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Using Jupiters Archetypal Energy to manifest abundance.

Maybe you are into astrology and maybe you are not but there is never any time better than now to think of improving your health and well-being.

Jupiters archetypical energy is aligned with the supreme virtues of judgment and will. "Jovial", is an expression associated with Jupiter and its bountiful and expansive nature, which comes from Jove, the name the greeks referenced him as. Think father Christmas. Jupiter is also the wise, all-seeing, just lawgiver, he is beneficent, and spiritual, creating abundance and opportunity.

Jupiter is expansive

Jupiter is wealth

Jupiter is increasing, any kind of increase.

If you are looking to improve your physical health, spiritual, and or personal transformation, working with Jupiter's energy would be beneficial to you. Jupiter is aligned with the 3rd chakra/ solar plexus and this energy center is open from September 8th- October 30th when Jupiters energy is amplified on earth. Alternatively, you can utilize Jupiter's energy 5:08 pm-830pm daily. Jupiter also rules all fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius at night.

As Jupiter rules the liver, pancreas, digestive system, and the process of assimilation, during the times of amplification, it is a good time to cleanse your system with gentle tonics, but also work on manifesting or amplifying your growth.

To learn more about where Jupiters energy is amplified in your chart and where you find luck, you can utilize any astrology tool such as and input your information but best if you have your birth time.

Jupiter is the astrology chart that will show you where you will be beneficent, where you are spiritual and will receive abundance and opportunities. For example, Jupiter is in the 1st house means you will come across as a very optimistic person, you are generous, optimistic, and fun to be around. You might be of high morals and hold a position such as judge, lawyer, or government position.

Using essential oils can also benefit and help with improving your health and well-being. For Example, benevolent properties from Hyssop, Marjoram, and nutmeg would be of great use when cultivating Jupitarian energies. Oils that are religious and spiritual such as spikenard ad rosewood can also be used for preventative, restorative measures.

If you don't have these oils, don't worry look for oils that are expansive in nature or oils that will help with your emotional issues. As spiritual growth and abundance are about maintaining and managing ourselves emotionally as well. Jupiter is aligned with the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, the chakra of the will.

We've created a Jupiter chakra blend that helps with the energy field of our will. Using your will for deliberate and controlled change. Your will is a combination of mind and action, your will chakra is like a doorway through which your inner and outer world meet. Your will changes with your desires. This blend will be available soon, but you can make your own, the recipe is below:

10 Drops Cilantro

15 Drops Bergamot

1 Teaspoon Jojoba base oil

Use by anointing the back of your neck, your solar plexus, and your palms. Cup your hands together and take a breath of your healing aromas.

The recipe above is from "Born on Thursday", as far as the dilution ratio that's a lot of essential oil, but it might be what is intended. Since I made the blend myself I would say use your own judgments, but I infused my cilantro not essential oil, and added a touch of fennel essential oil.

Blend at the safety level and if you feel comfortable add a few more drops. The author did not state why that particular amount but it might be accurate. Use your senses and judgments.

Focus on healing your heart, body, and spirit while cultivating the seeds of Jupitarian qualities which will allow you to fully blossom. Keep in mind when utilizing astrology, or any divination art that you must always reference the opposite. For instance, the opposite of Jupiter is Saturn, and on a realistic level, we cannot always keep expanding. So, keep in mind your limits, and boundaries, describes Saturn beautifully. Think of a balloon... Inflated till it pops but if we utilize Saturn we naturally will know when to stop.

A few crystals can help but there are many that work well with your 3rd chakra and Jupiters energy, I find these more accessible:

  • Amethyst

  • Ametrine

  • Emerald

  • Lepidolite

  • Turquois

and Jupiters' metal is Tin. Hint hint...

Although we are also at the end of the time Jupiter is amplified here on earth, you can still utilize the energies, essential oils, and crystals any time of the year. Thursday is Jupiter's day and nightly as stated above, specifically Sunday nights, and Jupiter is the ruler of fire signs by night.

Keep in mind

  • Jupiter is Wealth.

  • Jupiter is expanding.

  • Jupiter is Sagittarius by day and Pisces by night.

To know more about where you will be abundant in your chart please schedule a session.


— Jupiter Sigils: Gateways to Wealth by Timothy V. Zaleski

— Born on Thursday: Jupiter is Your Ruling Planet (Day of the Week Astrology Book 5) by Howla Jardali

— Exploring Jupiter: The Astrological Key to Progress, Prosperity & Potential by Stephen Arroyo

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