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Gemini New Moon Vibrations

Gemini New Moon plays into seeding new ventures set to be established in communication and networking as well as changes worldwide. The Gemini New Moon brings fresh new starts for everyone in areas of communication and networking; this is usually the local neighborhood that is most affected, as Gemini is the ruler of the third house. This is a great time to socialize locally, make new friends, be supported and promoted, get out, and mingle.

The Gemini new moon indicates a fun time to be had with lots of mixing it up of the established order and supports change. Mercury is the lower octave of Uranus, and both planets wield a strong electromagnetic pull that influences the ocean tides, satellite systems, computers, cars, trains, planes, buses, telecommunication networks and equipment, and local and global weather patterns. Climate change might be a sudden topic of conversation that is on everyone's mind now.

Qualities Positive & Negative

Geminis are known to be playful and intellectually curious, which sometimes border on nosiness, but they are flexible extroverts by nature, talkative and quick-minded, sometimes to the extreme. Their intellect is very sharp, intelligent, and inquisitive, which makes them excel in communication. Traveling and connecting with a diverse group of people is a joy to Geminis, and they love networking and can make excellent diplomats and negotiators. Their vibration is positivity, witty and charming, and their warmth and Karisma help them to get along socially and make friends easily. Geminis can be superficial and keep the conversation light and easy; they like to be liked and flip-flop in their support to gain popularity and approval from others; they can also be doubtful unreliable, impulsive, and terrible gossipers.

Geminis often exhibit a restless nature, and the Moon in Gemini suggests that there's a need to feel unhampered by constraint, emotional ties, place, and rootedness. The characteristics of this placement Moon in Gemini derive from your need for freedom and discovery and your emotional attachment to being "unattached." This will make you comfortable with a lack of emotional commitment, change, newness, and inconsistencies. The functions of the Moon can be a hindrance or an opportunity to experience life, discover new things, and communicate what you know. The Moon in Gemini is a complex placement as Gemini is a mutable air sign, and Gemini's changeable nature symbolically passes swiftly over the Moon's water, and the Moon function has no place to attach itself.

Geminis' changeableness combined with the Moon associates a characteristic of regulated change and dualism, symbolized by the Moons' light and dark sides, producing a predisposition to change and contradiction. But the changes symbolized by the moon are emotionally based, and those symbolized by Gemini are based on mental perceptions; therefore, you are likely to experience some degree of mental and emotional tension, which may be creative or destructive, or you may have a mental-emotional complex that creates instability for you.


Emotions tend to be cool and collected, objectively keeping emotions in check and emotionally free-spirited but can be cold and touch; emotions are seen as bothersome, emotional conflict up with true avoidance of taking all sides a lot of emotional commitments.

Habits and behaviors

Quickly moving from one situation to another, you can handle many things simultaneously, and you may have varied interests, collections, quick emotions, mental attitudes, comfort in social situations, and conventions. Nervous behavior, inability to stick with anything, flightiness, and overly talkative.

Family/ mother

Family influence fosters various interests, social skills, and mental attitude as a parent/child give and receive mental stimulation. With the lack of emotional caring at home, the mother may be disinterested, and home life may be frantic and scattered.


History and culture may interest you, especially the details. You can relate past lessons to the present, but you do not take the past or cultural norms seriously; you ignore tradition and will rebel if tradition is imposed.


Gemini can manifest on a transcendental level symbolizing a state in which you become a clear medium through which the higher energies of the collective consciousness can flow unfiltered by personal emotional attachments. By tuning into the here and now, unnecessarily false emotional baggage has been stripped away, and being in the here and now also frees you from internal and external conditioning. This allows you to become mentally aware of the subconscious symbolized by the Moon and unhindered access to the reservoir of soul energy and your gateway to higher and deeper regions of consciousness.

4th House New Moon

The fourth house is also known as your house of home and family zone; it is all about home and family, where you come from, where your home is, and what family means. You can expect issues related to home and family may come to the fore at this time. Your New Moon wishes at this time should be a happy and healthy home life; you can visualize a perfect day out or in with your family or with people who feel like family. Remember you're home, where you come from, and where you belong. The message of this New Moon is, what does home mean to you? Whatever your answer is gives you a strong hint about the part of your life that will be in focus over the next four weeks. This New Moon placement can herald a home move, major decluttering, renovations, and redecorating, and signifies starting again as far as your home is concerned.

Your mother, father, and family, in general, can come to the forefront now. Some things you can do:

  • Have a garage sale

  • Hug your parents

  • Sort our photos, even digital ones

  • Invite our friends over

  • Make your home more comfortable by renovating or redecorating

  • Sell your home, change location or country

  • Ask your grandparents about family history


"I love my family, and my family loves me."

"I am safe, and all is well."

"I love my home."

Take A Look At Your Chart

The Gemini Moon can affect you personally, and everyone has Gemini the Moon influence in one or more areas of their chart. Here are a few areas of your chart where you can experience the Gemini Moon influence:

  • Mercury is Gemini's ruler, and its natural placement in the zodiac is the third house representing your conscious everyday thinking mind or the lower mind. Mercury also rules your perception of reality, thought patterns, attitudes, and judgments. How you get on in relationships and with your neighbors and siblings is representative of this house. The third house is your communication style and what you like to talk about.

  • Look at what personal planets are located in your third house. Are they easy-flowing or hard aspects of this house from one or more of your personal planets?

  • What house is your Mercury located in your astrology chart? Are they harmonious or stressful contact between your Mercury and your third house?

  • Mercury is transmitting Gemini, ruled by Mercury, and all themes related to Mercury, such as local travel, communication, and means of connections like trains, planes, cars, siblings, and neighbors, are highlighted.

  • Saturn is stationary retrograde in Pisces, indicating a review of society's foundation, the rule of law, regulation status quo corporate and government structures, etc.

  • During this time, your emotions can be quite unsettling, and the Moon moves quickly through each sign and house, so, whatever happens, may leave a lasting impact on your psyche, but the emotions will be transient. Just let your emotions settle before taking action that may have a long-standing result.

Deeper Insights

Communication is always key, and with the Gemini New Moon, think about how well you communicate with the people that matter most to you. Gemini is most concerned with this subject, and the New Moon in Gemini is a wonderful time to check in with yourself.

For example, are you honest about how you feel? Or are you complaining persistently and then wondering why your request doesn't get a response you would like? Think about your mental state, and if you are like people, most of you feel as if your brain is racing most of the time, then one of your New Moon wishes this month could be promising yourself more mental time out. Meditation is one of the best ways to relax your brain, and you can do it even in the middle of the busiest days.

Gemini is a wonderfully flirtatious sign, and you must ask yourself how well you're lubricating the social wheels in your life; this is a good time to brush up on your lighthearted small talk if you don't already come easily to you; life will be easier if you work on this. This is a good time to see your siblings and have a get-together with your sisters or brothers or neighbors; this might sound a bit superficial, but if you only do it once a year when the moon is in Gemini, at least you will stay in touch. But if you haven't been on good terms with your sibling, now is the time to make changes. You can start by doing the most Gemini of things and talking or writing to your siblings as a first step to sorting things out.

This is also a good time to read more, as reading is associated with Gemini, so you get your reading list on track. What are you interested in? Are you pursuing it? It's easy to lose years of our lives browsing the Internet or watching TV but draw up a reading list at the Gemini New Moon at least once a year. Pile up your books somewhere visible and work through them; your life will thank you.

Organs influenced by Gemini Moon Sign: Organs: Shoulders, arms, hands, respiratory system, bronchial tubes, lungs, nervous connections for Sensor and motor skills, blood capillaries (exchange system).

These organs are now more sensitive, so provide them with extra care.

Surgical operations:

No - Surgical operations are not recommended during the New Moon.

Moon aspects

There is a need for a change in spontaneity, and there may be a lot of heightened buzz as people can feel especially motivated to share feelings and views about current events. Local and community matters get the most attention and come out on commonality, and banding together in your local community gains importance. People's feelings of safety lie in their open discussion about what matters most to them, and this is the time to focus on shared values and what brings harmony, focusing on differences and what divides you from others.

26° 42’ Gemini New Moon Saturday, June 17, 9:37 pm PT

Moon Sextile Mars

Moon Square Neptune

Sun Square Neptune

Mercury Sextile Venus

Jupiter sextile Saturn Rx

Saturn Stationary Retrograde

Neptune Stationary Retrograde

Moon (Gemini)Sextile Mars(Leo): a desire for life at work and play and a child-like exuberance for engaging with life as play. A positive feeling of attraction about you and this aspect gives you an unbounded sense of curiosity to explore. Connecting and communicating with others is also wonderful for writing and hosting media events.

Moon (Gemini) Square Neptune (Pisces): on 18 June, this transit will be exact; there can be confusion, self-doubt, and deep insecurity. You can be overly sensitive and feel a sense of loss and being misunderstood or victimized. Your mind and heart will be conflicted, and you will not know who to trust, and you could also be overly compassionate and fall prey to a con artist or some deception. This aspect can open you up physically and is great for meditation.

Sun (Gemini)Square Neptune (Pisces): Your imagination will be vigorous now, and you may be susceptible to making poor decisions based on this misinformation. And your powers of discernment may be lacking; you can feel more sensitive to others' needs and want to help them; there will be significant self-doubt and confusion.

Mercury(Gemini) Sextile Venus(Leo): Mercury sextile Venus will help the harsh aspect between Neptune in Pisces and the sun and Moon in Gemini. Venus and Mercury, in harmonious aspects, always represent pleasant conversations, which is great for socializing and mingling with others. You could be drawn to different types of people than you are not usually attracted to. Openings and opportunities can arise for your work and personal financial benefit. Research and ensure things are up and up before committing your heart or any funds.

Jupiter(Taurus) sextile Saturn Rx (Pisces): Opportunity is here to give birth to a new and expansive structure, possibly signaling the return or renegotiation is in the works. Anything achieved now can have a long-standing result in the future.

Saturn Stationary Retrograde: Saturn, the planet that creates order structure in society station in retrograde, exact June 17th, represents a review period of projects and the structures of your life and society.

Neptune Stationary Retrograde: Neptune, which is the planet of faith, dreams, and ideals as well as delusions, station retrograde at this particular time will add some intensity to the influence of Neptune in energy, and when you are viewing things, you may feel the question what is real. Retrogrades can also bring periods when something you thought you had lost could return to you.

Gemini New Moon Essential Oils

  • Lemon: helps focus your mind and free you from a sticky or overly sentimental emotional attachment; this oil is stringent and all good.

Fourth House New Moon Essential Oils

  • Patchouli: this essential oil is uplifting and is an aphrodisiac that impacts the spirit. Use patchouli to reduce the pressure and boost your immune system...

Gemini New Moon Essential Oil Blend

Make the most of your Gemini New Moon energy with this blend

To a 5ml (contains approximately 100 drops of oil) colored glass euro-dropper bottle, add your essential oils. Cap the bottle tightly and shake vigorously to blend oils thoroughly. Allow oils to synergize for 12 hours or longer before using.

Benefits of New Moon Blend:

  • Endows courage, empathy, mercy, and compassion for yourself and others

  • Supports your ability to communicate effectively

  • Aids effective communication networking

  • Supports the work of writers, counselors, therapists, teachers, and postal workers

Healing Gemstones & Crystals

Agate: This stone is a lucky stone that can help calm the nervous vibrations common with Gemini natives and helps open the throat chakra, which is good for public speaking and communicating clearly and honestly. The blue shade of agate is most recommended for Geminis.

Pearl: this will help balance Gemini's polarity, the sign of the twins, and enhance your communication.

Gemini New Moon Meditation

Perform meditation from the New Moon in Gemini until the First Quarter Waxing Moon in Libra on May 26th at 3:50 pm Eastern Time.

What you will need:

  • A white candle

  • Essential oil or blend - use one of the recommended oils above or a combination.

    1. Ensure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

    2. Light your white candle and inhale the scent of your essential oil.

    3. You can also scent your space before your meditation using an aroma diffuser.

    4. Gaze into the candle flame as you breathe fully and deeply and exhale any tension. The candle flame reflects your Divine heart center.

    5. Continue inhaling the scent of your oil and releasing any tension for 1-5 minutes.

This New Moon is a good time for nurture and enjoyment. Make sure to take a break and be grateful for all the joys and lessons, all the big and small changes, and begin to visualize your new life.

Replace worry with gratitude; this new moon is a moment to expand your mind and make magical connections with humans, and spirit guides, with the possibility of waking up to a new and different experience. Imagine what you would like your life to be in a few years and get very detailed. Visualize where you work, where you want to live, who you spend your time with, and most important, really FEEL it.

Living your life to your truth is nurturing, empowering, giving, and receiving. Do your visualizations daily- enjoy it and make your life happen.

Meditation Booster:

" I know where I belong."

Gemini New Moon Wishing:

Sample wishes to enhance learning:

  • “I want to easily attract those sources of information that will give me the answer to———”

  • “I want healthy curiosity prompting me to get the information I need to resolve the issue of———.”

Promote effective communication

  • “I want to easily find myself asking the right questions that lead to understanding how other people think.”

  • “I want to find myself writing in my journal a minimum of easily———days a week, a minimum of———minutes each time.”

  • “I want to easily find myself writing a letter to———that successfully———(intended goal).”

Enhance social skills

  • “I want all fear of socializing with others easily lifted from me.”

  • “I want to easily find myself consistently using tact, courtesy, and wit in all my relationships.”

Comment below for other new moon spells, wishes, and intentions.

As of now, we are only offering Jupiter/Abundance readings; if you are interested, click the link below.,



— Moon Magic: A Handbook of Lunar Cycles, Lore, and Mystical Energies (Mystical Handbook) by Aurora Kane

— Moon Power: Empowerment through cyclical living (A Conscious Guide) by Merilyn Keskulab


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