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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Leo represents the lion; they have a brave and stubborn nature which helps them reach their goals in life. Their royal nature helps them to choose the right option for being fair with others but Leos are not immune to life's problems and here we will discuss how to use essential oils to tame and get back to balance for Leos.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for healing and we will go over each month the oils that can be best utilized for each sign. As you may know, essential oils and nature are interconnected; for example, Leo is ruled by the sun which is powerful, so ginger could be the best essential oil to use to nourish the energies of a lion.

It is said that the problems that arise in life depend on the location of the planets and the zodiac sign. Leos are said to face problems such as blood pressure and heart blockages. Some scientific studies show the benefits of using essential oils and as the zodiac signs are quite accurate, being prepared for life's challenges with various remedies can minimize the actual effects. Maintaining a calm nature for Leos and fire signs is beneficial for growth, and using essential oils could help maintain your natural calm, and being calm will never lead you to make wrong decisions.


The major essential oils for Leos are:

  • For a better spine, back, and heart, garlic, ginger, and rosemary could be beneficial as garlic holds the ability to form antibodies to minimize heart diseases. The other oils, such as ginger and rose, are aids to keeping your back healthy and strong.

  • Boosting energy is also essential in Leo's life, to maintain pride, and encourage the spirit. Lavender, elemi, and cypress essential oils help Leos maintain a sense of being fair and right which never fails them in making the right decisions.

  • Sandalwood essential oil helps maintain a royal nature and makes Leo a warm-hearted person.

  • Buddha Wood essential oil can make you feel rich and symbolize colors such as purple and gold to that aid Leos feel romantic.

  • Black pepper and jasmine essential oils help to increase your charm and you know Leos love giving gifts and surprises.

  • Other complementary oils are narcissus, Melissa, lemon, and geranium.

Correctly using essential oils is important. Here are some ways by which the mixture of different oils could help you amazingly according to your zodiac sign Leo.

Aromatherapy For the Lion

Leos are dramatic and proud, so everything they do is never simple. It is said that Leos are not too good in relationships, their relationship does not last long or is easy, Leo needs to be in a pure state of mind.

Leo has in-built honesty within them, and their creative nature encourages them to lead others. Fire is the basic element of Leo, and the ruling planet is the sun, so they possess lots of energy. Therefore they need to be calm, and jasmine oil could be the best choice for being calming and being in the pure state of mind needed for an enduring relationship.

Leo are highly attracted to the scent and essential oils are the perfect way for them to use perfumes for their benefit.

Ingredients like:

  • Four drops of jasmine essential oils

  • Add two drops of bergamot essential oil.

  • And at the last one drop of ylang-ylang essential oils.

  • Carrier oil of choice

Take a rollerball bottle of 10 ml, add the mixture to the bottle and keep it aside for some time.

  • After some time, you can use the perfume by rolling the roller on the waist or neck. The smell will help to calm the Leo and help to decide the right path to maintain the royalty of the lion with charm and an attractive scent.

Another blend is lemon and cinnamon.

Leo has qualities such as being ambitious, generous, and confident. So this blend could boost the spirit of Leo by keeping the broad mind nature and generosity.

The key ingredients for this blend are as follows:

  • Lemon peel

  • Rose oil

  • Cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf ( cinnamon oil)

  • Frankincense essential oil

  • Cedrus atlantica bark essential oil

  • Zingiber officinale root essential oil (Ginger oil)

  • Jasminum officale flower essential oil

How to use this blend

You can use this blend in three different ways according to your choice.

  • Diffuser - take a diffuser and add 6-8 drops of Zodiac blend and then feel the fumes and let the soul sense the smell to make you feel over the clouds.

  • Perfume - take a rollerball of 10 ml (with a carrier oil of choice)and add five drops of Blend and roll it over the neck to get the perfect smell.

  • Shower - using smells during the shower enhances the enjoyment of the body by giving positive energies. Add two drops in the corner of the bathroom, and the smell will touch the soul.

Advantages of using the blend

These essential oils will help to calm you down, relieve mental stress, gets you in your comfort zone, and enhances your immune system.

Things you need to know before using the zodiac essential oils

While noticing the perfect oil, we all forget about the basic things that could lead us to big problems. The main points that you need to know while applying the essential oils are as follows:

If you are using it for the first time, then try it on a small part of your body to test that you are allergy-free. Some people are allergic to smell, whereas sometimes the skin does not support chemicals they would like to use.

If you are adding the oil to the bath, choosing the essential oil is a wise choice. Always use coconut or almond essential oil in the bath by adding the essential oils to the carrier oil first.

According to your zodiac and the essential oils chosen, there will be some emotional changes after using the essential oils as it enhances the person within you. So be prepared for the emotional and physical changes that you may come across.

Applying essential oil directly to your skin is not recommended, it is important to dilute them by adding carrier oils previously mentioned.

Ways for Leos to enjoy Aromatherapy


Not only the type of oil is decided according to the zodiac, but the way of using them is equally important. There are several ways to use the essential oils, and you can use them by adding the oil to the diffuser. Or the oil could be added to the roller ball to use as a perfume.


In the bathroom, the droplets could be added in the corner for the best aroma. Similarly, Aromatherapy candles are another way of using essential oils.


All the zodiac signs prefer a different way to get the desired results. In the same way, Leo prefers aromatherapy candles. While lighting these candles in the room could make Leo calmer than using the other way. As the element of the Leo is fire so anything having a part of fire will surely attract them. The candles could be attractive to most Leo which can then set the right intentions and path to move on.


If essential oils are directly used on Leo's skin, they may experience irritation and would work opposite on their imagination. Always dilute the oils, the dilution amount for the child and adults is different. Adults need less dilution, whereas children would react faster if the carrier oil is not added.

Astrology can aid in helping you understand your life better, the personality you have or the disease you face is connected to your astrological chart. Some may say it's a myth, but the person you love or hate also depends on you and their astrological chart. If you are a Leo and facing lots of problems with your basic nature, then utilize the help of the essential oils that will aid you in getting rid of irritations and solve the major problems related to mental and physical health.


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