you will be inspired to remove the critical side to characterize you, and you will flow with the universe enjoying all that it has to offer in terms of love.


2023 will be a good year for opportunities in finance; although we are still in a global crisis, utilize your intelligence and choose the right thing, you are not at risk. Many people will offer you to work or invest with them, which will be a perfect time to start projects and partnerships with people related to your profession. You have several options to conduct lucrative occupations at the same time. Still, it will be essential for you to organize yourself well, and this year, you will receive monetary compensation from claims or debts you had long hoped to collect.

Invest his money wisely in projects that increase your deposits, and you will have the opportunity to give yourself several things this year, whether it's cosmetic surgery or that trip, or the purchase of a house. Mars will be retrograde at the start of the year in your professional area; because of this, you will be analyzing your goals, and you will have some setbacks in your work area to channel your frustration into something positive.

At the end of June, things will change when you get more economic opportunities; however, a retrograde asteroid will be in your economic area, which will put some challenges on your finances; you will have unexpected expenses or things that you need to go up in price at the last minute. Mars will be responsible for transferring energy between August and October; this energy can provide you with many dividends.

On October 14, there will be a solar eclipse which will present you with great financial opportunities. Saturn will also be driving your area of work in early March, it has been here for two years, and this may bring you conflicts with your bosses, colleagues, or clients. You might have gotten used to it and know how to manage this chaos, and although it is not comfortable being in a disagreement, a great surprise awaits you from the end of June to October.

From March to mid-June, Pluto will be visiting your workplace, which can motivate you to become emotionally involved in your work. If you do not have a job, this year will be a lucky one for you, and you'll be able to find the job you like most and have a good salary.


Your children will steal all your attention this year, but everyone will be super demanding of attention and care; maybe someone in your family will need to take a break by staying at home, or someone older might require your care. With all these responsibilities, do not forget about yourself, look for a space to make yourself feel better and relax, and with all these demands on your body, keep in mind that you can collapse in any instance. Mars transits your area of family until the end of November, bringing a lot of energy and impulses into your domestic affairs.

Venus retrograde for mid-July to early September will bring out the dirty laundry, and problems will arise within your home. Take some deep breath's in before you become upset. Try to solve any issue before the retrograde movement; you can spend time meditating and visualizing that nothing will be severe.


As we all know, Virgo is the most hygienic and meticulous sign of the zodiac, but that does it mean that you cannot get sick; sometimes, we are so busy we do not realize how vulnerable we are to viruses, and there are many of them these days. Keep an eye out on your joints and digestive issues and know when your body is sending you a message as something is not working correctly; skin problems may appear due to psychosomatic disorders.


Timing is everything; therefore, ensure you measure your steps cautiously and anticipate the precise moment you need to add. Space will be needed for your partner; however, the space you give is the space you also need. This year will be an excellent year for you to start some therapy or psychotherapy session; this will help you to probe your subconscious and make you feel free of any past traumas.

Show firmness with your family because they will pass you over like a train if you do not set your boundaries. They will respect you once you do this, and you can start making compromises. If you are looking to make investment transactions abroad, it will be most beneficial to project your expenses so that you don't have to worry about them.

Your romantic area is a bit complicated, and it would be great to create new patterns of behavior that work best for you; otherwise, you will harm all your romantic relationships. Uncertainty for 2023 will be enormous on your list, and assuming initiative-taking behavior, will illuminate negative thoughts. Negative thoughts or just that, they do not have the power to generate your circumstance if you do not consent to it.

Negative thoughts do not define you for that reason; you should not merge with what parades in your mind in those moments when you start to vibrate negatively. Focus on the things you can change and enjoy the good times without forecasting negative things, which, at some point, will have to happen. It doesn't make sense to hurt ourselves; at the end of the day, we want to have fun. Keep this in mind, and you will quickly face situations.

Have a great 2023, Virgo!



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