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Weekly Essential: Peppermint for hair growth

We use peppermint on a daily basis, to brush our teeth, for upset stomach and for diffusing. But can you use peppermint for growing your hair? We will look into what you need to know to use peppermint essential oil for hair growth and the benefits for you.

Firstly, peppermint is an aromatic herb in the mint family, which is extracted from the leaves of peppermint plant. Peppermint is mostly noted for its taste, smell and cooling sensation, this is the compound menthol. A study in Korea, tested on mice, found found that peppermint oil grows hair more so than rogaine, which is approved by the FDA. Peppermint also cleans the hair without stripping it of its natural oils, which leaves your hair hydrated without weighing it down.

Using undiluted oils are very harsh for the skin and may cause a burning sensation, so a little goes along way and should not be used at full strength . Avoid getting into your eye and dilute it with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut or add to your shampoo or conditioner.

There are already products on the market that contains peppermint due to the calming effects and fragrance. Toners and cleansers often contain menthol therefore we can say it's safe to use.

There is no concrete evidence as to how to use peppermint essential oil but massaging your scalp in the shower and letting the oils sit for a few minutes, but if it starts to feel uncomfortable or you feel a burning sensation wash your hair right away. We hope you find this information useful, be sure to leave a comment below and subscribe to our site for more info. While you are here also take a look at our shop.

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