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What Do the Stars Have in Store for February? Check Out Your Monthly Horoscopes

Updated: Jan 30

The planetary vibrations that are central this month:

Pluto 0–1° Aquarius

Neptune 25–26° Pisces

Uranus 19° Taurus

Saturn 6–9° Pisces

Jupiter 7–11° Taurus

Individual horoscope below👇🏾👇🏾

February opens up, and all the planetary movements are forward with the Sun in Aquarius and Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Capricorn. Mercury passes through Aquarius and into Pisces by the end of the month, and Venus and Mars enter Aquarius midmonth, traveling close together, heeded by the Sun entering Pisces. This month will set the stage for summer when all the planets are placed within 120° or less; this happens because the outer planets are in signs that are next to each other, so when the faster-moving planets move into those signs, there is clustering in one area. Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus are all included in the final deacon of Capricorn this month. The shape can be stressful because it concentrates the energy of only a few signs and houses in the chart, and this means that there isn't much room for relief, which can be challenging or productive, depending on how you handle it. This can lead to a limited understanding or lack of perspective, or you can work with the energy and channel it into achieving something specific in this area. 

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th will square Uranus in Sextile Chiron, which is conjunct with the North Node and Mercury in Aquarius, conjunct Pluto, and squares Jupiter, while Venus and Mars are in Capricorn, both conjunct Pluto and sextile Neptune. Venus trines Uranus and squares Chiron and the nodes, while Jupiter sextiles Saturn, squares Pluto, and Neptune sextiles Pluto. This is a pleasant and friendly lunation, but also emotionally distant with dark vibrations from Pluto and Mercury, having a severe conversation about profound subjects. The square from Uranus gives a strong desire for freedom, may feel restless, and may bring surprising events. Uranus trines Venus, encouraging you to try something new and exciting in your relationship. 

Mercury-Pluto conjunction will allow you to look into the depths and explore unconscious patterns for more objectivity than average, but you may need to guard against obsessive thinking and negativity. Jupiter Square will bring a broader perspective and optimism, which may help, although it could blow things out of proportion. Venus and Mars conjunct Pluto from Capricorn, but Venus is a little wide, so you might not feel it. This grounded, realistic energy may help offset the intensity of the stellium, giving you a way to achieve practical results from hard work and discipline. There might be power struggles as passions run high and the potential for obsessive behavior. The Neptune sextile brings room for imagination and creativity and may help you use this energy to transform your approach to relationships. 

The Mars-Pluto conjunction on February 14th in Aquarius will conjunct Venus in Capricorn exactly, but Mercury will now pulled away into Aquarius. The Aquarius Sun sextiles the Aries Moon and squares Uranus, while the Moon conjuncts Chiron and the North Node and squares Venus, Mars, and Pluto. Mercury squares Uranus and Jupiter (are not conjunct), while Jupiter textiles Saturn and Neptune sextiles Pluto. Mars and Pluto start a new cycle, and it will reach its peak at the opposition, which will happen when Mars stations retrograde in Leo at the end of the year. Mars in Aquarius will boost your mental energy, which you can channel into creative and innovative projects, technical pursuits, or anything you fancy as long as it is new and different. Your power can also be used on projects with friends to achieve a common goal, such as activism, social justice, or principles and ideals. 

There is also the feeling of wanting to do something on your own or feeling rebellious, and you may react strongly against any restriction or denial of your rights. You may also feel the push to fight for your friends and freedom, but you may also be impersonal and detached in your approach of upsetting the people you want to help. An emotional Blindspot may make you vulnerable to Pluto's shadow, and you may erupt. There will be intensified, aggressive energies from Pluto, making them more volatile and prone to extremism and destructiveness. There is a desire for power, and you may feel more ambitious and driven to succeed. There will be power struggles and the potential for obsessive and manipulative behavior to get what you want, as well as violent outbursts of anger and rage. 

But you can use this energy constructively to make decisive actions towards your goals and transform how you use your will. Review your goals and how you achieve them to see if anything needs to be reformed, and this will allow you to prepare for the Mars retrograde period later in the year. Channel the intensity of Pluto into something productive, tear down what no longer works for you, and create something new. Chiron will conjunction north on February 19th in Aries will square the Moon in Cancer in a T square with the Nodes. Saturn and the Moon will be trine while sextile Jupiter, as the Pisces Sun conjunct Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury also squares Uranus, while Venus, Mars, and Pluto stellium in Aquarius squares Jupiter. Jupiter will also sextile Saturn and Neptune will sextile Pluto. Chiron and the North Node have been conjunct at 8° orb since December 3rd, 2023, and this aspect will last until May 20th, 2024. This will increase your awareness of old wounds and past suffering, which may be painful, but it will also allow you to gain insight and find healing. Memories and karmic issues around your wounds will arise, but they will remain open for healing, and you can let go of old emotional blockages and release the pain of the past.

Greater wisdom, talents, and gifts may develop, and you can share them with others. These gifts may arise related to the wound associated with Aries or what that particular house in your chart indicates. There could be wounds to your identity and will, which can be healed by empowering yourself to act on your behalf. You gain clarity and insight into your comic purpose and clearly see the gifts for independence and self-knowledge. Venus and Mars's conjunction on February 22nd becomes exact in Aquarius will conjunct Pluto and opposite the Moon in Leo all squared Jupiter in a T square. Pisces Sun conjunction, Saturn, Mercury in Aquarius, Jupiter sextile Saturn, and Neptune in Pluto. A new cycle has begun between Venus and Mars, representing the opposite area of experiencing attraction and separation. Venus is receptive and harmonious, but Mars wants action and wants to fight. Therefore, what happens during this transit will depend on how you relate to these energies and whether you can combine them effectively. The best thing to do is to balance the masculine and feminine of your psyche through constant relationships and creativity and express your values and desires with charm. Venus and Mars will be in Aquarius, which is friendly and romantic but also detached emotions. When there is a meeting of minds and shared ideals, relationships work, and it is an excellent time to get together with friends, achieve common goals, or have fun. Freedom and space in your relationships are needed in any creative work you do to express your unique vision and individuality. 

The Pluto conjunction encourages the transformation of your relationships, values, and finances, as well as your will and desire, but there will be emotions that Aquarius doesn't enjoy, and that's a passionate drama with actual power struggles that are tied up with principles and ideals. Be careful with obsession and controlling behavior; you could experience more profound connections in your relationships and friendships. The Full Moon in Virgo will happen on February 24th, which sees the sun conjunct Saturn and Mercury in Pisces oppose the Moon and Virgo, and the Sun is also Sextile Jupiter and the Moon trine Jupiter. Venus and Mars conjunct Pluto in Aquarius square Jupiter as Jupiter Sextiles Saturn, Neptune sextiles Pluto, and Chiron conjunct the North Node. There's a team within the two stelliums and two conjunctions with the Moon off on her own, and this lunation is imaginative, intuitive, and sensitive, with the prospect of great inspiration and visionary, creative ideas. The feeling might be romantic and dreamlike, and you can go into hidden realms, but you also need clarification and spaced out and prone to miss important details. This may be a highly strung Moon, which may help you discriminate and stay focused on reality for increased nervous tension. Saturn enables you to keep you grounded and provides the self-discipline to be creative and practice your spirituality, but he encourages you to take responsibility for your dreams if you can give form to your vision and make realistic plans that are infused with imagination. But he may also restrict access to oceanic realms, which may come with the feeling depressed or lacking energy. The opposition could trigger health issues and self-doubt. You may feel grumpy and out of sorts. Remember that this is passing, and the Moon will soon move on; if you feel a bit lost, do something useful, and you will feel better. Tap into Jupiter for some support who can bring a more expensive and positive perspective that encourages you to believe in yourself and take a philosophical approach to self-acceptance. 

February 28th, the superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury becomes exact in Pisces, and while conjunct Saturn in Jupiter. Venus and Mars conjunction in Aquarius will no longer conjunct Pluto but also square Jupiter, Uranus, and sextile Chiron. The Moon moves in Libra conjunction south node, opposes Chiron, and tries Venus as Neptune sextiles Pluto. The seeds planted in January may bear fruit, marking the start of the next retrograde cycle. The Pisces stellium continues the sensitive and imaginative theme of the Full Moon underpinned by the need for self-discipline and realism. Still, it Will support your creative and spiritual projects positively. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction has almost reached an 8° orb, so if you are particularly sensitive to this energy, you may pick up flashes of insight and visions of future possibilities. The Moon will move into Libra and is focused on finding harmony, balance, and fairness in relationships, but the effort to please others may bring your awareness to wounds and old scars caused by not being true to yourself. Lessons may need to be addressed if they have not been learned, and if you have not let go of old ways of relating, you'll be urged by Venus and Mars free to express idealism without causing a stir.

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Individual horoscope below👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Individual Horoscope


Dates: March 21 - April 20

Element: fire

Planet: Mars Qualities: cardinal

Tarot card: Emperor/Empress

Color: red

Stone: Diamond

Signature Essential Oil: Rosemary

Flowers: thistle

Mascot: golden fleece, weapon, hammer

Best Compatibility: Sagittarius, Leo


February will be about transformation and growth for Aries; therefore, embrace this powerful energy and use it to create positive changes in your life. Trust your inner strength, maintain healthy relationships, and stay open to new opportunities. You can navigate this month by aligning with cosmic forces with reliance, authenticity, and purpose. Life is a delicate balance; there's giving, there's receiving, and there's action and three reflections; to embrace this balance, you have to have an open heart and grounded spirit. February will be transformative for you, Aries, with a mix of opportunities, challenges, and intense shifts that impact many aspects of your life. You can embrace this energy and use it to grow, evolve, and create positive changes. Mars will begin the month of semisquare Saturn on February 2nd, creating tension and obstacles in our path. You can use this aspect to face challenges and be persistent in your endeavors. 

The Sun's sextile with Venus on February 5th highlights your need to balance your desires and relationships. Harmony and compromise will help to maintain a healthy connection. Mars interacts with Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus throughout February, bringing transformative energy, inspiration, and unexpected changes. This will offer you opportunities for personal growth, intensify your motivation, and encourage you to explore new horizons.

The Sun will conjunct Pluto on February 5th, which allows you to embrace your power and engage in reflection that is deeper than the surface. This alignment will enable you to discover your inner strength and transform limiting beliefs and patterns. The following day, the Sun will sextile with the actual north Node and Saturn's quintile with Uranus, which creates a blend of stability and innovation. This can encourage you to embrace change while staying grounded and focusing on long-term goals. 

On February 19th, the True North node and Chrion conjunct Aries, which marks a significant moment for health and soul growth. This is when you can embrace your vulnerability and utilize former experiences to inspire and guide you. In February, you should pay attention to your intuition and messages that might be subtle from the universe. Deepen your inner self with a spiritual practice, meditation, or journaling. 

2024 Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most loved essential oils, with a sweet, clean, fresh, and floral scent that is freeing to the senses. Lavender can be used for various issues such as rashes, acne, boils, and dermatitis, but it can also be an immune stimulant to strengthen the body's immune system. Lavender is anti-depressive and sedative, which makes it excellent for balancing the mood and extreme emotions, which will be good for Ariens this year when they face conflict.

Fruitful days

7th, 15th, 19th, 22nd, 27th, 28th and 29th.

Challenging days

1st, 9th, 22nd, 24th

Do you know the color, Essential oil, and Stone that's for you in 2024?

Check out our blog to find out.

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