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Mercury Season

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

The planet of the mind, Mercurys' job is to help you perceive, think, analyze, deduce, and reason. In our mind, the librarian, Mercury, orders information that questions, collects, and synthesizes. Mercury represents active intelligence, analytical power, quickness with your mind and hands, and awareness of your unconscious motives. Mercury is also a trickster and magician but also a healer and mediator. At birth, Mercury’s energy is imprinted on your mind, which greatly influences your personality, psychology, and physical body- known as your constitution.

This planet moves quickly around the sun and takes 88 days to orbit it. This is the quickest, freest aspect of our consciousness- thought itself. Mercury is ruled by the air element, which has the qualities of freedom and expansiveness. Air can expand over and across all things, filling every crack and crevice no matter its remoteness; this is also the same for our conscious mind. The mate al world restricts air nor the mind, and the mind is not bounded by the confines of time. With your memory and research, you can project into the future and submerge into the past.

Mercury's strength is its ability to connect and synthesize core patterns and relationships. Mercury is the natural ruler of the information sphere, and deciphering patterns is the key to knowledge. As the “messenger,” he goes between pieces of information and unifies them into a system of understanding. Learning is more than facts but the awareness of how these facts work together to create a larger picture.

Mercury rules memory, and mercurial people are known for remembering things, reciting poetry by heart, and describing things in detail from a long time ago.

Mercury rules the lungs, the upper respiratory system, and the thymus. Mercurial energy can reveal a lot about your health and the vulnerabilities of your physical body.

If you are Mercurial, you need a variety in life, a wide range of social contacts, hobbies, interests, vacations, or challenges in your chosen career. There will be a constant need for learning and integrating information; you will feel rejuvenated and energized by others. You excel when you are brokering negotiations and smoothing out conflicts Between parties that are opposing. This opens a deeper level of communication And will bring you a sense f fulfillment and spiritual transformation.

Mercury is the communicator between your psyche and shadow; you can use it to understand patterns in your unconscious that motivate your instincts; you and self-defeating behaviors that are constantly updated and cataloged by mercury in the library of your memory.

Heavy Mercurial energy could mean you become stressed, hypersensitive, nervous, scattered, or neurotic. You can experience patterns of restlessness which can become a nervous disorder such as OCD or paranoia. A Mercurial person, out of balance, can seek information for the sake of it rather than truth. A Mercurial person can aggregate facts but does not put them to use. It overuses knowledge, logic, reason, or science, especially in situations that require emotions or spirituality.

Life is more than an aggregation of information, concepts, or facts; a Mercurial person can feel empty and feel a sense of grief if they indulge too much in these processes. People ruled by mercury can experience lung and upper respiratory problems, and their organs suffer if they are emotionally stressed, in toxic environments, and have terrible lifestyle choices. If you are a Mercurial type, these issues are crucial; therefore, by being aware of them, you will be better able to prevent them; a part of your health is preventative and proactive actions to nourish, balance and restore your lung chakra, lungs, and respiratory system.

During this time of year (February 12- April 4th), your mercurial energy is amplified, as well as the days of the week (Wednesday) and specific times of the day. The lungs at this time are more receptive to the influences of Mercury. The Mercury Chakra season is excellent for working with Mercury and your 4th chakra. The 52-day is a great time for honoring our Mercurial energies. It’s a great time to allow yourself to blossom into a dynamic, clever, a problem solver, diplomatic, adaptable, healer, and transformer. Use the season, day, and/or time to detoxify and/or restore your lungs, upper respiratory systems, and thymus.

Releasing grief, cultivating writing, speaking, creating bridges, having a kind heart, understanding, and reading are aspects of the lung chakra you can reflect upon.

Lung Chakra

The center of your integration is an infinite stream of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual data which flows into our energetic stream through your five senses. This is regulated by your lung chakra, ruled by mercury. If you have an open center, you have a greater capacity to understand and interpret and alchemize the information you receive. The air rules your lung chakra and corresponds to your mental faculties for understanding, reason, perception, integration, and logic. Air constantly enters and exits your lungs, and it’s the same for information that needs a flow to be incorporated (inhaled)and released(exhaled). These are integral for the processes of integration, whether mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Having a healthy lung chakra, you assimilate and integrate the things you encounter without becoming off balance or blocking yourself from life. You are free to inhale and exhale life, accepting and tolerating, being aware of yourself and others. If we do not have these qualities or accept them in ourselves, it becomes hard and painful to inhale, which we then cannot release and move past our experiences to exhale.

We often believe that these qualities: tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness, are rooted in our emotions, but these faculties require objectivity and rationalization— these are verbalization skills that belong to Mercury and your mind. Rising above our faculties rather than being controlled by them is the ability to find forgiveness, acceptance, and feelings of peace. Being realistic about life involves acceptance and dealing with life as it is; when we refuse to accept reality, it’s because we are clinging unrealistically to a view of life. With compassion, tolerance, and acceptance, which belong to the lung chakra, we can face life as it truly is, with an open heart and mind, integrating our experiences.

Genuine tolerance allows you to move into your future and release your past, which means taking your next breath; you have to exhale your previous one. Dissolving emotional blocks is to appeal to reason, which can be done through rational reflection, realizing the reason we have been hurt by people who are hurt themselves. We can find forgiveness by being aware of this, enabling us to move beyond the pain.

Lung Chakra Imbalances

When there's a blockage in integrating certain kinds of information, emotional experiences, or becoming spiritually aware, we will have issues connecting to others and life at large. When mercury and 4th chakra malfunction, we become unaware of our web of connectedness, which we are a part of. This disconnection makes us hardened against empathy, sympathy, and guilt about our actions; there is a strong sense of separateness and isolation, making it easier to hurt and deceive others.

An unhealthy mercury chakra person can be very manipulative, devious, and scheming. Thus utilizing our Mercurial skills for less honorable purposes, like using verbal communication to deceive, trick or fool others. A severe case can lead to social psychopathy, where the individual does not feel empathy or consideration for others.

Facts, for the sake of facts, can leave us cold and malnourished but gathering information can contribute to our lives being richer; it must be wedded to a system of knowledge with ethical values and bridging our emotional experience.

Even further, there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom; a knowledgeable person recites facts and can memorize passages but does not make conclusions on their own. A wise person takes the time to internalize what they’ve learned, making it functional and integrating it into their character. Otherwise, the information will blow away like the wind, as if nothing has happened.

Mercury Lung Chakra Integration

Mediation is the most excellent skill of mercury, and this is transforming conflict into understanding. When peace and harmony are reinstated, it promotes health, holism, and integrity for the people involved and the collective. Mediation helps to heal the Earth; this restores interconnectedness, paving the way toward unity.

"Take a deep breath” is the most common statement when it comes to calming the mind, as when we become fearful or upset, our breathing becomes heavy, constricting, and rapid. You can regain control over your thoughts by controlling your breath. Just as mercury mediates between people out of balance, breathing can mediate between mind and body, which is out of alignment.

Slowing your breathing and becoming aware of your lung/ heart center will bring more clarity, truth, and integration than writing for hours, reading, or discussing.

Best Practices:

  • Conscious cultivating the seeds of Mercury and its qualities within you, allowing them to blossom fully.

  • Become more adaptable, energetic, and industrial.

  • Validate your logical, analytical mind and practice overcoming negative emotions.

  • Celebrate your intuition, and use it to uplift and transform yourself and others.

  • Practice breathwork and realign your body and mind.

  • Release grief, and find acceptance and peace of mind.

  • Take time to cultivate and enjoy the" kid-at-heart" aspect of your mercury and self.

  • Memorize and recite your favorite portrait just for the fun of it.

  • Set an intention to create bridges of understanding to replace conflict with peaceful resolution in your community.

  • Detox your lungs and upper respiratory system, and activate your thymus.

  • Allow yourself to watch and enjoy more comedy.

Mercury chakra

Lung chakra

Mercury Chakra Gems

  • Greenstone: Increases your vital force and promotes inner radiance.

  • Hiddenite: spontaneous love directs us toward true love, away from manipulative dynamics. It helps a wounded heart to heal and love again.

  • Variscite: cognition enhancement, logic, and reason. Brings tranquility to your mind and courage to your heart.

  • Prehnite: Calms nervous energy and restlessness. This stone aids in communication with nonphysical beings.

Mercury Chakra color

Greenlight is the color of regeneration, love, and transformation. This color transforms the needs of the lower chakras into more spiritual aspects of ourselves. Creates understanding, healing, and a sense of well-being.

Mercury Chakra oils:

  • Cypress: used for adaptability, flexibility, and flowing, which works on the heart and mind to let go of emotional rigidity and perfectionist tendencies, which might have stemmed from unreleased grief.

  • Eucalyptus: Master respiratory oil stimulates your upper respiratory system, with similar effects on deep emotional patterns that create chronic poor health.

  • Rosemary: enhances your intellect and improves your memory and mental clarity.

  • Peppermint: soothes and balances your nervous system, helps open your breathing passages, and relieves headaches.

Mercury Chakra Blend:

  • 15-20 drops of Eucalyptus

  • 5-8 drops Cypress

  • 1 Teaspoon jojoba

    1. Anoint your forehead, back of your neck, and palm.

    2. Cap the bottle tightly and shake vigorously to blend your oil thoroughly; allow it to synergize for 12 hours or longer before using.

Mercury Chakra Planetary season

February 12th-April 4th

Planetary hour

Daily 3:25 am-6:51 am

Mercury day


Balanced Mercury Chakra

Adaptable, logical thinking, easy going, industrious, quick with, clever.

Shadow Mercury Chakra

Grief, overreactive, unstable, discontent.

Comment below which sign and house your mercury is located in, and I will respond.



— Born on Wednesday: Wednesday is Your Ruling Planet (Day of the Week Astrology Book 7) by Howla Jardali

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