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Grapefruit Essential oil for health, healing and cleaning


Botanical Name: Citrus paradisi

Family: Araceae

The earliest record of the grapefruit is in the West Indies in the early eighteenth century. Scientists believe that the tree developed as a mutation from the pomelo fruit. The first grapefruit trees in Florida were planted in about 1820.

Grapefruit essential oil is obtained from the peel of the fruit. Grapefruit is an evergreen citrus tree that grows to height of about 30-50 feet (9-15 meters) and has fragrant white flowers that develop into large yellow fruits.

To help move the bowels Herbalists and natural practitioners recommend beginning the day by having a generous amount of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice for its nutrient value of vitamin C.

Consuming four glasses a day is said to remedy uric acid from the body.

Chinese medicine, the peel of the fruit eliminates dampness in the body, helps with nausea, indigestion, abdominal bloating, and pain. The dry fruit is moisturizing and helps with dry cough.

Grapefruit is used in reversing atherosclerosis a as an anti-cancer agent.

The bioflavonoids, together with the vitamin C content, contribute to strengthening the gums and arteries . The seed extract is applied for fungal problems: nails, athlete's foot, and vaginal yeast. The peel helps with lung congestion.

A bitter component of the peel is called naringin, which is used as a flavoring in chocolate and bitter tonic beverages. The seeds produce grapefruit seed oil, which is a dark, bitter oil. The seed oil can be used in salads and as a cooking after it is refined to extract the bitter taste.

Vitamin A can be found in Pink and red grapefruit in high quantity.



reduces cellulite and obesity;

balances de fluids in the body Reduces stress mood uplifting refreshing


improves mental clarity and awareness

sharpens the senses

Increases physical strength and energy.


Antibacterial, antidepressant, antiseptic, antistress, astringent , balancing(central nervous system), cephalic, cholagogue, depurative, detoxifier, disinfectant, diureic, hemostatic, resolvent, restorative, reviving, stimulant (digestive and lymphatic systems, and neurotransmitters), tonic (Liver ), tonifiying (skin)

Methods of Use:


Aroma lamp




Lightbulb ring


Mist spray

Caution: People with dry or sensitive skins require additional carrier oil when using the essential oils topically. Use small amounts. Grapefruit is photo toxic. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for several hours after applying to the skin.

DIY Cleaning Recipes Using Grapefruit Essential Oil

Known as an uplifting and stimulating scent in aromatherapy, and commonly used for rejuvenation, grapefruit essential oil is also antimicrobial agents.

This aids is being a great disinfect for your home, office, sheets, and towels. Mix the oil with a carrier oil, lotion, or shampoo, and use in your hair or skin care routine.

Grapefruit blends well with a variety of different essential oils for additional body and mind benefits.

For an ideal blend, combine Grapefruit with Frankincense,Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender,Peppermint, Rosemary and Bergamot essential oils for diffusion.

What you Need:

Spray bottles — glass or certain types of plastic (PET and HDPE) work great

olive oil

rubbing alcohol




Mold & Mildew Cleaner

Shake to combine, spray on surface to be cleaned, wipe with microfiber cloth, spray again with cleaner and allow to air dry.

Soft Scrub

Glass jar

Mix together into a paste, take a small amount on a damp microfiber cloth, and scrub the surface. If the stains are really tough, let the mixture sit for a few minutes. Store the remaining soft scrub mixture in a jar.

Daily Shower Spray

2 cups distilled water

Shake to combine, spray it on shower doors and tile every day after you shower and you should have to clean a whole lot less often.

Wood Floor Cleaner

2 cups distilled water

Shake to combine, squirt a little on the floor, and mop up with a damp mop or swifter.

Dusting Spray

1 cup distilled water

2 Tbsp. olive oil

Shake to combine, spray on surface to be cleaned, wipe clean with microfiber cloth. Avoid vinegar on natural stone.

Wood polish

¼ cup olive oil

Shake to combine, apply to a microfiber cloth, and wipe wood surface clean. Repeat every 2-3 months or as often as needed. Avoid vinegar on natural stone.

All-Purpose Cleaner (great for counters)

¼ cup white vinegar or dish soap

1 ½ cups distilled water

Shake to combine, spray on surface, and wipe clean. Avoid vinegar on natural stone.

Mirror & Window Cleaner

½ cup rubbing alcohol

1Tbsp cornstarch

Spray bottle Shake to combine, spray on surface, and wipe clean.

Carpet Freshner


Shake all over carpet and let sit for half hour and then vacuum.

Feel free to download our DIY recipe so you have it on hand when you are cleaning and some inspiration.

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