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Essential Oils for the Virgo Sun Sign

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Here are the most refined essential oils for dealing with some of the emotional and physical issues that Virgos experiences throughout life.

Essential Oils for Anxiety in Virgo

Virgos frequently overwork themselves due to their hyperactive, over-analytical thinking, driven by a desire for perfection. Their high standards can lead to stress and worry. Workaholic addiction, burnout, mental and physical exhaustion, sleeplessness, and sadness are expected outcomes of their workaholic Heart.

The best three essential oils for Virgo anxiety are shown below.


Neroli oil (Citrus aurantium) is stimulating and relaxing simultaneously, with its sweet flowery, and zesty scent. Neroli has been used for anxiety and sadness for centuries. Because of its historical usage for nervous dyspepsia, neroli is an excellent oil to use for Virgos who experience stomach troubles related to dyspepsia.


Vetiver oil (Vetiverazizanoides), distilled from the roots of the vetiver plant, is widely recognized for its soothing grounding effects that are extremely useful for the anxiety and tension of the 'monkey' mind.

Vetiver has traditionally been used to treat anxiety, sadness, hyperactivity, sleeplessness, and tension headaches. It's an emotionally soothing oil popular among individuals who want to feel more balanced and peace.


Frankincense (Boswelliacarterii) is my go-to oil when I need to breathe a profoundly relaxing essential oil to help with stress and anxiety. It's also helpful for opening airways and breathing, so putting it on your chest or upper back when you've got a cold might help you feel better.

Insomnia in the sign of Virgo can be treated using essential oils.

Here are two essential oils that might help Virgo fall asleep faster and sleep better.


Lavender oil has been

shown in research to have anxiolytic and sleep-inducing effects (Lavandula Angustifolia). It's one of the most popular oils for treating insomnia. It would help if you had a couple of drops because lavender may be stimulating in significant concentrations.

Roman Chamomile

Chamomile Roman oil (Anthemisnobilis) is a tremendous sleep-inducing oil.

Chamomile Roman has a long history of usage for digestive issues, so it's a beautiful oil to take if you're a Virgo who has digestive or sleeping problems.

It is also suitable for usage by youngsters. I enjoy combining it with other essential oils to create a topical application on the chest and upper back that sends my husband to sleep in seconds!

Stomach Issues

Virgos' stomach issues might be caused by various causes, including stress and a poor diet. Several essential oils have traditionally been used to promote digestion and relieve digestive issues for digestive disorders.


The cooling and refreshing qualities of peppermint (Mentha Piperita) are widely recognized. It's been used for digestive issues like heartburn and indigestion in the past, so it's a good choice for Virgos with stomach issues.


In addition to its potential to increase attention and memory, rosemary oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis) is well-known for its ability to relieve indigestion and bloating. It can also be used to increase appetite. Rosemary oil is claimed to promote circulation and relieve constipation.

When you have indigestion, giving yourself a belly massage might help ease the uncomfortable sensations.

Stones & Crystals that are good for Virgos energy.


Amazonite is thought to be relaxing and comforting to the spirit. It was named after the Amazon River in Brazil and contained the legendary river's peaceful, relaxing energies.

It helps to bring Virgo's emotional state into balance, allowing them to understand that not everything has to be flawless. The calming qualities of Amazonite help you to let go of any concerns or worries, allowing you to get things done with a calm mind.

Amazonite stimulates the energies of the Heart and Throat chakras. Virgos may better comprehend their emotions by tapping into the Heart's energies, helping them to build a more incredible feeling of self-love and compassion. This increased self-love helps you to present yourself in a more genuine and enlightened way.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a chalcedony that belongs to the Agate family, and it may be found in India, South Africa, Russia, Australia, Brazil, and the United States. It was once utilized to increase one's abilities when connecting with the Earth.

Moss Agate's uplifting and relaxing energies help you reconnect with the Earth and restore balance to your life. Moss Agate encourages the industrious Virgos who strive for perfection to take a step back and relax. It serves as a reminder that you, too, must look after yourself.

Moss Agate is connected with the Heart Chakra, and it may help you overcome any possible shortcomings by bringing supporting energies into your life. Moss Agate, a stabilizing and balancing stone, can help Virgos balance their dual nature by counteracting their propensity for negative thinking.

Obsidian Snowflake

Snowflake Obsidian features beautiful white "snowflake" crystal formations that develop in the spots. Snowflake Obsidian provides a relaxing and soothing impact on your mind, body, and spirit, in addition to the usual therapeutic benefits of Obsidian. It's a stone of purity that encourages you to respect and accept all of your accomplishments and failures.

It assists you in recognizing and releasing unwanted and stressful thoughts that tend to repeat themselves. Snowflake Obsidian stimulates the Root and Third Eye chakras, bringing balance and anchoring. Snowflake Obsidian is a positive stone for Virgos, encouraging them to embrace obstacles and enjoy their victories.


Green jade has been utilized in various civilizations for thousands of years, but it is regarded in tremendous respect in China because of its metaphysical qualities.

It has been used as an amulet for protection in China since ancient times, and it is also a popular material for intaglio jewelry, vases, and other decorations.

Green Jade is a healing gem that works well with Virgo's energy. It's especially effective in counteracting some of Virgo's more noticeable flaws. Green Jade is a beautiful stone for preventing negative thinking patterns and being a powerful protective stone.

Virgos are perfectionists, so when they don't attain the degree of perfection they desire, they fall into a loop of negative thinking. Their capacity to pay attention to the minor details is both a blessing and a burden, as they tend to rework even the most minor aspects of a job until it meets their quality standards. While this isn't always a terrible thing, it may drag out a project and be highly exhausting intellectually, emotionally, and physically.


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