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Artistic Tools for Blending Your Essential oils

Don't fret, the list is not long and you can log onto Amazon and get most things reasonably priced or check here on our site. If you want to venture to the local store, most pharmacies will have these items, and I've seen a few at whole foods.

You don't have to invest in all of these items to start blending but having them makes it less frustrating.

Here's your list:

  • Essential oils

  • Notebook (to start your collection of recipes)

  • Glass bottles with caps Pipettes

  • Jars for cream

  • Carrier oils of choice

  • Unscented cream

  • Labels and pens (to track what you have made and when you made it)

  • Glass measuring cups and beaker, preferably with spouts for pouring

  • Cloth or paper towels

  • Glass stirring rods

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