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2024: A Year Full of Vibrations - Your Horoscope Predictions

Mercury, the messenger God, turns direct in Sagittarius at the onslaught of the year, which will set the stage for the retrograde periods that will occur in fire signs this year. Mercury turns retrograde again on April 1st in innovative Aries through April 25th, and this will be a time when you may wish to postpone plans or initiate new projects. Mercury retrograde, again in August, starts out in Virgo, and then Mercury will spend most of its time in effervescent Leo. The final retrograde of the year for Mercury starts on November 25th in Sagittarius and turns direct on December 15th.

Uranus, the rambunctious planet, has been retrograde in Taurus since the 28th of October, 2023, and will be direct on January 27th. Uranus will move along the disruptive mission until September 1st, when it turns to retrograde until January 30th, 2025, and will send those born between May 8th and 18th to look for answers to determine what went wrong. Fix signs will feel the impact of Uranus transit, including members of Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio, with planets at 19- 27°.

Pluto is the planet that we should be watching this year as it completes its journey in Capricorn, the sign that has occupied since 2008. Pluto is a slow-moving planet and will enter Aquarius on January 20th, on the same day the Sun will enter Aquarius, giving those born on that date a personality that is spontaneous, humanitarian, and deeply introspective. Pluto will move retrograde on May 2nd into Aquarius and in Capricorn on September 1st and resume direct motion on October 11th and the last degree of Capricorn. This will be its final tour in Capricorn, and enters Aquarius for good on November 19th, staying in the sign till March 2043.

Saturn in Pisces will also be another planet to watch out for, which enters the sign in March 2023 with plans to revolutionize our spiritual world, weakening our intuition and leading us away from confusing mental patterns. Saturn occupied 3 to 19° of Pisces this year, will retrograde June on 29th, and resume direct motion on November 15th. Neptune will also be in Pisces and start out the year 25° and turn retrograde on July 2nd in the last degree of Pisces moving direct again on December 7th. Those born between March 14th and 19th will feel the strongest impact from transiting Neptune in 2024 as it slides towards its final degrees in Pisces, which began in 2011 and scratches the surface of Aries in spring 2025.

Jupiter has been traveling through luxurious Taurus and will be until May 25th, when it moves into curious Gemini, taking on multiple interests and enjoying adventure until October 9th, when it makes its retrograde cycle at 21° by touching the sun on 2/3 of the Gemini population. Jupiter adds numerous experiences to the resumes and life experiences of those born under the sign of communication.

Mars will retrograde in entrepreneurial Leo on December 6th, which can create erratic energy patterns. The lunar eclipse and solar eclipse are in Libra on March 25th and October 2nd, and a solar eclipse is in Aries on April 8th, with the final lunar eclipse of the year in Pisces on September 17th. Check your birth chart to determine the location of the eclipses, noting the proximity of any natal planets to eclipse activities, and if present, the house could become a zone of intensity or surprise in 2024.


The first half of this year will be full of luck, love, and growth. In the second half, you might run into issues with your health, business, love life, work, and probably other things. Be attentive to opportunities and be content with work and dedication. Faith will turn things in your favor on projects you’ve been working on for a long time or have put tremendous energy into.

Your love life shows that it will be pleasant, but expect some misunderstandings and minor conflicts. Overall, this year will be a happy experience. Your family and friends will be reliable, but there always will be disagreements and differences in opinion, but nothing that will be super unpleasant. Changes may come for you professionally, but you will have work and money. Take heed, and don’t act on your impulses, which may ruin your chances of success.

2024 Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most loved essential oils, with a sweet, clean, fresh, and floral scent that is freeing to the senses. Lavender can be used for an assortment of issues such as rashes, acne, boils, and dermatitis, but it can also be an immune stimulant to strengthen the body's immune system. Lavender is anti-depressive and sedative, which makes it excellent for balancing the mood and extreme emotions, which will be good for Ariens this year when they face conflict.

Color for 2024

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