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What can an Aromatherapy Consultation do for you?

If you are new to essential oils or looking to use them to support your health and well-being and not sure where to start an aromatherapy consultation would be great for you.

An aromatherapist can create a treatment plan based on your specific needs which gives you the tools to manage your health.

Your first consultation should be one on one and don't be surprised if your therapist asks some questions for screening before the appointment. These questions will be geared towards medical history, general health, diet, lifestyle, the reason for treatment and, even scent preferences. In this time period, most therapists will relay how they provide services and their policies which will enable a better experience and lay the foundation of what to expect.

Medical history

First and most importantly please seek medical advice before any essential oil and keep in mind a reputable therapist will not advise that you stop carrying out medical instructions or stop taking your prescribed medication.

Essential oils are natural but not because its natural means it's safe and some have contraindications that might interfere with your medication. Therefore, it is very important to let your therapist know if you have any high or low blood pressure, liver disease, skin disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.

General health

Your overall health is also important and your aromatherapist will also ask about your levels of stress, alcohol consumption, smoke, and whether you suffer from sensitivity or allergies.


Most aromatherapists are not nutritionists however, this information will assist them in better knowing your overall health condition and making the best treatment plan for you.


Knowing your lifestyle can help your therapist assist in choosing the right oils. For example, you have a busy lifestyle and have issues falling asleep, your therapist knowing this information will be able to choose the right oils for you.

Reason for treatment and scent preferences

Your reason for treatment will be the cornerstone of your plan therefore let your therapist know exactly why you are seeking a consultation. Also, let them know your scent references so they are able to choose the oils best or suited for you.

Phases of consultation


Provide medical information including dosages, scent preferences, and reason for consultation.

Treatment plan

A decision is made by both parties on what is the best treatment to pursue. A custom blend is usually recommended and its application could be topical, mister, ointment, etc. Most products are customized and time will be needed for their creation and shipping.

Plan implementation

The blend will be sent to you with useful instructions and if there are any concerns please let us know.


Sometimes improvements are quick but not always, it is reasonable to give some time to see results, and if there are any issues feel free to reach out to us. If after a few (2) weeks no improvement another appointment might be needed. Keep in mind that what works for work others might for you and some things take time.

Products inclusion

Everyone is assessed individually and a plan is created for their specific needs and your products will be shipped as soon as they are ready. The products fee is not included in the price for the consultation. The products you will purchase separately.

If you are interested in consultation they are complimentary as we are still learning aromatherapy. You can choose 2 focus topics so click the link to book now.

Use code: Aroma at check out.

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