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Fighting Mosquitos with Camphor

Camphor is usually used for coughs, cold and irritants such as insect bites and sores. It can be used by rubbing it on the skin on through inflation, leaving patients with a cooling sensation an strong minty aroma which lessen some minor health issues. Camphor comes from the Kapur tree found in Asia, however, a lot of producers are able to synthetically create camphor which is dangerous. We suggest buying the natural ones.

Camphor is able to stimulate nerve endings that help relieve uncomfortable symptoms like itchiness and pain. It also increases blood flow to calm swelling.

Camphor is also known to kill fungi that invade the body, specially the feet. Leaving camphor tablets on the four corners of the room can alleviate mosquito attacks because the waxy substance evaporates on its own, filling the room with its aroma.

Mosquitos smell the carbon dioxide and chemicals our bodies produce to track us. Their sense of smell is heightened when hunting for blood.

Camphor acts like a counter like citronella and eucalyptus which affects bugs. It overwhelms mosquitoes with its own odor and confuses them, stopping any bite from ever happening.

Using camphor to repel mosquitoes

Selecting natural camphor is a better alternative to chemical repellents. It’s not that expensive, and you can use it with kids around. Use these Mosquito-repelling methods at home.

​ 2-3 drops of camphor into a bowl of water.

  • Put the bowl in any corner of your room.

  • Remember to position it in a place where kids and pets can’t get to it.

​ 2-3 drops of camphor on a heated surface

  • ​For quick results, place 15-20 drops of camphor on a device that’s always heated such as a candle.

  • The smell will fill the room in just a few minutes.

​ 2-3 drops of camphor in a diffuser

  • Place a diffuser in the middle of a room.

  • ​Leave the room for 1 hour with all its doors and windows closed.

  • After that, open the windows to get some of the smell out.

  • The room will then be free from mosquitoes.

  • ​It’s flammable. Camphor catches fire easily. So when you’re putting it on top of heated devices, make sure to use only 2-3 drops.

  • It’s toxic when eaten. Ingesting it can cause burning in the mouth and throat, nausea, vomiting and even death.

  • It’s unsafe around wounds. Camphor is easily absorbed by our skin. So it can easily enter the body if it’s applied on top of broken or injured skin.

So does camphor repel mosquitoes? Yes. It’s one of the best alternatives to chemical commercial repellents. But do remember the safety tips above, and you’ll be just fine using this cheap but effective product. To purchase some camphor visit our Shop and be sure to let us know how you like our product.

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