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Weekly Essentials: Oils against bacteria

A study was conducted using essential oils to mitigate or inhibit the grown of bacteria L. Monocytogenes in meat and meat products. L. Monocytogenes survives and grows in raw and cooked meat over a range of temperatures and synthetic preservatives are the most common method to eliminate the bacteria. The study has shown that essential oils can be used to replace the chemical preservatives in meat and meat products to mitigate or inhibit the growth of L. Monocytogenes.

However, the strong aromas from the oils causes the flavors to change in the meats which limits its use in higher concentration and lower antimicrobial activity. Clove essential oil (10%) was used to inactive L. Monocytogenes in ground beef meat but consumers did not accept the meat due to the strong flavor of clove. Suggestions were made to use a combination of factors such as salt or acids with clove essential oil and proper storage to reduce the undesired flavor and effects of clove essential oil.

Researchers are looking for other combinations and approaches to incorporate the use of essential oils in their testings to find what is most effective in using natural ingredients to preserve our meats.

What are your thoughts? Would you use or try meat products that use essential oils as preservatives or would you stick to synthetic chemicals? Be sure to leave your comment and shop for essential oils in our store.

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