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Creating a cleaning schedule you can live with

We’ve all had those days where we’ve pushed our cleaning day for another day. That day becomes next week, and eventually turns into a month! Cleaning your home after a long time can be very tiring and difficult to start. One way to push yourself to start is to begin a cleaning schedule.

A cleaning schedule is a daily, weekly, or monthly plan for cleaning your home. It can range from a single task or a large checklist.

Before We Start

Creating a schedule can sound overwhelming when in reality, it isn’t. There are many tips to get you in an energized mood before creating your cleaning plan.

From eating a snack, playing your favorite songs in the background, to lighting a candle. Diffusing an essential oil in your space is another great idea to begin planning out your cleaning schedule.

Now that your mind and body are in a good mood, it’s time to get started on creating your cleaning schedule!

Creating Your Schedule

First, it’s best to list what you have to do in a checklist. Ask yourself, what’s something that’s ideal to clean up?

If you’re struggling on finding any tasks, take a walk around your home and list down areas that need to be worked on.

Here’s a list of basic tasks to get you started:

  • Empty the trash

  • Mop the floors

  • Wipe all the surfaces

  • Clean out cabinets

  • Declutter messes

After gathering your tasks, decide when to work on them.

Deciding on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Schedule

Before pursuing your tasks, decide on a daily, weekly, or monthly plan. Are you the type of person who wants to do the work little by little every day? Or are you the type of person to squish everything into a single day?

For those who want to do minimal cleaning per day, a daily schedule would be best. For individuals who want to have a whole day dedicated to cleaning, a weekly or monthly schedule would suit them best. Depending on your household, you would pick either weekly or monthly for doing everything at once.

Sorting Your Tasks

Keep in mind how often you have to do these tasks. Some tasks are required to do often while some can be done within long periods of time.

Begin by sorting these tasks in a notebook or an online document. Many people have gone as far as creating a spreadsheet for their cleaning schedule. Where you document your schedule is completely up to you.

Here's an example of how to group your tasks based on frequency:

  • Wash dishes (Daily)

  • Wiping your surfaces (Daily)

  • Mopping the floor (Weekly)

  • Do laundry (Weekly)

  • Clean out the fridge (Monthly)

Assigning Your Tasks Throughout Your Week

Now that we have our list of tasks to do, it’s time to sort them out.

Time management becomes crucial in this part. Which days are you free to clean? Sort each of your tasks depending on the days you're free.

And you’re done! Creating a cleaning plan isn’t supposed to be stressful nor draining. The purpose of it is to relieve your stress from all the work you must do in your home.

Now that you have a plan sorted out, it’s time to stick to your plan and be in control of your house again! Get started with out cleaning tools here:


This blog was created by SYEP Intern Ashley Buela. Leave us feedback on what you think in order to enter a chance to win our weekly giveaway!

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