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Libra 2023 Horoscope

An abundance of opportunities instore you this year, libra; the time has come for you to trust yourself and be brave to materialize all your ideas and fulfill your purpose. Your goals have been postponed for a while, and this year if you do not commit yourself and your life, fate will pass you the bill without thinking twice.

Librans are achievers; however, when decisions cross your path, sometimes they can remain pending. Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Capricorn in your solar fourth house until January 18; this will hinder your family relationships, communication will be very confusing, and mixing responsibilities with family members so that everything is chaotic.

Pluto in Capricorn in your solar fourth house urges you to make amends with estranged family members. Uranus will be in Taurus station directly in your eighth house of resources and debt, which has been retrograded since 2022. You can't seem to get out of the debt that fell behind, which gives you so many worries, do not put it off and try to pay as much as you can. Ceres will be retrograded through your sign from February to the end of March, making you feel like you do not want to get the support and strength you need, that you lack capital, and that you are full of doubts.

External situations will be difficult for you to control, and if you want to give up or give in, do not. Be innovative and strategic with what you have, use your resources in your way, or search other ways you have worked for yourself in the past that can generate income. These will be seen as challenging signs but changes you have to make or have not made because of your indecision and indulgence. From June 21st to September 15th, it will be advisable to take some time to relax and see where the conquest is after these barriers.

Your sign ruler Venus will begin a retrograde movement in the sign of Leo from July 22 until September 3; this can discourage you. With this retrograde, the topic will be your friendships and changes that will leave your life due to a misunderstanding. Mars will be transiting your sign from August 27th to October 12th, allowing you to focus on what you want to start, a project or a relationship. The first solar eclipse will be in your sign on October 14th, which will bring you a new opportunity, and this moment will be exhilarating. Enjoy it to the fullest it will give you tremendous visibility and the opportunity to practice your diplomatic skills, strengthening your relationships.


Did you know the planet of expansion and wealth comes calling in Aries in your solar seventh house this year, Libra? Your romantic and business partners will enjoy healthy collaboration and lucrative financial agreements. Some of you might be getting married, going on a honeymoon, and purchasing a new residence to restore your blissful new roots.

Aries will be in your seventh house until May 16; on that date, it will head into Taurus and your solar eighth house. You might celebrate a milestone anniversary or receive publicity for a significant accomplishment. If you're getting back on track with your career, it may be good to start your own business.

When Jupiter enters Taurus, it pauses for a few months, goes retrograde on September 4th, and turns direct on December 30th. You could arrange a home appraisal if you were contemplating a residential purchase or see a lender obtain favor mortgage loans. If you're born between September 23rd and October 10th will receive the most benefits from Jupiter occupying Taurus.


The taskmaster Saturn will be journeying through your Aquarius in your fifth house of entertainment, risk-taking, romance, sports, social life, vacations, and children and their interests. And as the pandemic ensued, we all had to take distancing requirements which kept us away from romantic interests or taking time to travel. This might have taught some of us self-discipline and restructuring our daily routines. You adapted well to changes and kept the momentum going to complete your assignments; those born October 15th to the 23rd will see the most action as the cycle in Aquarius suddenly wraps up on March 7.

Saturn will move into Pisces in your solar six houses on March 7; you will experience alot of activity in your daily routine, which in daily activity, including your work environment, involvement with coworkers, health, nutrition, and animal companions. Saturn in Pisces may be a little less selective about details. Still, they urge you to look closely at operational conditions, skills matches, hiring practices, and compatibility amongst work team members.

You will push hard to adapt to changing work conditions like Saturn in this house, such as new position possibilities and different fields or leaders who may be complex about discipline. In the remaining nine months of 2023, those most affected by Saturn are born on September 23rd and October 1st. You'll welcome a chance to be more creative in your work, access employee talents, take time off to refresh your psyche, and share your goals with loyal employees who support your style.


Uranus will be in Taurus in your solar eighth house of joint income and deaths since May 2018, and you've been dealing with unexpected bills or mail delays, or perhaps a mixed up with your tax returns. As the year starts, Uranus will be in retrograde motion going direct on January 22nd in Taurus and shaking up the energy in your business-oriented solar eighth house. You will experience a few unanticipated encounters and plan changes that will influence your decision to review the strength of your budget and financial status. Taurus will eclipse your solar eighth house on October 28th solar eclipse which could play out through the spring of 2024.

This could be a new revelation or strengthen your monetary goals with your partner. Anything is possible with Uranus; therefore, be open to anything going wrong or changing plans. The eclipse in the early degrees of Pisces and Saturn will manifest good financial vibrations. If you were born between September 28th and 30th, this eclipse has the most significant impact on your life and will complicate your routines; if you're born between October 8th and 15th, you'll see most action this year from Uranus in your quest to reduce stress and find the perfect solution for your money goals.


Neptune will be in Pisces in your solar sixth house of daily routines, health, and work collaborations; you'll be asked to reflect on what you've experienced with this dream-inspiring energy since April 2011. Imprint-oriented Neptune has been getting in the way of your discipline mind, which has led to extreme daydreaming or extensive focus on less essential matters during its transit. This year will be good to focus on the predicament of others; Neptune's gift motivates your work team to perform more assertively after a few years of frustration due to delays that prevented the accomplishment of planned goals.

Make sure you're listening attentively to others while you watch work plans fall into place successfully. Saturn in Pisces will be in your solar sixth house on March 7th to help you reframe how you manage responsibilities and change behavior that slows down your work and success. Use the energy of Saturn in Pisces to implement a viable strategy for concluding critical elements of your work projects, and remember to use humor to break the ice when conditions feel tense as colleagues become acclimated to new procedures that you introduced while Saturn will insist on perfecting products.

Be in tune with the needs of others and the morale of staff when assigning staff and setting timelines. Make sure to pass praise and make sure management knows about top performances. Let Neptune help you manifest your visions for reaching your goals. Libras born between October 15th and 22nd will see the most activity from Neptune this year; therefore, make sure you recharge your supernatural spirit.


Pluto, the planet of transformation, comes calling Capricorn and your solar fourth house of the home, family, base of operation, foundation, and the end of matters back in 2008. Pluto's goal is to complete its long passage and direct you to address all issues you've held on to in this critical house, making sure you release your subconscious thoughts and let go of baggage.

Do not fear the control freaks in your life whose power may diminish your courage as you move towards releasing negative energies. Get rid of the piles of clutter in your home, items you never use, clothing you haven't worn in years, and fear that you'll purge something you still need. Release anger and trust issues in the home, acknowledging any remaining anxiety. Pluto will appear as a power struggle in any relationship and create troublesome confrontations.

Just make sure you are aware of what is happening in your home and make peace with difficult family members if you have not done so already, and this will help you to experience a renewal of your soul. Pluto will be in the final stages of this long transit through your solar fourth house and will square your sun this year if you're a libra born between October 19th and 23rd, which will be the dates most affected by this transit.

Pluto enters Aquarius starting March 23rd but will turn retrograde on May 1st in the first degree of Aquarius and return the Capricorn on June 11th to complete the remaining months of his transit; this will linger until the cycle officially ends in November 2024. Focus on what you would like to change in your house in 2023; decide on staying or selling your home and facilitate healing any fragile family relationships. If you were born between September 23rd and 24th, you would feel the impact of a brief harmonious teaser, as Pluto occupies Aquarius from March 23rd through June 11th.


The first eclipse of 2023 will take Pluto on April 20th in Aries in your solar seventh house of personal and business partners, including spouses; you may feel the pressure to address romantic issues or to expand professional contacts. This will be a challenging time to work on goals with your significant others. May 5 lunar eclipse of the year takes place in Scorpio and your solar second house of income, assets, resources, and self-development. The intensity of this eclipse may result in a complicated workload due to staffing cutbacks or new technology that takes time to implement.

If a job changes your priority, this eclipse may push you in a new direction. Make sure this job uses your excellent communication and problem-solving skills and negotiates a nice salary. October 14th, the second solar eclipse of 2023, takes place in libra in your solar first house of appearance, assertiveness, character, enterprise, personality, self-image, and self-development. If you have planets in the house in your birth chart, expect revealing insights related to these themes.

The final eclipse is lunar on October 28th in Taurus, and your solar eighth house of joint income assets depth, psychological matters, estates, wills, and financial management. You may be tired from all these unexpected upsets because of Uranus's presence in Taurus in this house, but new goals and projects give you your reputation a boast. Be optimistic and give cheer to those on your path to success.

Your Lucky Charms

Lucky Flowers: Camellia-Orchid-Rose-Violet

Lucky Colors: All Pastel colors

Lucky Birthstone: Emerald-Sapphire-Opal-Diamond- Coral Rose

Lucky Metal: Copper

Lucky Numbers: 2-6-7-8-19

Lucky Day: Friday

Your Essential Oil

Geranium and palmarosa are your oils; why two? Well, you are a libra, after all. While Geranium is an oil of venus, its uses are very Venusian as it's used in perfumery and beauty therapy, giving it a beneficial effect on the female hormonal system.

But some Librans cannot stand this aroma and, therefore, can use Palmarosa as another Venetian oil alternative. Widely used in perfumery, with an aroma between rose and geranium. As a Libran, it's your nature to weigh both sides of a question and offer up your discrimination; you can choose between these two oils as to which ones are special to you.

2023 Lucky Color

All 2022 we celebrated pink; at least I did, and it's your color this year, Libra. Pink is a refreshing, loving, tender, and generous color. It is related to the feminine, naivety, and the flesh, an authentic and cheerful color; it is the fire of unconditional love that will open your heart. Pink can help you with insomnia and manifesting your dreams; it can also help to free yourself from emotional challenges and give you peace of mind.

Pink can attract deep love and healthy relationships and is the color of romance. Use pink to help you heal, especially if you are sad, have low self-esteem, and have worries that cause stress. It is the color of optimism and knowing there is a light at the end of every tunnel. Magenta is the color of profound wisdom and inspires truth, clarity, and faith. Another name for magenta is fuchsia which focuses on red shades, giving a pink tone rather than violet. Magenta can connect you to higher states of consciousness and emits rays of enthusiasm; it can also help to awaken your admiration for life.

A warm color certified friendly and welcoming is considered protective with a robust stimulating effect, which can lead a person to high and fullness like death. It is also known as the color of reincarnation. It is a therapeutic color linked to love and beauty, and observing it can change feelings of anger, exaltation, and frustration.

2023 Lucky Quartz

Lemon, magnetic quartz that gives you personal charisma and helps you to be creative. Its energy can give you abundance and economic prosperity. Place citrine somewhere in your home or business; its energy will increase your chances of success. It can neutralize negative energy and provide intuition to protect yourself adequately. Use it to help with your self-esteem and to find your identity. Citrine can transform your value system so you feel more motivated.


In 2023 you will feel sure about yourself and what you want and do not want. As a Libra, you have a healthier opinion about love, which will empower you to feel full of happiness; this is whether you have a partner or if you are alone. You no longer cling to impossible love or relationships for fear of being alone. You have realized that attachments are neither suitable nor toxic relationships that will steal your energy. You'll be living a new emotional reality that will not consist of having false expectations. If you're in a relationship, it is assumed that at this time, your relationship will be stable, and it will be highly likely that you decide to take an extra step and consolidates it, which means you can live together or get married.

If you already live through those phases, you may be thinking about having children, buying your own house, or renovating the one you already have. If you're engaged in a toxic relationship, make an effort or plan to let go of it, and you will need to be alone for a while to heal.

If you are single, your charisma, kindness, and joy will make you shine throughout 2023 and help you attract many similar souls. As you understand the value of respecting yourself, you will attract others who love and respect you. You will have many people come into your life but don't be in a rush, and you should only surrender to the right person. Saturn has been in your house of love for years but will retire in March, leaving you free.

Saturn has taught you that you must be more sensible about what you love. If you have learned your lessons and become a more mature person who knows how to love solid relationships, it was difficult, but you did not surrender. Pluto will move into your Love spears from late March to mid-June, which can bring intensity in love; the stress will be difficult, especially for the libra who did not learn the Saturn lessons because Pluto comes to complete its mission, and there is no middle ground.

It will be either you do it, or you do it. This can manifest as power struggles and manipulations within relationships. Starting 2023 Jupiter, we will be in your area relationships until mid-May, allowing you to engage with people with your purpose. You may find new business partnerships.

The solar eclipse on April 20 will have you make an important decision. Your Uranus in your area of intimacy, stirring things up related to your physical, mental, and emotional bond. Jupiter will join Uranus in May for the rest of 2023, and you will have the opportunity to expand trust in your relationships. Mercury will be retrograde in your intimate sphere before Jupiter moves in mid-April to mid may and can bring up trust problems which will result in power struggles. On October 28th, the lunar eclipse will erase from your life and all the toxic relationships you have not dared to let go of in your life which includes friends, partners, and even family.


This year will be remarkably successful for Librans; trusting your abilities and intelligence, you will advance your projects. You'll have extra money coming in because of your work and commitment, which will allow you to give yourself a taste that you have longed hope, allowing you to give yourself a taste that you have longed d to enjoy. Some months you will have to try harder than others, but you will have friends along the way to help you and make your life easier.

Neptune is in this sector, forcing you to make spiritual links with your work priorities; you may need to work in an environment with no strict rules or where your boss is not controlling and continually watching you. The spiritual world can be constant work where you are assisting others. From March, Saturn will be an especially important planet in your life. It will connect you with what you love; however, Saturn hates when you are financially fanatical and nervous, making intelligent, well-thought-out judgments and collecting all the information before acting.

Saturn may reward you, but this comes with more obligations. By late March to mid-May, Mars will make you feel ambitious and eager to take on the world. You will impress other people, and you will be phenomenally successful. On May 5th, the Lunar eclipse occurs in finance, your projects or work will begin to give profits, and you will see large amounts of money enter your bank account. If you have done things correctly, that is; otherwise, you will suffer a profound financial slump; therefore, try to be disciplined so that this does not happen to you.

By mid-October to the end of November, Mars gives you one of the best financial stages of your life; this planet advises you to make the most of this opportunity; remember also to save because if you spend the same as you earn, you will be left with nothing.


All the conflicts you felt in recent years with your family will disappear in 2023, and you will continue with your diplomacy generating peace; with this comes mental balance. Grudges from the past and traumas may stay there in the past. And this will be necessary if you want to live in harmony with your family, but this does not mean that you give up your principles and thought patterns but only boarding your tolerance.

This year you will continue to make friends who will invite you to meetings, parties, and activities that will be remarkably like your hobbies and values. There will be times that you'll be highly focused and might miss out on the moments with your family due to work, but this will only be temporary. Pluto wants you to reconsider the meaning of family to you this year. Your friends will be the ones to help you make the changes, and they will be with you to give you a lot of strength and encouragement.


This year is an excellent year to express your emotion because this makes the energy flow and does not stagnate. You may not want to hurt others and shut down so that you don't damage them but then hold a lot inside yourself, damaging your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Learn to say what you feel and allow yourself to feel anger, anguish, and even laziness. If these emotions get stuck, they stay in your Auric field and become diseases such as allergies, respiratory digestive, and migraines. Meditation and daily positive affirmations, rest, and exercise are excellent ways to maintain your health and energy.


Maintaining balance and harmony in your life has always been an issue, but in 2023, it will materialize. Saying no from time to time and setting boundaries to have a successful 2023. Proceed with attention at work and with certainty that your resolutions will have a decisive weight on the projects you conduct. Do not ignore your intuition because it will show you the shortcuts to your goals and dangers.

If you have a solid job, keep it as it can be advantageous, but if you are not convinced, the situation will not benefit you. Organize your house as it is your body if you want good health. If you can go to therapy, it can help you be in better harmony.

Have a great 2023, Libra!



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