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Exploring the New Moon in Pisces: Harnessing the Power of Dreamer's Moon

Pisces Goddess from Vibrations by Tash
New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces marks a period for setting fresh goals or intentions associated with matters related to Pisces and the 12th house. The 12th house corresponds to the natural position of Pisces on the zodiac wheel, representing the collective unconscious of humanity, your unconscious mind, emotional memories, and automatic responses. It serves as the house of inherited karmic patterns, mental institutions, hospitals, religious retreats, monasteries, and places of solitude and escape from daily responsibilities. Various forms of addiction, self-deception, and self-sabotage are depicted here.

During the Moon's transit through Pisces, there is a yearning for emotional connection to feel at peace. With the Moon symbolizing personal emotions and Pisces embodying emotion-based energy, an affinity arises due to their accord. While the Moon embodies individual emotions, Pisces embodies transcendent and impersonal emotions. This interplay can be harmonious or conflicting, potentially resulting in intense emotions or challenges in emotional regulation. Emotions are inherently fluid, especially during the Moon's passage through Pisces. Water typically conforms to a vessel, but Pisces does not, making its form unpredictable. On a positive note, this alignment fosters compassion and emotional sensitivity. Pisces governs the feet and is susceptible to a weak immune system due to their heightened sensitivity. The Pisces mantra, "I believe," instills trust and faith in the unseen, a fundamental aspect of the Piscean way of navigating the world.

Pisces' modern ruler is Neptune, while the traditional ruler is Jupiter. This New Moon presents an excellent opportunity to focus on caring for and supporting the physical structures of your feet and addressing boundaries-related issues. It's a perfect time to dream big and enhance our worldly understanding. Pisces, a yin, feminine sign, embodies inclusivity and a lack of boundaries. They can show unconditional love and acceptance for others, believing in life's goodness. Separation is foreign to them as they are empathetic, feeling others' pain as their own. Engaging in creative pursuits allows them to express themselves, showcasing their compassion, selflessness, and sensitivity to others' needs. Pisces often seek guidance from mentors or gurus or even become spiritual teachers.

One of their issues is staying grounded in reality with their heads in the clouds; escapism can be problematic. They often seek to numb themselves through addictive substances of all kinds: food, shopping, sex, drugs, and alcohol. They can be indecisive and experience crises with their faith one or more times. If there's a strong Neptune influence, they may be prone to feeling lost and confused about the direction they should take in life. The feeling of the "dark night of the soul" is not uncommon for them. Pisces tend to give more than they receive and become martys in the process and depression can become an issue for them, Money is not a motivation for Pisces and they can be perpetual wonderes and drifters trying to find their place in the world. Their lack of dicernment make them a easy target for charlantans and unscruplous predatiors. 

Qualities Positive & Negative

New moon in pisces goddess
Pisces Goddess
  • Inner peace, emotional capacity for compassion, and sensitivity to others' needs, intuitive connection, and understanding of others' emotions and responses.

  • On the flip side, emotional turmoil, instability, unfounded fears, neediness, vulnerability, and sensitivity.

  • Calmness, a relaxed demeanor, driven by emotions, vision, and concern for others, but susceptible to emotional swings, avoidance of responsibility, self-deception, addictive behaviors, and excessive focus on others at the expense of personal well-being.

  • Family environment characterized by care, religious beliefs, and fluidity; parental influence promoting emotional awareness. Conversely, a tumultuous family dynamic, with a mother who may have addiction issues or be dishonest, leads to emotional dependency and an exaggerated focus on emotions.

  • Appreciation for diverse cultures, collective understanding, awareness of humanity, and spiritual or religious background. However, there may also be blind conformity to conditioning, openness to the supernatural, intentional fabrication of personal history, and excessive romanticizing of the past.

Dream & Face Your Fears

Use your imagination for good and attract what you want. Use this New Moon to let go of your fears. This New Moon is about secrets and sometimes lies, and an excellent time to inventory your worries which will be liberating. Pisces Moon is also intuitive; it's an excellent time to listen to your hunches and see what transpires. Utilize the healing energy with this New Moon if you suffer emotionally or spiritually. Please list what needs healing and then check them off as they pass. Find a healer or utilize tarot cards or archangel cards.

Write down your dreams, as Pisces is about dreams; what do you want? What do you fantasize about? This is a time to access your higher self, and practicing yoga and other spiritual activities is ideal.

2nd House New Moon

Astrology chart
Astrology chart

The second house is known for cash, prosperity, and values. It focuses on your talents, assets, and finances. This month emphasizes abundance, self-esteem, and pursuing your desires. Envision a life of contentment in your dream home with loved ones. Reflect on your stability, identify areas for improvement, and take necessary steps to enhance it.

The New Moon in the second house presents a financial opportunity for a fresh start. Embrace your uniqueness and greatness. Evaluate your financial resources and the value you bring to the world. Appreciate yourself to attract respect from others. This phase encourages self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love. Explore ways to secure your income, manage finances, and budget effectively. Believe in yourself as others will reflect the value you place on yourself. Prioritize financial planning this month by assessing your values and contributions to the world.

Things to do:

  • Open a savings account.

  • Stay on top of bills, taxes, and debts.

  • Consider hiring an accountant if managing finances becomes overwhelming.

  • Display your skills and talents.

  • Treat yourself to a neck and shoulder massage.

  • Consider investing in a high-quality neck cream.

  • Enjoy a romantic moment in the countryside.


  • "I have confidence in my abilities and the value I bring to the world."

  • "I am content, in good health, prosperous, and wise!"

  • "Gratitude to the Universe – my requirements are met!"

  • "I deserve the best!"

Take a Look at Your Chart

Astrology chartAstrology chart
Astrology chart

How the Pisces New Moon May Impact You Personally

Pisces's dreamy and spiritual influence can be found in different areas of everyone's chart. Consider the following critical areas in your chart:

  • Explore your natal chart to locate Pisces and identify where Neptune (modern ruler) and Jupiter (traditional ruler) are moving through, indicating areas in your life that may be ripe for a fresh beginning.

  • Additionally, examine your 12th and 9th houses for planets, especially personal ones, to gain insights into the profound effects of the Pisces New Moon.

  • With Neptune currently in Pisces, themes related to Pisces and Neptune are emphasized, bringing attention to potential deceit and illusion.

  • It's an ideal time to set new aspirations and goals.

  • Which planets are transiting your 12th and 9th houses?

  • Are there any favorable or challenging connections between planets in your 12th and 9th houses and other planets in your chart?

Though the Moon moves through each sign and house quickly, it can leave a lasting impact on your psyche, but your emotions will be transient. Let your emotions settle before taking any action.

Organs influenced Pisces

Organs: Feet, toes, hypophysis, pineal gland, endorphin, melatonin.

These organs are now more sensitive, so provide them with extra care.

Surgical operations:

No - Surgical procedures are not recommended during the New Moon.


At the New Moon, we will be in the orb of the eclipse cycle, which starts six weeks before the actual eclipse. Read more about the eclipse here.

  • March 25 (9:53 pm PT) Lunar Eclipse Penumbral in Libra at 5° 07’

  • April 8 (10:18 am PT) Total Solar Eclipse in Aries at 19° 22’

  • September 18 (6:34 pm PT) Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces at 25° 40’

  • October 2 (4:13 am PT) Solar Eclipse Annular in Libra at 10° 02’

Moon Aspects

20° 16’ Pisces New Moon Sunday, March 10, 1:00 am PT

Moon (Pisces) Conjunct Sun Sextile Uranus (Taurus)

Mars (Aquarius) Square Uranus (Taurus)

Mercury (Aries) Sextile Pluto (Aquarius)


The New Moon in Pisces will align with Saturn and Neptune while forming a sextile with Uranus. Mercury will be in Aries conjunct with Neptune in Pisces, forming a sextile with Pluto. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars will be conjunct in Aquarius. Mars will square Jupiter and Uranus, and form sextiles with Chiron, which is conjunct the North Node. Jupiter will be conjunct Uranus and form sextiles with Saturn, while Neptune will form sextiles with Pluto. During this New Moon phase, the past weeks' prevailing sensitive and imaginative energy may make you feel scattered or inclined to indulge in romance and fantasy. Saturn urges a realistic approach to manifesting your dreams, yet the conjunction is broad. Neptune holds sway, dissolving boundaries and sparking profound intuitive insights. This is an excellent time for spiritual practices, meditation, and introspection, although one should verify the reliability of their intuition.

Ylng Ylang Essential oil
Ylang Ylang

Pisces New Moon Essential Oils

  • Red Mandarin: Supports and uplifts with child-like energy.

  • Tangerine: Refreshing and rejuvenating, helps with processing thoughts.

2nd House New Moon Essential Oils

  • Ylang Ylang- This is an excellent oil to calm your fears about money. Ylang-ylang is very relaxing. Use it when you need a reminder that money is energy that responds to our emotions.

Pisces New Moon Essential Oil Blend

Make the most of your Pisces new moon energy with this citrusy, sweet, shooting, and sensual blend.

To a 5ml (contains approximately 100 drops of oil) colored glass euro-dropper bottle, add your essential oils. Cap the bottle tightly and shake vigorously to blend oils thoroughly. Allow oils to synergize for 12 hours or longer before using.

Healing Gemstones & Crystals

Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine - Achieve peace of mind and emotional balance through stability. This gemstone can aid in overcoming addiction and lessening cravings. It is beneficial for managing stress and anxiety while also fostering love and altruism.

Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone and a powerful ally in promoting inner harmony and emotional well-being. Its calming energies can help you find stability in tumultuous times, bringing peace to your mind and heart. By wearing or carrying aquamarine, you may find the strength to overcome addictive behaviors and reduce cravings that no longer serve you.

Furthermore, this gemstone is an excellent companion for managing stress and anxiety. Its soothing vibrations can provide clarity and enhance your ability to communicate effectively. As you cultivate a deeper connection with aquamarine, you may notice increased feelings of love and compassion towards yourself and others. This gemstone encourages altruism and can guide you towards acts of kindness and generosity.

Embrace the serene energy of aquamarine and let it be a beacon of light on your journey toward emotional balance and inner peace.

Pisces New Moon Meditation


You can perform your meditation anytime from the New Moon in Pisces until the First Quarter Waxing Moon in Cancer on March 17th.

What you will need:

  • A white candle

  • Essential oil or blend - use one of the recommended oils above or a combination.

    1. Ensure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

    2. Light your white candle and inhale the scent of your essential oil.

    3. You can also scent your space before your meditation using an aroma diffuser.

    4. Gaze into the candle flame as you breathe fully and deeply and exhale any tension. The candle flame reflects your Divine heart center.

    5. Continue inhaling the scent of your oil and releasing any tension for 1-5 minutes.

This New Moon is a good time for nurturing and enjoyment. Take a break, be grateful for all the joys, lessons, and big and small changes, and begin to visualize your new life.

Swap worry for appreciation during this New Moon phase, a time to broaden your horizons and forge mystical connections with people and spiritual guides, opening the door to new and unique encounters. Envision the life you desire in the coming years in vivid detail. Picture your workplace, ideal living situation, and companions, and most importantly, immerse yourself in those emotions. Aligning your life with authenticity is enriching, empowering, and reciprocal. Dedicate daily time for your visualizations, savor them, and manifest your desired reality.

New Moon Wishing: Conquering Change

A time for Cleansing, intention setting, and new beginnings.

Top of the Summit

Change can shake even those most confident, and the new moon is a great time to change your life. This spell can help us conquer our changing environment.

  1. Gather your yellow candle and tiger's eye crystal.

  2. Go to a quiet, comfortable place, place your candle on a heat-proof surface, light it, and imagine yourself acting with confidence and purpose.

  3. Hold the tiger's eye in your dominant hand, focus on the illuminating flame, and feel it illuminate your soil.

  4. Call on the new Moons' quiet power and say aloud or quietly:

"O’ quiet Moon, guide my thoughts

as I cast aside my fears and doubts.

Fill me instead with peace and resolve

as I feel my confidence grow and evolve.

This tiger’s eye I have in hand

reminds me of how change demands.

I sit here, still and thankfully,

blessed for all eternity."

5. Feel your confidence swell inside and sit there silently; feel your emotion to capture it whenever you need.

New Moon in Pisces Sample Wishes

Girl blowing flower
New Moon Wishing

Pisces keywords:

  • Imagination

  • Inner happiness

  • Psychic sensitivity

  • Trust/mystic awareness

  • Spiritual healing

  • Compassion

  • Releasing helplessness

Joyful States

  • "I aim to intentionally and regularly embrace the happiness within me."

  • "I strive to feel content and spiritually fulfilled."

  • "I desire to remove obstacles hindering my ability to experience joy effortlessly."

Increase Your Connection to a Higher Power

  • "I aim to release all worries and anxieties effortlessly to the comforting embrace of a Higher Power."

  • "In my everyday routine, I strive to remember consciously and consistently that 'Source is in control.'"

  • "I aspire to trust a Higher Power to lead my life successfully with ease."

For other New Moon spells and or intentions, comment below. For more on Jupitarian energy in your chart, click the link below.



— Moon Magic: A Handbook of Lunar Cycles, Lore, and Mystical Energies (Mystical Handbook) by Aurora Kane

— Moon Power: Empowerment through Cyclical Living (A Conscious Guide) by Merilyn Keskulab


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