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Weekly Essential: Oils for Acne

By incorporating essential oils in your skin care routine can greatly improve your complexion. Essential oils have Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which allows them to reduce the size and redness of active break outs, using essential oils also reduces acne causes agents to prevent future break outs. Essential oils have sebum fighting activity those with oily skin can greatly benefit from this factor. Beyond acne prevention the oils has regenerative properties and can help fade acne scars and discoloration, which creates a brighter and even complexion.

What you need to know

It’s highly recommended to perform a patch test and never use essential oils directly to your face or skin. This will ensure that your skin isn't irritated by the essential oils.

It is always best to apply your essential oils with carrier oils or water and use oils such as jojoba oil or rose hip seed oil in order to dilute it and minimize its irritation to your skin.

Excellent oil for treating wounds, tea tree essential oil treats and clears acne just the same as the popular ingredients such as salicylic acid and peroxide but no irritation when used correctly. Tea tree clears the pores of acne causing bacteria, fungi and more.

Most skin types are suitable to use lavender which makes an excellent solution to fading acne scars, which has a regenerative effect on the skin.


Prevents pores from clogging and helps regulate sebum production, rosemary helps inflammation and keep infections at bay. Rosemary can also help stimulate hair growth so be sure to add that to you hair care regiment as well.

Restore your natural radiance with lemon essential oil which has oil absorbing abilities and acts like a balancing toner.

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties in peppermint aids in cleansing the bacteria from the skin and a great defense against future pimples. Peppermint relieves irritation and inflation making it excellent for itchy and dry skin.

Helps promote brighter complexion by fading discoloration and cleaning break out with its rich antioxidant-rich composition.

Choose any of these acne fighting essential oil and add them to your skin care routine but be sure to take precaution and do a skin test first. Get all the best oils from our shop and comment, like and share the post if you find it helpful.

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