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Taurus 2023 Overview

Uranus has been transiting your sign since 2018 and will continue to do so throughout 2023.  This transit has given you a lot of unconventional surprises and will continue to do so and make significant changes in different areas of your life and personality.  Uranus, Mars, and Mercury will be retrograded in early 2023; therefore, it is best to review your plans and be more accommodating and flexible.

Mercury will go direct in Capricorn in mid-January and will be in the areas of our long-distance travel, which signifies you might need to take a trip somewhere you've put off or have been eyeing.  Mercury will retrograde again in your sign from mid-April to mid-May; you will have many things to do but feel discouraged and fatigued. This is an excellent time to review what you've started but not a good time to start new projects.

Mid-May will be an excellent time to start a new project, as Jupiter will move into your sign for the rest of the year.  You will have many opportunities to take advantage of around that time.  The Lunar eclipse on October 28th will occur in your sign and will be the last one for a very long time.  You will receive the benefits of what you have been working for, but if you have not made any changes, there will be significant conflicts.  During this time, it is best to take a break as your emotional state might be weak.

Venus, your ruling planet, will retrograde in late July to early September when you will be affected in the areas of your family life.  This is an excellent time to ask for help and not to indulge in self-judgment and criticism.

Saturn, the taskmaster, will be there asking you to turn your dreams into a reality, but you need a plan; this can be done through discipline.  Neptune will be right along to give you intuitive assistance if needed.  All the efforts you made last year will pay off as Saturn moves into Pisces from Aquarius, where it will be for the next two and half years.  Your profits will increase, and you will recover financially.


Jupiter will be in your twelfth house, stimulating your creative mind and interest in metaphysics, dreams, and writing.  Use his time to create and develop breakthrough ideas that you can use as a framework for success.  All Taureans will benefit from this Jupiter in Aries transit which will accelerate your planning strategies.

On May 16th Jupiter leaves Aries; during the transit, watch your waistline.  Jupiter then enters Taurus but pauses for a few months, going retrograde September, then tuning direct December 30th.  If you were born between April 20th to May 7th, you would get the most activity while Jupiter is in Taurus. Work on your goals and watch your dreams come will true.


Sarun has been in your tenth house of career, ambition, authority figure, government, maturity, and standards of excellence since December 2020.  This should have pushed you to change working conditions to be better designed for health, environmental safety, efficiency, and overall better business practice. Taureans hate change, but this is in store for you this year.

You will accept the challenge but maybe overwork yourself; if you are offered a  transfer, you might take it.  Make sure to take your health seriously, and some of you will seek a more work-life balance and look for a greener pasture.   Saturn in Taurus will affect those born May 13th and 21.  Make room for improvements and wait till Saturn goes into Pisces before accepting a job offer on March 7th.

Saturn enters your eleventh house of groups,  friendships, associations, goals, and wishes.  The remainder of 2023 Saturn will affect those born April 20th - 29th.  This will bring change and allows you to start a new venture, break out of a rut, set a new pace, or take a break or a vacation.  Neptune will also be in pieces in this house, working on your dreams, joining groups, and having intuitive visions.


Uranus has been retrograded and will go direct on January 22 in your solar first house of action assertiveness enterprise, individuality, passion, and possibilities. You will expect bizarre encounters with personalities there this different than yours; your routines may become anticipated, your challenges perplexing, and your mood might change suddenly.

Uranus has been in your sign since May 2018, and the plans that you expected to finalize may have resulted in delays that affected your personal and/or financial matters; therefore, if you thought that you were going to start new possibilities in 2023, they might be delayed.

Uranus transit produces unexpected circumstances, changes in our attitudes, and sometimes surprising windfalls such as bonuses or job promotions. You may feel powerless when you are not in control.  These changes will alter conditions in your life; however, the shift should be taking place inside, and these changes might startle those around you. Those born May 5 and 16th may see the most activity from your Uranus in the solar first house of personal expression.


Neptune will be in your eleventh house of goals, groups, professional resources, and friendship this year; your personality may take on a surprise of reasonable risk-taking. Your friends may see the laid-back side of you with this transit and your peaceful approach to problem-solving, which is not your usual workaholic, passionate self. Neptune has been in your house since April 2011, signifying you to get in touch with your inner dreams and including more of your intuition insight into your collaborative dealings.

Neptune has a way of casting spells on you to be enamored in a spiritual line of work or charitable cause.  When you tap into your gifts, you can feel from your solar plexus that you have discovered your true purpose. Saturn will be in Pisces in the same house in March and will help you validate your feelings and frame how you express responsibility. Those Taureans born between May 13 and 21 see the most activity from Neptune this year.  Make sure you dream big.


The planet of psychological depth, Pluto, has been in Capricorn since late January 20, 2008, and has firmly planted in your solar ninth house; this is the area of your chart that relates to advanced education, foreign countries, and cultures, and how your mind, in-laws, philosophy, publishing, religion, relocation, and long-distance travel. During this Pluto transit, you have experience blocks in these areas or recognize the people in your circle are undergoing challenges connected with these themes undergoing challenges that are connected to these themes.

Pluto, the transformative planet, allows hidden elements to surface as the year unfolds. Secrets might be divulged to you; these will involve their personal or professional life, such as unfaithfulness, a pending divorce, business failures, organizational closures, and inability to meet deadlines. Stress could build up and erode your confidence which may cause you to blame yourself for matters over which you have no control.  You can release these blockages by meditating, praying, contemplating, or doing yoga.

On March 23, Pluto will enter Aquarius and turn retrograde on May 1 in the first degree of Aquarius and return to Capricorn on June 11 to complete the remaining months of the cycle, which will end in November 2024.  Taureans most affected by Pluto in Capricorn are those born between May 18 and 21st. Those born between April 20th and 22nd; feel the impact of a brief teaser when Pluto occupies Aquarius from March 23 to June 11.

Be prepared for the Pluto and Aquarius cycle as a come and changes to long-range goals, organizational authority, and career aspirations during this cycle.  Pluto can undercover hidden packages, so expect changes year and help, which can help you release what is stuck in your psyche that you no longer need to protect. Welcome your healing.


April 20th, the first solar eclipse takes place in Aries, and your solar twelfth house of introspection, behind-the-scenes activity, healing your mind and body, mysticism, psychic impressions, secrets, and recovery.  This will be a great time to take some time for yourself to reflect on your next step and plan for your future.

On May 5, the first lunar eclipse of the year takes place in Scorpio and your solar eleventh, the house of personal and business partners, collaborators, cooperators, roommates, legal or medical professionals, therapists, open enemies, and the public. The eclipse brings opportunities to review the status of relationship issues you examined last fall and note how well conscientious decisions aided in healing sore spots that resulted in more loving or compatible relationships.

October 14th, the second solar eclipse of 2023, takes place in libra and your solar six houses of daily routine, health, nutrition, work environment, colleagues, organizational attitude, and animal companions. This eclipse might surprise you with what you may discover regarding the efficiency of your workplace commitment here to work timeline and staff interaction.  Your benefit by listening to feedback, strengthening your communication skills, and discussing critical goals.

Address challenges immediately to solve and avoid misunderstandings or unnecessary delays. The final eclipse will be October 20th in Taurus and your solar first house of action, self-interest, assertiveness, independence, and passion. Enjoy your newfound optimism with the liberating choices you make while creating a successful and uplifting pathway.

Your Lucky Charms

Lucky Flowers: Rose, lilac, and cornflower

Lucky Colors: Green-Blue- and all shades of pink

Lucky Birthstone: Coral- jade and emerald

Lucky Metal: Copper

Lucky Numbers:  2-4-6-11

Lucky Day: Friday

Your Essential Oil

Rose is your signature oil Taurus and is sacred to Venus, the epitome of beauty; this is visually and in its aroma.  Taureans that embody their sign love luxury ad earthly delights.  Rose is among the most costly essential oils and is a tenacious plant that can grow in virtually any soil and conditions that will kill other plants. This can be echoed in the Taurians' robust personality.

2023 Lucky Color


Powerful, fiery, inspiring, and essential, red is the color of life and love.  Red is encouraged, and cardinal and the first color we can see.  Red is exciting and activates our essential limits of survival. 

Red makes an energetic statement and is the color widely used in flags.  For superiority, needs to use red, as it is magnificent and can be used for challenging situations.  This color can be used for emotions of self-pity, nostalgia, apathy, and discouragement.  Red wards off cold, stimulates sexuality, help better blood circulation, amplifies your metabolism, increases pictorial periodicity, and increases blood pressure.

It indicates intense enthusiasm for love, which can be released in physical manifestation.  A red rose represents love, beauty, and humility.  Red symbolizes marriage, strength, love, lust, authority, and fruitfulness, and represents power but can also suggest anger and indicates love.  Use red to attract the attention of others and encourage people to make quick decisions.  Red is the color leaders use, and with your aura, it symbolizes material inclinations.  The color of the root chakra is red and symbolizes the fire element.

Red Quartz is garnet, Ruby, red jasper, rose quartz, red coral, stones, and fire agate.  A generator in curing blood disorders, optimizing circulation, relieving diseases, healing wounds, warming cold areas, and mitigating pain.  Red calms depression sit, unleashes adrenaline, and stimulates mental and physical energy.  Ruby is a shade of red in which you find vivacity, renewal, and power.

The color of motivation, well-being, and courage.  Use Ruby to get out of your comfort zone as it feeds our safety; use it to fortify your body and motivate it to triumph.  Scarlet, another shade of red, is used for its association with passion, brightness, and strength.  Known for its power and dynamism and demands to be seen, use Red.

2023 Lucky Quartz


With protective energy that works with stability and security, Jade helps to think positively, symbolizing peace and introspection.  It gives you the strength to move forward and release blocked emotions.  For help with kidney, heart, and stomach functioning correctly, Jade will help.

Jade comes in several colors: blue and green, which means peace and reflection.    Brown jade is related to the earth element and productivity, while green Jade accelerates the nervous system, moving us to a state of relaxation, and eliminating negative feelings.  For emotional management, use Orange jade, and Red Jade is used to channel tensions and solve problems harmoniously.  To make decisions or choose a direction, white Jade is perfect, while yellow Jade brings joy and helps us to relate to others.


You are ruled by venus; therefore, love is a significant aspect of our life; if you are in a relationship, it is time to let go of outdated modes of operation of jealousy and possessiveness; this will allow you to be more accessible.  Be more willing to listen to your partner, and try not to impose your opinions, AKA, be less possessive.  This will allow

both of you to be confident and live happier lives.

This year should be an emotional fulfillment as you close the old chapter of your life.  Remember that old habits such as possessiveness have not worked for you, and being inflexible destroys the balance in relationships.  Lastly, try not to focus on perfection, as it undermines your confidence.


This year will be more stable economically; your salary might increase, and you will have more luck in games of chance or job recognition.  The best time to start your project would be may, when Jupiter transits your sign which means patients will be necessary until then.  If things are not as planned or as you want, do not get ill-mannered or tempered, as when the year is over, you will have an abundance of money, but your most excellent value will be cultivating your patience.

As Uranus transits your sign, you will need to make a truce on your stubbornness. Do not judge others regarding their money; no matter what life throws you, be motivated to excel and give good service.  Until the beginning of march, Saturn will transit your professional area, and if you've been doing things correctly, you will succeed.  As Saturn exits, Pluto enters until mid-June.  Pluto will ask you to focus on the goals you wish you accomplish the most, and you will feel a revitalizing attachment to them.

Mars will also be retrograding in mid-January 2023; you might have been in despair, forcing you to be more flexible. Instead, Mars here will enhance things rapidly, and you will be rewarded for being insightful. Finally, as Saturn exits, mars make its presence, and all the wise decision you made during the Saturn transit pays off as mars take over the road.

Ceres, the asteroid, will be in your work sphere retrograde; this will be from early February till mid march; you will want to seek a job that gives you emotional, financial, and mental freedom.  If you fail to find this, you will not feel motivated and want to revisit something in the past from which you received fair compensation.

Mars will revisit this work sector from August to mid-October, giving you a boost in energy to work and be productive; October 14th solar eclipse will provide you with a chance to change jobs and find new opportunities.


Your work on yourself emotionally and spiritually has helped you maintain a good relationship with your family.  You have been the go-to person for conflict and the family mediator.  Though you've been the token in your family, do not let this position consume you or lose your privacy in the desire to help others.  Love is best manifested within certain limits; therefore, don't get run over.

Your friendships will radically change as you will cease to have the desire to party and build relationships that are not intellectually inclined. In addition, Venus will retrograde in your family areas from July to early September, creating issues.  This will make you not feel like going home after work.


Taureans usually have excellent health, but stress can take a toll also on your body; 2023 does not bring any complications for you; it is advised to dedicate some time to meditative practice, as patience is vital there for you this year. On the other hand, Mars does transit your mental health sector from late march to mid-May, giving you a significant boost in energy and allowing you to gather information rapidly and think more quickly.

Mercury retrogrades starting the year off till mid-January and retrograde again in mid-December; you might attract attention to your beliefs and opinions, which might prompt you to think more seriously about your spirituality, which in the end will affect your health.


This year you will do great in money and business as you conquer the new cycle and evolve spiritually and personally.  Be wary of others and pitfalls; more than two forms of income will come your way on this test, and those still looking for a job will find opportunities.  Make bold and decisive decisions even if they look risky at first, as these moves will bring you closer to your goals.

This year your primary mission should be to honor your health, rotate your time and set a budget.  Stay away from problems, burdens, and obligations.  You must look after yourself, and if you had a choice between your health and pampering others. Your decision must be clear: Look after yourself.

Become an expert in your destiny by managing yourself, and do not let false commitments obstruct your way into your future.

Have a great 2023, Taurus! Be sure to leave a comment below👇🏾



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