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Are You Ready for the 2024 Eclipses?

2024 Eclipse dates:

March 25 (9:53 pm PT): Lunar Eclipse Penumbral in Libra at 5° 07’

April 8 (10:18 am PT): Total Solar Eclipse in Aries at 19° 22’

September 18 (6:34 pm PT): Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces at 25° 40’

October 2 (4:13 am PT): Solar Eclipse Annular in Libra at 10° 02’

Solar Eclipse

Eclipses are considered to be vital because they are associated with fate.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. Although the Sun is larger than the Moon, they are roughly the same size when viewed from Earth; therefore, the Moon blocks out the Sun. A solar eclipse can only occur at a New Moon when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction, and it can be a total, partial, or annular eclipse.

The distance between the Earth and the Moon varies by 10%, and an eclipse occurs when the Moon is at a perigee, the closest point to the Earth, when a total solar eclipse occurs. When the Moon is furthest from the Earth, this is called Apogee, which does not cover the Sun's disc but leaves a solar ring around it; this is called an annular solar eclipse. The light around the Moon is called " the ring of fire."

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse can only happen at a Full Moon when the Moon opposes the Sun and passes into the shadow of the Earth. The lunar eclipse can last up to two hours, and the earth's complete shadow, the umbra, is greater than the moon's diameter. A partial lunar eclipse will occur only when the Moon partially passes into the Earth's Umbra; if the Moon misses the umbra altogether, it is called a penumbral eclipse. A total lunar eclipse is when the Earth's shadow entirely covers the Moon.

Six weeks from the date of the eclipse, its energy will be felt; therefore, be prepared. A New Moon eclipse is a solar eclipse, meaning the energy will be plus or extra. This is a good time for a change.

Super Moon

In astronomy, this phenomenon is known as a perigee moon, occurring when the Moon is closest to Earth in its monthly orbit. When this proximity aligns with a full moon or new moon, it is termed a superMoon. At perigee, the Moon appears larger (Super Moon), while at apogee, it appears smaller than usual. A superMoon causes a more significant electromagnetic pull on Earth, leading to higher tide waves and intensified emotions.

21st Century Closest Full SuperMoons

November 25, 2034

December 6, 2052 - closest supermoon of the 21st Century* 

December 17, 2070

January 27, 2098

  • Note the sign symbolism of the natal house where the solar and lunar eclipses occur. The house where an eclipse occurs in your chart indicates an area of life that requires evaluation and adjustment. Embracing the changes presented during this time and viewing the eclipse as a chance for a fresh start is beneficial. It's an opportune moment to clear the slate, opening up the possibility for a new chapter.

  • The impact of transiting eclipses is most pronounced when they conjunct, square, or oppose your Sun, Moon, ascendant, midheaven, or the ruler of your chart (ascendant). Identify the location of the eclipse in your natal chart for further insight.

  • If an eclipse is within a 1° to 2° orb of a planet or critical point in your natal chart, it will hold significant power and relevance for you. While all eclipses can usher in substantial transformative changes, being near a celestial body in your chart signals that considerable shifts are on the horizon. It may take time to adjust, but once things settle, you will acclimate to a new way of life.

Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PNSE)

Check the Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PNSE) that occurred when you were in utero, which is a lifelong sensitive degree in your chart. PNSE can be pretty significant to the affairs of the house where your PNSE is located or essential throughout your life. The house placement of your PNSE shows where you need to grow and expand continually, and the eclipse will speak directly with your PNSE; it can have life-altering effects on you.

Essential Oils

You can use many vibrational tools to stay calm and collected during eclipses or just in life; however, essential oils can be vital. Essential oils can help you stay relaxed, go with the flow of events, and be more adaptable when it takes to integrate the changes. Earthy and woody essential oils have the most harmonizing and stabilizing effect on your emotions during and after the eclipses.

Here are a few good oils:

Libra Full Moon- Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

5° 07’ Libra Full Moon Monday, March 25, 11:00 pm PT

Eclipses draw attention to areas needing change, offering a chance to let go of old habits and chart a new course leading to growth and opportunities in the future. They may bring subtle shifts or dramatic transformations, causing everyone to readjust their paths. An adjustment period typically lasts about six months or longer following an eclipse. This year's eclipses occur on the Libra (7th house) and Aries (1st house) axis, governed by Aries/Mars and Libra/Venus, representing energy, action, ambition, desire, and love. These areas correspond to personal ego, relationships, and the activation of the North and South Nodes. The 1st house relates to personal ego, drive, identity, and appearance, while the 7th house concerns pleasure, values, and emotional attachments.

Significant transformations in your identity and material worth/personal possessions are expected as the North and South Nodes transit through Aries and Libra in the next 18 months, which began in 2023. The upcoming Libra lunar eclipse and Aries New Moon total solar eclipse symbolize fresh starts and alterations, with the total solar eclipse path spanning Mexico, the United States, and Canada. This eclipse's route signifies regions poised for radical growth and change.

This period marks a phase of significant beginnings and endings lasting six months or more. Decisions made during this time should align with our convictions despite the complexities and nuances involved.

Reflective Questions:

  • Have I placed too much emphasis on appearances?

  • Am I neglecting my own needs by focusing excessively on others?

  • Am I easily influenced or struggling to make decisions independently?

  • Am I living vicariously through someone else?

  • Have I dedicated ample time to enhancing my life aesthetically?

The message of this Full Moon encourages embracing life's beauty and finding equilibrium between personal needs and maintaining others' happiness. Engage in a forgiveness ceremony by creating and burning a forgiveness list. Express gratitude through a ceremony, jot down a gratitude list, and burn it to cultivate a sense of thankfulness.

Tips on How the Libra Full Moon Might Impact You Personally:

  • The influence of the Libra Full Moon affects everyone in different areas of their astrology chart.

  • Identify where the sign of Libra is positioned in your astrology chart. This position indicates the area of your life most influenced by the Libra Full Moon.

  • Focus on your 7th house, governed by Venus, and represents relationships, contracts, and agreements. Venus also oversees the 2nd house, which reflects personal assets and values. Do any of your planets reside in these two houses?

  • Determine the house in which Venus is situated in your natal astrology chart and where Venus is currently transiting in your chart.

The Moon moves swiftly through each sign and house, so any emotional effects may be temporary despite potentially leaving a lasting impact on your psyche. It's advisable to allow your emotions to settle before making decisions that could have enduring consequences.

Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

April 8 (10:18 am PT): Total Solar Eclipse in Aries at 19° 22’

The Aries Total Solar Eclipse's path can be seen as it travels over the South Pacific Ocean, Mexico, and the United States, passing through several states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. It will then move over Southern Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton, and exit the North American continent off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

Aries, the first zodiac sign, signifies the beginning of a new lunar cycle. It's time to shift from dreaming to action; seize the opportunity to make your New Moon wishes with a fresh start. If you've been procrastinating, now is the moment to refocus. Consider creating a 12-month plan for yourself and your partner. Embrace the impulsive nature of Aries to infuse your plans with energy, enthusiasm, and determination. Stay disciplined and make the most of this dynamic period for new beginnings. Be brave, tackle challenges, and pursue your aspirations, including those on your wish list. Take advantage of this auspicious time for fresh starts. And remember, make time for some fun!

Tips on How the Aries New Moon Might Impact You Personally:

  • Identifying Mars' Placement in Your Natal Chart for the Aries New Moon

  • Discover where Mars resides in your natal chart to understand its impact during the Aries New Moon. Take a close look at your 1st house (Aries house governed by Mars) and 8th house (Scorpio house traditionally ruled by Mars) – which personal planets are positioned in these houses?

  • Also, consider Mars' current transit in your chart. With Mars currently in Pisces (governed by Neptune, naturally associated with the 12th house), themes related to Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th house are emphasized. Be alert for opportunities to act decisively and focus on matters concerning the subconscious mind, emotional memories, attitudes, self-deception, and addiction.

The Moon moves swiftly through each sign and house, so any emotional effects may be temporary despite potentially leaving a lasting impact on your psyche. It's advisable to allow your emotions to settle before making decisions that could have enduring consequences.

Pisces Full Moon- Partial Lunar Eclipse

September 18 (6:34 pm PT): Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces at 25° 40’

The Pisces Full Moon signifies the realization of your dreams. Pisces, governed by Neptune, will align with Saturn, suggesting the potential for the birth of an ideal form. Neptune brings ideas into reality, while Saturn, the Planet of Structure, provides form and actualizes concepts. Neptune also symbolizes sacrifice and victimization. It's a moment to contemplate what you wish to materialize, and with Saturn's influence, success is probable. Jupiter represents expansion and good luck, will be slowing down to turn retrograde. The combination of planets will strengthen your foundations to achieve your personal or collective aspirations. It's crucial to observe actions over words during this period. The Full Moon presents numerous opportunities to turn your dreams into reality.

Reflective Questions

  • Have I been too dreamy, leading to errors and unfinished tasks?

  • Have I been overly sensitive and easily offended?

  • Have I played the role of a martyr or been too easily influenced?

  • Have I been consistent with my daily meditation practice, and if not, what's hindering me?

  • Have I embraced my intuition, following my instincts and dreams?

The message for this Moon is to tap into your inner psychic abilities.

Strive to balance your need for inner peace and your responsibilities.

Engage in the 'Full Moon forgiveness ceremony' by writing and burning a forgiveness list.

Practice the 'Entering a state of gratitude ceremony' by jotting down your gratitude list and burning it.

Tips on How the Pisces Full Moon Might Impact You Personally:

  • Which House Does the Pisces Full Moon Illuminate in Your Birth Chart? This is where you'll feel the most impact during this time.

  • Neptune, known as the dreamer of the zodiac, rules the sign of Pisces (12th house).

  • As the Pisces Full Moon aligns with Saturn (10th house), the inclination to idealize, dream, and fantasize can manifest into reality.

  • Jupiter (9th house), the traditional ruler of Pisces, also holds significance. Please pay attention to Jupiter's position in your chart and its interaction with personal planets at birth and during current transits.

  • Jupiter's retrograde motion can intensify its influence. 

  • Neptune and Jupiter symbolize your connection to the Divine and guide your perspective on life.

  • Check if Jupiter and Neptune are harmoniously aligned or facing challenges in your natal chart.

  • Stressful aspects to your natal Neptune and Jupiter provide opportunities for growth and change.

  • Trust your inner guidance to navigate the best path forward.

  • Identify personal planets in your 12th and 9th houses. Are there supportive or challenging aspects from these planets?

  • Favorable aspects offer stability and empowerment, while difficult aspects may heighten existing challenges.

  • Pisces/Neptune and Jupiter are mutable signs that embrace change compared to fixed signs that resist change.

The Moon moves swiftly through each sign and house, so any emotional effects may be temporary despite potentially leaving a lasting impact on your psyche. It's advisable to allow your emotions to settle before making decisions that could have enduring consequences.

Libra New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse

October 2 (4:13 am PT): Solar Eclipse Annular in Libra at 10° 02’

Libra symbolizes partnership, prompting reflection on your relationships this month. Consider how well you connect with influential individuals and whether negotiating for harmony could benefit you. Embrace Libra's harmony and cooperation themes and rekindle them if absent.

In Libra's realm, the focus is on giving rather than receiving, emphasizing relationships over personal interests. Consider partnerships, especially if your marriage or business alliance needs attention. Leverage Libra's social and diplomatic traits during the sign's favorable New Moon phase. Use this period to address imbalances by negotiating with the motto "I agree." Our outward image speaks volumes about us. Seize this moment to enhance your appearance genuinely, reflecting Libra's refined and beautiful nature. Take steps to restore equilibrium while the New Moon empowers you in Libra.

Address codependency issues this month, as Libra's emphasis on partnerships can sometimes lead to overreliance. If you feel your identity is blurred, now is the perfect time to reclaim it.

Tips on How the Libra New Moon Might Impact You Personally:

  • Identify the house where the Libra New Moon falls in your astrology chart. This area will be most impacted during the Libra Solar Eclipse.

  • Locate Venus in your birth chart and during transit. Venus, the zodiac's lover, governs the 7th (Libra house) and the 2nd (Taurus house), suggesting a potential revitalization of your love energies.

  • If your planets align harmoniously with your natal Venus, you may feel more supported during this period. For additional assistance, consider embracing the positive energy represented by these connections.

  • Explore which planets reside in your 7th and 2nd houses at birth and during transit. Assess if any planets form easy or challenging aspects with these houses, as supportive aspects offer reinforcement while difficult ones may intensify current challenges.

  • The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse might evoke intense emotions and a strong desire for change in your love life. Take time to settle your feelings before making decisions, and approach challenges patiently to determine the best action.

  • The unfolding events during this autumn eclipse may not always be within your control. Remain open to the timing of changes, trusting that they will occur when the moment is right.

  • Seize this moment to steer your love life in a positive direction, seeking mutual relationships rather than one-sided ones.

The Moon moves swiftly through each sign and house, so any emotional effects may be temporary despite potentially leaving a lasting impact on your psyche. It's advisable to allow your emotions to settle before making decisions that could have enduring consequences.

Comment below if you need help with your Moon sign or how the Eclipses will affect you.


— 2024 Astrological Moon Calendar: with Empowerment Meditations, Angels, Affirmations, Crystals & Essential Oils by KG STILES

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