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Make Your Own Aromatherapy Spray

One of the easiest ways to enjoy aromatherapy is through a spray and a great way to develop your olfactory system. You can use your spray as a toner, all over body fresher or a room spray/ deodorizer.

Dilution for 2-ounce (60ml):

Dilution rates will differ depending on what you are making and the quantity.

  • Facial Toner: 6–10 drops essential oil.

Shake well, mist onto a cotton facial pad and apply as facial toner.

  • Body Freshener: 6–10 drops.

Shake well and lightly mist onto skin.

  • Air Freshener and Room Deodorizer: 120–180 drops.

Shake well and mist into the air.


  • Start with your 2 oz bottle, with an atomizer (spray top).

  • Fill halfway with approximately 600 drops of pure spring or purified water.

  • Add your essential oil or blend.

  • Fill the rest of the bottle with pure water, shake well and spray.

  • Essential oils will float on top of the water, shake your bottle to disperse the oils into the water each time before spraying.

You may add an equal amount of alcohol or witch hazel (less drying than alcohol and may act as a preservative) to essential oils to act as a carrier for your oils to help keep them dispersed in the water. Remember, essential oils are very concentrated, and a little goes a long way.

PLEASE NOTE: Heavier oils can gum up the atomizer sprayer, especially the higher dilution amounts of oil. If this should happen, simply add more water to your atomizer bottle, shake well and spray.

Keep in mind though essential oils act as a preservative it is best to add your own or watch your products for any changes and toss when not good.

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