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May Vibrations (Your Monthly Horoscopes)

The planetary vibrations that are central this month:

Pluto 0° Aquarius

Neptune 26–27° Pisces

Uranus 18–20° Taurus

Saturn 5–6° Pisces

Jupiter 26° Aries – 3° Taurus

Individual horoscope below👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

This month will start off with the sun and Mercury in Taurus; Mercury is retrograde, Venus will be in Gemini, and Mars in its fall sign cancer.

The vibrations for the first week will be intense as a Scorpio lunar eclipse will take shape, and Venus will move into Taurus in the second week, while Mercury will station direct by the third week. Following that, Jupiter will enter Taurus, Mars will enter Leo, and the Sun will move into Gemini. The sun will make an inferior conjunction with Mercury retrograde on the first of May; Mercury will be exact in Taurus and conjunct Uranus and the North Node. The moon will vibrate opposite Neptune with a T-square to Venus Trine Pluto; Venus will also be sextile Jupiter which is also square Pluto. Mars will vibrate with a sextile to Uranus and square to Chiron, while Saturn sextile the north node and Pluto the nodes and sextile Neptune.

Mercury is vibrating halfway through its retrograde; at this point, this is your moment to gather information, plant your seeds, and make your intentions and plans or changes, as Mercury will be changing its vibration by going direct later in the month. Vibrations will be down to earth with practical desires between the Sun and Mercury, but the vibrations of Uranus will disrupt this stability and bring the need for freedom and change. New ideas or inspiration may vibrate to you, which could be unsettling as it challenges the status quo of your life.

The vibrations of the Virgo Moon can test your intuition against what is reality, and you may double-check the details, but Neptune's vibrations might obscure and confuse you, leading you astray. Wait till the fog clears. The Full Moon will be in Scorpio on May 5th, a lunar eclipse, the Sun will be vibrating in Taurus conjunct Mercury and Uranus, and this will oppose the Moon in Scorpio, which is now trine Mars in Cancer. Mercury will be sextile Saturn and conjunct the North Node, as Uranus sextile Mars. Venus will sextile Jupiter and square Neptune, while Mars will square Jupiter, Chiron, and trine Neptune. Jupiter is conjunct with the North Node and squares Pluto, which sextiles Neptune.

Misunderstandings and communication breakdowns are possible as Mercury will conjunct the North Node; However, the nodes are not close to the lunation, it will still be highly emotional, with a potential for profound, intense encounters with others, and our intuition will be high on alert. There may be some dark insightful flashes you won't want to see, but Mars can make things worst by taking them personally.

This might not come quickly, but an excellent time to penetrate the depths of your psyche and gain more understanding of your shadow, and find healing; Venus will be there to brighten the mood with her charms and sense of humor as well as Jupiter to broaden your perspective bringing you fun and optimism.

Mercury will station direct on May 15th in Taurus conjunct Jupiter and the North Nodes, sextile Venus and Saturn, and square Pluto. The Sun will be conjunct Uranus and sextile, the Moon conjunct Neptune, the Sun sextile Mars, and trine Pluto, and the Moon will be trine Mars and sextile Pluto. Venus trine Saturn, Mars opposes Pluto in a T-square with Jupiter, and trine Neptune, which also sextiles Pluto.

The time for changes you need to make is here as a result of the Mercury retrograde; act on your plans, but if you have already made those changes, the results should start showing now, and seeds will best fruit at the next superior conjunction with the Sun in July. This is a tricky moment with the Grand Cross formed by Mars opposing Pluto square the nodes with Mercury and Jupiter; this configuration is intense and powerful. Fixed cross with Mars and Jupiter out of modality in cardinal signs, this energy may feel stuck and unmovable. This cross represents a choice and action that could have potential karmic implications. Great things can be achieved if you work for them, but don't push too hard, as this might cause you some problems.

Mars can shift the energy by choosing to nurture and activate your instincts to keep your loved ones safe; Jupiter, on the other hand, can expand your perspective and keep you positive. They, however, will both be afflicted by Pluto, so there is a guard against power struggles, arrogance, and extremes of rage and ruthlessness.

Mercury will be practical and grounded, but Jupiter will be boosted and filled with optimism and big ideas; Saturn can help those ideas to become real, while Venus brings her compassion and nurturing sensitivity. The conjunction of the Moon and Neptune can reduce the vibrations of the Grand Cross with compassion, empathy, and imagination, as the Sun-Uranus conjunction brings you sudden breakthroughs and flashes of insight.

Jupiter will enter Taurus on May 16th, the following day, while conjunct Mercury, the North Node, and square Mars and Pluto in a Tsquare. Uranus and the Sun conjunct, sextile Neptune and Mars, and trine Pluto. The moon will then move into Aries and conjunct Chiron. Mercury sextile Venus and Saturn, while Venus trine Saturn and Mars also trine Neptune. Saturn sextiles the North Node, and Neptune sextiles Pluto. Jupiter in Taurus makes you find ways to grow in the areas of your chart that involve finances and access to resources, adoption of positive values, and an embrace of abundance and self-sufficiency.

Tangible, meaningful goals, recognizing your opportunities in inner or spiritual health, money, and resources can be worked for. Practicing gratitude, getting in touch with the simple pleasures of life, and your body is the vibrational energy for this moment. Bring improvements, practical life changes, and a need for patience and a desire. to wait for the fruits of your labors to ripen.

Jupiter square Pluto on May 18th and becomes exact when Mercury and Jupiter conjunct as the North node squares Mars in the Grand Cross configuration. The Sun will still be conjunct Uranus, sextile Neptune and Mars, and trine Pluto. Venus trine Saturn, Mars trine Neptune also sextiles Pluto. There is an increase in ambition or desire for greater power and wealth and an excellent time to reform areas in your life touched by this transit. There may be success or improvements in conditions in these areas of your life, but watch out for power struggles or a desire to overreach and extend too far, failing.

The vibrations of this transit can be used to turn inward and deepen your understanding of yourself; you can choose to open your mind to philosophical or religious questions. Confronting the shadow part of your psyche can aid you in transforming compulsive and destructive emotional patterns, which will involve a process of death and rebirth, allowing you to let go of the past or find a different perspective.

The New Moon in Taurus will sextile Mars, Neptune, and Trine Pluto, while Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, and the North Node sextile Saturn and square Pluto, as Venus is trine Saturn and square Chiron. Mars will also be square Jupiter and opposes Pluto in the Grand Cross with the Nodes and trine Neptune which sextiles Pluto. You may experience this lunation as peaceful and content, grounding yourself in practical concerns and softened by your imagination and sensitivity. Staying on this level will help you to pass the tensions of the Grand Cross vibrations.

Jupiter in Taurus brings hope and positive thinking but be aware there can also be an expansion in tension and pushing of things to the extreme. Mars is at the end of its transit in Cancer and might be ill-tempered; an outburst with a power struggle is possible, and it opposes Pluto. The big ideas of Mercury can cause some trouble, but Saturn can puncture the bubbles before inflation goes too far. Venus will be on her own in Cancer, vibrating without the pressure and doing her best by being compassionate and sensitive to the situation, but also being helped by Saturn in Pisces.

Mars will enter Leo on the 20th and still vibrate with the Grand Cross energy, which has become fixed; at this point, there is a creative, expressive, and dramatic nature of Mars in Leo, but Pluto and Jupiter will challenge it. Anger can be ignited with aggressive attacks driven by self-righteous fury and wounded pride, but channeling this into self-transformation and creative projects will bring success and recognition. On May 21st, the Mars-Pluto opposition will become exact with an 8-degree orb from May 7th to June 3rd, but Mars and Jupiter square will be entered on April 29th with an 8-degree orb and stay until June 14th.

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Individual Horoscope



The first week of May will give you needed clarity about passed or past lives; your month will be crowned with mercury, and the sun bring your news about past projects and things you started a while back. Venus will move into your house as a family, and this is a good time for home design, cooking, real estate, and healing issues within the family.

Venus will share this house with Mars, who loves her and will make you more lovable and even appear more reachable. The sun will shine over Uranus from May 8 through the 10th, and you may find yourself funnier and very original, but just don’t be too lazy for your own good.

Jupiter will be leaving your sign, but he will be compensating you financially as he will move into your house of money for 12 years; in the next 12 months, you might get a bonus, erase, or promotion; it was in your income and may be changing direction into a new field will work.

The moon with enter this house as well, and it is March, the new financial ever for you, and you know both stupider fortune, the north no good, Mercury (business ), Vesta (tradition), Uranus (innovation), and the sun (self-expression) all in your house of money and talents make sure you make good use of it.

Mars moves into Leo on this date, a fellow fireside that will bring much romance and passion into your work in life. Jupiter will be riding Chiron at the end of the month and will bring you opportunities to meet like-minded people. You can quickly learn the lessons you have come to master in this life, especially in connection to your talents and super abilities.


On the 10th and 13th, they will be loving gestures popping up via spontaneous expression from contacts, but nothing says loving like honoring your mother and another remarkable woman who are mothers on the 14th for Mother's Day for your thoughts with cherished memories. Family members will give you a reason to walk them their presents on the 23rd.


there will be compliments the around the 9th based on your performance when your boss acknowledges you for the good you get done well. The 19th will be a Taurus new moon, and you will have. The prosperous vibe will be ideal for shopping for practical goods and services.

Potential Issues

On May 5th, we will see s lunar eclipse in Scorpio and your solar 8th house, which opposes the Mercury retrograde in Taurus, your second house. Delay any negotiations of significant contracts or purchases until the 9th. Pluto will move into early Aquarius on March 23rd and turns retrograde on May 1st in your solar eleventh house; this signifies looking for ways to heal when it comes to helpings and associates.

Rewarding days


Challenging days


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