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July Vibrations (Your Monthly Horoscopes)

The planetary vibrations that are central this month:

Pluto 29–28° Capricorn

Neptune 27° Pisces

Uranus 21–22° Taurus

Saturn 7–5° Pisces

Jupiter 9–13° Taurus

Individual horoscope below👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune begin the month with a retrograde, and Venus and Chiron will join them in the fourth week. The Sun and Mercury will begin July in Cancer, while Venus and Mars will keep their connection in Leo. Mars will enter Virgo, Mercury will enter Leo on the second week, the Sun will enter Leo on the fourth week, and Mercury in its exaltation in Virgo. The Sun and Mercury will make a superior conjunction on July 1st in Cancer and sextile Jupiter while trine Saturn, as the Leo Moon square Saturn and trine Chiron. Jupiter and the North Node will be conjunct and sextile Saturn, as Neptune is sextile Pluto which will be squared to the Nodes.

Seeds planted and projects started in May could bear fruit, starting the mark of the next retrograde cycle. The grand cross tension has lifted, and your mood could be sensitive and nurturing; communication can also be emotional, and the talk could be about feelings and family. The Sagittarius Moon adds some restlessness and an adventurous desire reinforced by Venus and Mars in Leo with their love of drama and creativity.

This energy can create self-indulgence; as Venus and Mars seek freedom of expression, the moon will feel blocked and frustrated from a lack of movement and change. But Jupiter will bring practical ideas for the future, and Saturn will add its touch of discipline, making your ideas real; therefore, this can be a productive moment for you.

The Full Moon will be in Capricorn on the 3rd of July, with the sun conjunct mercury in cancer and opposite the moon in Capricorn. The sun and mercury will also be sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn, and the Moon trine Jupiter and sextile Saturn. Venus and Mars are conjunct and square Uranus and trine Chiron, as Jupiter sextile Saturn, Neptune sextiles Pluto, and square the Nodes. The Moon is steady in hardworking Capricorn but is similar to the superior conjunction, your feelings might be a little subdued and focused on practical matters, but Jupiter's trine will give a feeling of optimism and kindness, and Saturn reinforces self-discipline and patience. There may be a conflict between family life and work, but you will overcome them.

Watch out for Venus and Mars conjunction and Uranus square, which will stir up a desire to be yourself and for excitement that can cause relationship difficulties. Restlessness and impatience can trigger breakups or arguments but can also clear the air and make room for honest communication with your partner or family.

The New Moon lands in Cancer on July 17th, making another grand cross as the lunation is opposite Pluto and squares the Nodes. The Sun and Moon will be sextile Uranus, trine Neptune, and square Chiron. Mercury will be square Jupiter while Venus is conjunct Mars and square Uranus. Mars will now be in Virgo and will not be square Uranus but oppose Saturn and trine the North Node. Jupiter will sextile Saturn, Uranus sextile Neptune, and Neptune sextile Pluto. The grand cross will be in cardinal signs, and the nodes will be fixed and won’t feel stuck as in the previous configuration. This will add some intensity to the lunation, and you’ll feel moody and highly sensitive to the feelings around you; there will also be a desire to nurture and connect. Your imagination can be channeled into creative works or tuned into transcendent feelings through practicing your spirituality. Intuition and insightful flashes can bring greater awareness of things that hurt you in the past that need healing.

There may be an encounter with dark emotions and destructive unconscious habits that need transformation, struggles, and confrontation with your shadow. Mercury will be in Leo, and creative ideas and solutions may occur with a boost of self-confidence from Jupiter which can turn into an ego trip, and Venus indulges her unpredictable affections. Mars will no longer be adding its fun as it’s in Virgo, where the interest will be more on practical details and getting things done. There may be nervous tension and a tendency to be critical; the opposition from Saturn may feel oppressive and frustrating and can trigger fights with those in authority or issues with your health caused by anger that has not been expressed. Jupiter and Saturn sextile soften the edges with optimism and hope, but that’s if you choose to look on the brighter side.

The true North Node will enter Aries after the new moon; the true South Node will enter Libra in the same configuration as the lunation, and the grand cross cardinal with the nodes 29 degrees 59 minutes in Aries. The focus will be on yourself and the need for self-assertion, action, and achievement but an increase in confusion about your goals and how you achieve them, and you can go after the wrong things if you aren’t self-aware.

The south node in Libra will decrease your focus on your relationships, and you will be less likely to compromise or balance your needs with those of others. Look at Aries and Libra in your chart to see where these issues will manifest. Look at the Houses, first and seventh, to see where you might compromise too much and where you’ll need to stand up for yourself or delineate boundaries within your relationships.

Venus will retrograde on July 23rd conjunct Mercury, square Uranus, and trine the North Node while the Sun opposes Pluto in a grand cross with Nodes and sextile the Moon and trine Neptune. The Moon will be opposite Neptune and trine Uranus and Pluto in a grand trine, as Mercury squares Uranus and trine Chiron, Mars opposite Saturn and trine Jupiter. Neptune will sextile Pluto as Pluto square the Nodes.

This will be an inferior conjunction for this Venus retrograde in August, but the energy of Venus will be inward and step into the underworld for renewal. This is a time to reassess your feelings about your relationships, business partners, finances, creative projects, values, and self-worth. This will also involve the Leo aspects of your chart. Venus conjunct Mercury in Leo will give you a potential for creativity and communication in ways that brings attention to yourself. Your feelings may be romantic and playful, with a desire for luxury and things of beauty and ideas, and you might exaggerate and dramatize to generate excitement. Uranus will add restlessness and your need for freedom which can manifest as sudden changes in affection or finances.

Shadow material will come to light as the sun shines on them and bring awareness, and the practical Virgo moon will be swapped by Neptune and be confused with a lack of clarity. You might need to escape difficult situations or feelings you do not want to deal with. Mars Saturn's opposition may bring discipline and hard work but frustration and anger with no outlets. Still, Jupiter will also be there to offer relief through courage and positive action.

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Individual horoscope below👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Individual Horoscope



July will still be focused on home and family, “I feel” as a way of expressing yourself, and ideas are useful as Venus and Mars come together in your house of love. Between July 8-10th, be cautious of what your write, text, post, and communicate as Mercury opposes Pluto, which can create uncomfortable situations in your home and career and could be a push and pull between your need to focus on family and work. Mars moves into Virgo on July 11th and transits your house of work, health, diet, and employees; the energy of Mars, your ruler, will push you forward in work projects, or you’ll assume a leadership role. Mars can also instigate conflict with coworkers, especially if you’re overly operational or militant. Keep your health in mind. Watch for injuries, headaches, accidents, or sharp objects. Your inner warrior should have a mission and be on its best behavior. July 11th, Mercury enters Leo into your house of love, creativity, and happiness; things can get dramatic and exciting.

A monumental day is July 13th as the North Node moves into your lands and stays there till 2024; this can help you connect to your body and begin the long process of self-reinvention and change focus from material possession to who you are. Declare your intentions for the next 19 years, and this will be a great time for healing, cleansing your body, getting into shape, starting a workout routine, and honoring your temple. It's all about your identity; everyone will watch as you handle the North Node and learn lessons. Venus begins to retrograde on July 22nd, your house of love; expect past lovers and partners to make an entrance within the next 30 to 40 days; it will not be the best time to start new artistic projects or initiate new partnerships or fall in love what is a good time to return to old art projects and edit whatever creative endeavors you might currently work on working on. The Sun will join Venus and Leo in your house of love on the 23rd of July and will stay there for 30 days, and for the next month, focus on your children, sports, and your pursuit of happiness. Mercury will enter Virgo on July 29th, his favorite sign, and your house of work, Mars, will be joining. Mercury can give you a good workflow and a favored time for healing and dieting.


The New Moon in Cancer on the 17th boost family camaraderie creating momentum for a festive gathering, celebrating, and enjoying surprising information that others share. Boss and those in charge in your workplace give compliments and a vote of confidence around the end of the month.


On the 11th, you might see a performance raise or bonus when Mercury moves into Leo, favoring professional activity and reputation. Spending the money you’ve earned will come easy as you’ll find alot of temptation around the 9 through the 12th.

Potential Issues

July 3rd, during the Capricorn Full Moon, avoid humorless types, and parties could break early because of people drinking too much and saying embarrassing things. Miscommunication on the 5th might occur in group settings, but there will be a liberating facilitator to save the day. On the 22nd, Venus turns retrograde conjunct Mercury, and the air could become volatile as Uranus will square the next day, provoking hot heads.

Rewarding days

1, 10, 17, 30

Challenging days

5, 19, 22, 23

Signature Essential Oil

Rosemary is Aries's signature essential oil as it is warming, stimulating, and has a no-nonsense aroma, like Arien's directness. This oil is excellent for headaches, sinusitis, and catarrh that plague the Arien people. Rosemary helps to restore yourself when you push yourself beyond your limits, toning your weary muscles and refreshing your tired mind.

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