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June Vibrations (Your Monthly Horoscopes)

The planetary vibrations that are central this month:

Pluto 0° Aquarius – 29°Capricorn

Neptune 27° Pisces

Uranus 20–21° Taurus

Saturn 6–7° Pisces

Jupiter 3–9° Taurus.

Individual horoscope below👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Pluto starts the month retrograde, Saturn will join in the second week, Venus will enter in the third week in her retrograde shadow, while Neptune will retrograde at month's end. The Sun will begin the month in Gemini, Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Cancer, and Mars in Leo. Venus will enter Leo in the first week; in the second week, Mercury will enter Gemini, its own sign, and Pluto will return to Capricorn in the second week. By the third week, you’ll have the sun entering cancer, with Mercury joining at the end of the month.

Venus and Mars will get close to being conjunct in Leo this month and into July, but won’t become exact as Venus will be slowing down to retrograde and will remain in an 8-degree orb till July 21st. Venus will then go retrograde, and Mars will move into Virgo; by the end of June, they will have a 3-degree orb but no closer. Mars and Venus are very different archetypes; Venus is harmonious and focuses on love, while Mars wants to assert and fight. This is a good time to think about balancing both aspects of your psyche as they represent the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves.

The opportunity that presents itself while Venus and Mars are in Leo is to explore areas of your chart focused on creativity, romance, children, and having fun. Venus in Leo seeks attention and romance, while Mars in Leo desires success and admiration. This energy can be channeled into something that brings respect, but both can be lazy. Finding fun, creative, and fun projects and hobbies is ideal, allowing you to meet many interesting people.

There can be great pride and narcissism; therefore, take precautions, don’t throw your weight around, and be bossy. Venus and Mars will be a part of the grand cross opposing Pluto and square Jupiter and the nodes; there can be a deal of impatience and anger, which can become nasty; therefore, be careful.

Jupiter will conjunct the North Node on June 2nd while square Mars and Pluto in the fixed grand cross, sextile Saturn. The sun will be sextile Mars and squaring Saturn, while the moon will trine Saturn and oppose Mercury conjunct Uranus and square Mars in a t-square. Venus will be opposed to Pluto and trine Neptune, which sextiles Pluto.

The area of focus will be on Taurus areas in your chart, with Jupiter and the North Node increasing its tension

in the grand cross. Taking care of your finances and consolidating your wealth and resources, both inner and outer, increasing your self-worth, and practicing gratitude at this time would be ideal. Taking care of these issues will help the issues associated with the S

outh Node in Scorpio, which will have you feeling the need for power and control, dark emotions, and psychological patterns which can stop you from enjoying life.

There is a precaution; as we know, Jupiter can expand things in the North Node and increase negatively through greed and attachment to material reality. Saturn can bring disciple, which can help you resist overspending, but you’ll have to make an effort. Examining the Taurus areas in your chart and views on wealth, self-worth, and resources would be worthwhile.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius will land on June 4th as the Sun is in Gemini, opposing the Moon in Sagittarius, forming a T-square to Saturn in Pisces. The sun will also be sextile Mars and the trine Mars and Chiron. Mercury conjunct Uranus, Venus oppose Pluto, and square Jupiter and the Nodes in a T-square. Jupiter sextiles Saturn and conjuncts the North Node, while Neptune sextiles Pluto.

A tense but mutable lunation with two squares and the grand cross, and Mars is no longer opposite Pluto, but the orb is still 8 degrees, and you might still feel the tension. There might be a feeling of restlessness and social with a desire to communicate and expand your horizons, but there might be a feeling of restricted movement, making you feel stuck and frustrated. Self-discipline and a willingness to work to achieve your goals may help you turn things around, but the sextile from Jupiter to Saturn will help you stay positive. Mars may also help, boosting excitement and energy, but don’t go overboard or push too hard and demand too much. Venus is still transiting Cancer, and there’s still a feeling of sensitivity and nurturing, but there are still dark emotions and power struggles with a potential for self-indulgence. The mercury Uranus conjunction may dispose of some exciting ideas but doesn’t aspect any other planets; therefore, not much might be able to come from them.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 18th squares Neptune and sextiles the North Node, while Mercury sextile Venus conjuncts Mars, squares Saturn. Venus will be square Jupiter, while Mars will square Uranus and trine Chiron. The North Node and Jupiter will be conjunct, sextile Saturn, and square Pluto in a T-square with the Nodes, while Neptune sextile Pluto.

This lunation could be a productive new beginning but a feeling of restlessness and sociability with a desire to communicate and connect to others. Neptune will add its touch of inspiration and imagination, which will be good for creativity but can blur your boundaries and cause you to be confused. But mercury in Gemini can cut through that fog but can add its own nervous energy and might be unable to keep still. You can pour this energy into a creative project and your relationships. The grand cross's tension will dissolve, but pressure can cause problems. Watch out for Venus as there can be some self-indulgence and spending too much; Mars may feel impulsive and want to take risks and be accident-prone or get into loud disagreements. Negativity and harsh criticism might come from Mercury and its sharp tongue; however, be disciplined in yourself, and Saturn can help to control these issues with his sextile to Jupiter.

Jupiter sextile Saturn will become exact the day after the Full Moon, but the Sun and Moon will no longer be conjunct, and the Moon will be trine Saturn and square Chiron. The sextile between Jupiter and Saturn represents the balance between growth and expansion in the areas of your chart it touches. Putting your ideas into practical form can help you achieve your goals and ambitions; there might be some confidence to try new things or explore better ways to create a better future for yourself. Increasing Education, wisdom, and knowledge is ideal now, and working towards making your dreams real by taking a practical and realistic approach, testing your limitations, and thinking positively can increase your potential. Make the most of new opportunities that come your way.

The Sun enters Cancer on June 21st, and the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere will begin with a trine to Saturn, square Neptune, and sextile the North Node. The Moon conjuncts Venus and squares Jupiter with a T-square to the Nodes with a wide opposition to Pluto, making a grand cross. Mercury will be sextile Venus conjunctions Mars, sextile Chiron, and Venus square Jupiter. This confirmation focuses on home and family with a highly sensitive and emotional nature, and there will be a desire to be nurtured.

You may feel exposed and vulnerable and lack clear

boundaries and structure with the square from Neptune and the trine from Saturn and Pisces, there might be a need for escape into alcohol or drugs, but you can channel your feelings into something creative or spiritual. There might also be a need for romance and a display of nurturing when the Moon joins Venus in Leo, but Jupiter's square adds a bit of drama and self-indulgence. Mars will fire things up with impatience and a desire for excitement, with Uranus pushing for unpredictable results. Mercury in Gemini can impact its rational mind by influencing you to think things through, while Jupiter and Saturn sextile might push you towards being more productive and optimistic without exhausting your boundaries.

The grand cross with the moon opposite Pluto moves out of the orb, but you might still feel its vibrations which stir up deep, dark emotions with an intensity that might lead to an emotional storm and power struggles. This will be short-term but might trigger things in your chart. The grand cross will dissolve into a grand square or two T-squares back to back but will return during Leo season then the sun and mercury will oppose Pluto. We will get the cardinal grand cross when the nodes shift into Aries.

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Individual horoscope below👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Individual Horoscope



The first week of June, you will be focused on finance, business, and community, and relating to people as Mercury and Uranus will make you more brilliant and original ideas in your business and work. On the 6th of June, Venus, goddess of love, will move into your house of love and chase after Mars, who is currently there; the summer of love begins, and a great month to reconnect to physical activity, romance, creativity, hobbies, and your inner child.

Pluto returns to your house of career from June 11th till February 2024 and reminds you that the changes you began in 2008 are still underway. Saturn is in your house of letting go, and best if you release things in your career or change direction, as well as shift how you deal with your bosses and superiors. Mercury enters your house of communication on the same day, and the messenger Gods and goddesses will help you and bring good news with contracts, marketing, and sales between June 16-18.

June 22nd begins the summer solstice, and the sun will travel to your house of home and real estate, and Venus flirting with your planet, Mars, in the house of love. The following 30 days will be lit in the areas of home and family. This is an excellent time for Pregnancy-buying property, connected to kids, and creativity. Mercury moves into your house of home on June 27th and helps you to improve communication in your household.


A Friday night date with your partner on the 2nd to unwind from your demanding work week would be a treat for both of you. Siblings and cousins might visit or send invitations, and they will be eager to celebrate the good news with you and connect through mutual recreational activity.


The important social event takes place around the 11th to showcase your talent, putting you in the spotlight for events in the future. Your home decorating project might need some cash infusion on the 15th to make it presentable for visitors, and guests will arrive with gifts on the 17th.

Potential Issues

Relatives might be disappointed by being left out of your get-together and make a statement. June 17 Saturn retrogrades in Pisces affect your plans due to weather conditions, and Neptune in Pisces will go retrograde on the 30th; take precautions and share your private information discretely.

Rewarding days

2, 11, 15, 28

Challenging days

4, 7, 22, 30

Signature Essential Oil

Rosemary is Aries's signature essential oil as it is warming, stimulating, and has a no-nonsense aroma, like Arien's directness. This oil is excellent for headaches, sinusitis, and catarrh that plague the Arien people. Rosemary helps to restore yourself when you push yourself beyond your limits, toning your weary muscles and refreshing your tired mind.

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