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Harnessing the Power of the Full Moon in Libra for Balance and Harmony

Updated: Mar 24

This Full Moon in Libra will be good for Aries, Geminis, Leos, Librans, Sagittarians, and Aquarians but challenging for everyone else. The energy of this Full Moon will be focused on relationships and partnerships.

Under the Libra Full Moon, there is a heightened focus on seeking harmony and equilibrium in relationships and the broader world. This phase typically prompts a shift towards more mature and fulfilling relationships. It encourages a yearning for beauty, elegance, and creative pursuits while emphasizing the realization of justice on a global scale. Each year, the Libra Full Moon presents an opportunity to enhance and reward relationships, whether in business or emotional.

It's an ideal time for negotiating and finalizing agreements that benefit all parties involved. The Full Moon inspires you to embrace your power in both personal and professional aspects, offering revolutionary and transformative energies. This is a favorable period to embark on new ventures and projects or elevate existing relationships. Perhaps you'll even mark this time with an engagement or marriage celebration.

Libra Moon Personality

Libra is represented by Lady Justice, symbolizing a blindfolded figure holding the scales of justice. As a cardinal air sign, Libra's active air element influences the Moon's watery nature, yet the two elements struggle to connect as air cannot contain water.

In the Zodiac, natural tension arises between Cancer and Libra due to their square position. When the Moon's functions disrupt interpersonal harmony, conflicts may arise with Libra's tendencies. Libras tend to compare themselves with others or ideal standards, leading to potential strains and conflicts with lunar entities.

Positive + Negative Qualities

Emotionally responsive to the needs of others, light and peaceful, but emotions can be overly affected by moods, reactions of others, lack of emotional drive, and emotionally distraught when harmony is disrupted.

Actions are mainly undertaken after considering the needs of others; behavior is designed to preserve harmony and comfort in social situations and relationships. There is an unwillingness to offend, and because of this, there can be a danger of inaction, leading to indecision. The need for relationships may drive decisions and discomfort when alone.

The family or mother may have inspired a desire for balance and harmony, promoted social skills, and emphasized interpersonal family relationships. There might be repression of emotions due to an overly aggressive mother emphasizing social appearance and family demands for order.

Transcendental Power

Harmony is infused with your emotions, and you are intuitively guided with balance and fairness. Still, the outer world finding balance and fairness will only frustrate you; therefore, it's best to look within. Becoming balanced in your emotional nature will mean detachment from your conditioning and making peace with issues connected to your family, heritage, or anything that haunts you from the past. Recognizing that harmony can only be experienced as an inner condition will bring you peace and express it through the nurturing relationships you develop.

Libra /Aries Axis

Libra rules the seventh house of the zodiac, and Venus oversees this house, representing contracts and agreements. Though marriage can be indicated in this house, it is usually represented by the legal side.

Codependency is Libra's middle name; if you have been in one-sided, toxic relationships, use this Libra full Moon to your advantage, as there is an opportunity for revelation and healing to occur. Something new is on the horizon, and things from the past might not have worked out as planned, but this is the time to release and draft a new contract.

Resist prolonging what has not worked out for you, as something much better and more workable will open up if you let it or let go. Don't be melodramatic; keep your options open and be flexible.

Take A Look At Your Chart

Discover where the Libra New Moon falls in your astrology chart to gauge its impact on you.

  • Venus, the ruler of Libra, influences the 7th (Libra) and 2nd (Taurus) houses in your chart, suggesting a potential revitalization of your love energies. Harmonious connections between your planets and Venus could offer extra support during this period.

  • Assess the planets in your 7th and 2nd houses, noting any beneficial or challenging aspects they may create.

  • Favorable aspects encourage, while difficult ones may intensify challenges. The transient nature of the Moon's movement implies that emotional intensity during the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse will fade.

  • Be cautious of impulsive actions and allow your emotions to stabilize before making decisions.

  • Take your time and trust your instincts for the best way forward. As we approach th eclipse, events may unfold beyond your control, emphasizing the importance of timing. Seize this opportunity to take charge of your love life, seeking mutual connections over one-sided affections.

The moon moves quickly through each sign and house; whatever happens now may leave a lasting impact on your psyche, but the emotion will be transient. Therefore, let your emotions settle before taking long-lasting action.

Questions to Ask?

  1. Have I been preoccupied with my appearance lately?

  2. Am I neglecting my own needs due to excessive concern for others?

  3. Have I been easily swayed, gullible, or lacking self-direction?

  4. Am I living vicariously through someone else?

  5. Do I dedicate sufficient time to enhancing the quality of my life?


We are in the order of the first eclipse cycle, and the effects of the upcoming eclipse season can be felt approximately six weeks before the eclipse. Read more about eclipses here and, specifically, the Aries eclipse here.

8th House Moon

This Full Moon can bring up intense feelings about your sex life and your finances.

The Messages of this Full Moon revolve around balancing giving and receiving in life. If you've been leaning too heavily towards one side, now is the perfect time to restore equilibrium. Giving excessively without being open to receiving disrupts the natural flow of abundance. To attract positivity effortlessly, one must learn to accept it graciously. Additionally, this Full Moon signals a favorable period for handling practical financial responsibilities like clearing debts and managing personal expenses. It's also an ideal time to invest emotional energy in intimate relationships.

Let go of any issues hindering your progress or holding you back from living your desired life. The 8th House symbolizes themes of death, rebirth, reinvention, and transformation. While it can be an intimidating part of your astrological chart, associated with death and taxes, these topics may surface when this area is activated. However, fret not. The Full Moon graces this house at least once a year, and you won't necessarily encounter its most challenging aspects annually. Instead, view the Full Moon in this house as an opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

A conflict may arise between your finances and shared financial responsibilities. Striking a balance between your perceived value and compensation at work is crucial. It involves self-worth versus external validation and economic independence versus reliance on others for income, salary, or debts. During this phase, unexpected financial gains and inheritances could come your way. This part is also about sex, and issues around sex and sexuality can come up. This is good because it’s the right time to deal with them and move on.

Practicing forgiveness and showing gratitude can bring peace and renewal during the full moon. It is a time when the energy is ripe for letting go of past grievances and embracing a more positive outlook. Our blog posts offer insightful tips and techniques on harnessing the power of forgiveness and gratitude to propel you forward on your growth journey. By cultivating these qualities, you can create a more harmonious and fulfilling life for yourself and those around you. Dive into our blog and discover the transformative effects of embracing forgiveness and gratitude today!


On the night of the Full Moon:

"I let go of my past and mature."

Organs influenced by Libra Moon Sign:

Organs: Kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, veins, skin as an organ of touch, pancreas, insulin, glucagon.

These organs may be more sensitive now; therefore, take extra care.

Surgical operations:

NO! - Surgical operations are strongly not recommended during the Full Moon!

Moon Aspects

This phase encourages compromise, yet it stresses the importance of independent actions and goal achievement, striking a balance for harmonious relationships. Neptune's presence promotes dissolving boundaries and fostering compassion, while Mercury in Aries counteracts Neptune's sensitivity, emphasizing individual expression. Venus and Saturn's alignment in deep waters may lead to grounded and realistic connecting methods. Some endeavors and relationships may not endure, but those that do will grow stronger over time.

Mars may feel drifted and disconnected as it enters Pisces, causing moodiness and uncertainty in decision-making. This might trigger undefined passive-aggressive behavior. Energy levels could dip, leading to a desire to float and daydream. Using dreams as a guide, embracing faith, and aligning with a higher purpose can lead to intuitive actions that yield results. Consider championing noble causes, aiding others, or focusing on creative and spiritual pursuits.

In a few days, Mars will approach an alignment with Saturn, culminating next month. By the end of March, clarity may emerge regarding the feasibility of your goals

Healing Gemstones & Crystals

Ledipolite: Ledipolite, with its soothing and nurturing energy, has long been known as the "peace stone" or the "grandmother stone." Its gentle yet powerful properties provide support in navigating through mental and emotional hurdles, as well as overcoming addictions. When you connect with this beautiful crystal, you may find a sense of inner peace and emotional balance washing over you, helping you to find clarity and strength during challenging times. Embrace the tranquil energy of ledipolite and let it guide you toward a place of healing and serenity.

Essential Oils

Rose Geranium: When diffused in your space or applied topically, rose geranium essential oil helps promote emotional well-being and inner peace. Its sweet, floral aroma uplifts your mood and creates a calming atmosphere. Whether you use it during meditation, yoga practice, or simply as part of your daily self-care routine, Rose Geranium essential oil is an excellent tool for finding balance and harmony. Experiment with different ways of incorporating this soothing oil into your daily rituals to experience its full benefits.

Libra Full Moon Blend

  • Bergamot-40 drops 

  • Ylang Ylang- 20 drops 

  • Red Mandarin - 20 drops 

  • Rose Geranium -20 drops


Add your essential oils to a 5ml colored glass euro-dropper bottle. Cap the bottle tightly and shake vigorously to blend the oils thoroughly. Allow the oils to synergize for 12 hours or longer before using.

Libra Full Moon Meditation

Perform meditation from the Libra Full Moon until the Last Quarter waning Moon in Capricorn on April 2nd.

What you will need:

  1. A white candle.

  2. Essential oil or blend - choose from the suggested oils or create a combination of your own.

  3. Find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed.

  4. Light the white candle and breathe in the aroma of the essential oil.

  5. Prepare your meditation space with the scent using an aroma diffuser.

  6. Focus on the candle flame while taking deep breaths, releasing any tension. The flame mirrors your Divine heart center.

  7. Keep inhaling the oil's scent and releasing tension for 1-5 minutes.

Comment below on your thoughts on this Full Moon, and for help, let us know which house and planet you have, Libra. Be sure to also subscribe and stay in the loop.



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— Moon Power: Empowerment through cyclical living (A Conscious Guide) by Merilyn Keskulab

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